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  1. We drove it onto the trailer when I repurchased it.  When we got it home, we couldn't get it to start.  I think that it could use a rebuild of the vacuum tank, the carb, the starter/generator and the coil and distributor.  I had the pan pulled and cleaned out - very little in it.  It was reinstalled with a new gasket.  Replaced a leaking freeze plug.  Has new plugs and wires.  

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  2. 1922 Model 46 coupe for sale.  The only Model 22-46 listed in the 2017 BCA membership roster.  Featured in The Buick Bugle, Volume 47, Number 3, July 2012, pages 30 - 32.  Asking $9,995.  Owned from 1963 to 1971 and from 2008 to the present.  History known.  Solid car - no rust, good wood.  Engine not stuck, needs some work to get it to run.  Upholstery well worn with a couple of pack rat holes.  Glass is good.  Should be solid black, was repainted with a dark blue body in 1950.  Brand new (incorrect size) tires; should be 33 x 4 black side wall, are Goodrich Silvertown Cord 35 x 5 white side wall.  Extra parts and literature included.  Located in Andover, Minnesota.  Is stored inside.  I will continue to store until spring if necessary.  Contact me by PM with your email address for more pictures.  The late Dave Corbin verified the car as a "matching number" 1922, and the 307th built out of a total production of 2,293, "making it a fairly early 1922." Quotes from Dave.  Frame #849688 and engine #877138.

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  3. I need to get new tires for my 65, as the ones I have are 14 years old (only 10,000 miles on them though).  They are Cooper Pacesetter 225/75R15 with a 3/4 inch white wall mounted on standard steel wheels.  However, the tires rub the frame rail on full lock, and the spare is too wide to go up on the shelf.  I would like to go to 215/75R15.  I have looked at all the classic tire sites.  Any suggestions?