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  1. Located in the Capital of Canada, (Ottawa), along with my '68 Riviera.

    A long-time ROA member and supporter. Over the years there have been quite a few fellow Canucks in the ROA come and go, for various reasons.

    In terms of numbers, the bulk of the membership is understandably USA, but ROA is an international group, and membership is open to all, with, or without a Riviera.

    Great group, and well worth the annual membership fee in my humble opinion.


    Here's my 2nd love.


    Hershey 2010.jpg

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  2. The carpet was slit to cover, and hide the bolt heads and seat tracks for aesthetic appearance, after the track is bolted directly to the floor.

    The track bolts should supply chassis ground, but an additional hidden ground wire won't hurt.



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  3. Hi 65VerdeGS -

    (2) For the rear drums just go with "rattle can" Cast Grey paint after a clean up, They will look a lot better than plain brown rust !

    It also looks like the chrome road wheels will need a refurb. as the Black Painted inserts are showing through the "Pewter Gray" painted inserts.

    A few hours with masking tape and 1/2 hour on each wheel will have them all matching again, or simply "touch up" the areas where the black is showing through !

  4. Welcome to the world of Riviera ! '68's are my preferred year, but they are all pretty unique in their own ways !

    As mentioned, a '68 Buick Shop Manual will allow you to get familiar with the the car and it's features.

    You will find answers to questions you haven't even thought of yet !

    Enjoy that '68 Riviera, and check out the ROA website at www.rivowners.org.


  5. Hagerty for any Classic car - guaranteed value.

    I'm in Canada and only get 6 months of summer, but the premium for 25K can't be beat, along with all the Hagerty perks !

    Hassle free dealing for a few years now, with no claims, and hopefully none in the future ! 

    My regular driver, and house are insured with another company ! 

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  6. Hi Mr. Paul -

    FelPro rubber gaskets and a silicone sealant on the valve cover side. Make sure the bolt hole surfaces are flat, and don't over torque the bolts !

    Cork gaskets on the 430 always managed to weep, after time at the rear of the valve covers and oil ran down both sides of the engine.

    By only sealing the valve cover side, the covers can be removed, if need be, without damaging the gaskets !

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  7. Your a sweetheart Mr. Paul - it measures approx. 3 1/4 inches from the tip of the antenna to the top of the black bezel insert. 

    Just trying to get an idea of how far the antenna protrudes out of the fender when fully retracted, be it manual, or electric.

    Thank you for the additional pic. with the tape measure, much appreciated sir ! :unsure:

  8. On ‎6‎/‎4‎/‎2020 at 11:56 AM, dr914 said:

    I have my march april and my may june, but funny, on the back cover they both say vol 36 march/april no 2



    Do you mean the front cover ?

    That info usually only appears on the front cover and page 3.

    Maybe time to fire the proof reader. haha

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  9. Some times the upper screws on the vent filler panel are near, or almost hidden under the rear glass, and not accessible.

    When the trim piece(s) are off, there should be two 1/4" rubber spacers either side, between the bottom edge of the glass and the panel to position the rear glass when it was installed.

    The upper holes in the vent filler panel are slotted to help in removal and installation, those screws only need to be loosened off, and not removed. 

    If the upper screws are underneath the rear window glass,  you will need to remove and reseal the rear window glass.

    Which is a good idea if the  seal is original, as Jason stated.

  10. They worked great when they worked, but they required some technical expertise to trouble shoot, or repair.

    The recessed wipers had to be "timed' to sequence and park properly.

    You had to insert a specific sized drill bit into an access hole in the pump cover to properly time the pump cam - a pain in the butt job.

    Will be nice to know if the Rock Auto Delco replacement Unit will eliminate that.

    It looks like an electric pump that will spray whenever the wash position is selected?

    Keep us posted guys!

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