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  1. OK...I need to remove the PCM on this Riv. WHERE it it, and how do I get to it?? is it the computer mounted next to the HVAC programmer, OR is it jammed against the very right side of the kick panel(and VERY hard to get at!!).... I don't want to remove the wrong thing. I thought the BCM in these cars was between the seats, near the CRT controller in the front of the console...But the one next to the programmer may be the BCM and I need the PCM (engine computer).
  2. I did get the car checked at a garage. And they found out that the #1 injector is not firing some of the time, causing the miss. The PCM appears to be causing this problem.
  3. Good ideas.... However--this WILL miss at IDLE sometimes, with the car in drive,reverse OR in park or neutral(you can still feel it.) So, I would say that would most likely eliminate the tranny or TC. I do NOT know why the computer is flagging codes on the tranny, cause it shifts fine(though a bit rough, when the engine is missing.) I got a BIG bottle of "techron" fuel injector cleaner--one rated for up to 20 gallons of gas-and there is less than 10 in the tank. I am letting it "settle and mix" a bit, and will try later, and hope the miss will be better, or gone entirely. Failing that--I have an appointment to get the car chacked at agarage.
  4. That SURE is strange, cause this tranny is NOT having any problems(that I am aware of, anyway.)
  5. I am geting these from my GCC screen on this car. It has an intermittent miss on 1 or 2 cylinders. Plugs and wires did NOT help. I am getting spark on all 3 coils, according to my spark tester.
  6. Well...I had the oil changed today...and much to my dismay..the idle pressure increased from about 28-35-38PSI and the 1500RPM pressure increased from about 32-35PSI to 45+PSI. Why would I be worried about HIGHER oil pressure?? Because it most likely means that the previous owner NEVER changed that old oil(and it WAS nasty lookng!!)And if he didn't even do that.......I have little doubt that he did ANYTHING else!! SO, I got new wires and rapidfire platinum plugs to go in the engine. I was planning to do this anyway. Hopefully--this will correct the miss problem. If not...I could try a coil pack(an accel, NOT a wells!!) BTW--at idle today(and last night) the SES light came on. I queried the computer tonight, and it sais "EO24, 27 and 28", CURRENT, and EO31 history. What do those codes mean?? (remember--this is a 1988 Riviera, with the Magnavox ignition module.)
  7. On my 88 Rivieara--the engine has a intermittent miss. Sometimes, the engine will run great, with good power, economy and smoothness the 3800 is known for. But othe times--it is missing noticeably. And if in overdrive, it is VERY noticeable. I am planning to take care of this soon, probably in the next few days. I plan to replace the wires, plugs and possibly the coil pack.(it is the dreaded magnavox unit, I plan to put an accel on it). But in the meantime--will it hurt my engine to drive it with the miss, when it occurrs?? Today, it ran perfect for about a 35 mile trip, with 3 stops. Later-- it was mising, then it quit and off and on, for the return trip. It would guess it misses about 30-50% of the time. When not missing--it runs VERY good and even idles pretty nice. I just don't want to hurt this engine, and if driving it with a miss would do so--I will not drive it anymore--until I fix it, or get someone else to do so. The only code I can find is a e029--"history"(I reset the codes early today, to see if anything would come up. Previously, there was a eo26,27,28,29,31, and 41, but ALL were "history").
  8. I am having the same problem on my 88 Riv-- same cause, I gather. Most of the time--the backlights are out. BUT-- I drove the car a little while ago, and they both came one for a bit, went back off, and did that a couple of times. (it was also running smoothly most of that time. The miss went away in a few minutes...and never returned, till I parked the car. even the idle was pretty smooth.) BOTH switch pod backlights are affected, and both react at the same time. I think the problem is the HV inverter module, and it is somewhere in the dash. Our cars use electroluminescent panels to backlight the switch pods on the sides of the IPC, and also on the console. These require An AC voltage of around 110 volts to run. There is a small device called an inverter(actually, 2 of them) one for the dash and one for the console. These are a small box, yellow or black, about 1.5 inches square or so, looking something like a buzzer or TS flasher, but square and larger. However..they have a label on them that reads.."caution..110VAC" The inverter raises the 12volt car voltage to the110 volts for the EL panels. The one in the dash, that powers the IPC switch pod panels is bad--most likley intermittent connections. This can be fixed, if you can't find a replacement. As for WHERE the dash inverter is....I am trying to find that out, Too!!
  9. Hello guys. I just found this forum. I think I will be happy here. I have just acquired a 1988 Buick Riviera. I am not sure this is the right place--but the Reatta is just a 2-seat Riv-- SO I figured this was not too far off. Anyway- I got this Riv from a guy who needed the money BAD!! It is in nice shape, both inside and out, with only some minor things needed to make it a real nice car. Overall--it is in very good mechanical shape. The engine does NOT knock, ping or ratle, and NO smoke out of the oil filler, when at idle or even at about 2000 rpm. The tranny shifts smoothly. The brakes are hard, but stop fine without any harsh noises. The drivetrin (cv joints, steering) is fine, with a hint of "morning sickenss", for about 3 seconds, at a cold start. Most of the interior accessories are fine, too, including the GCC and dash. The bose stereo works ok--as good as a bose is expected to. The interior is in pretty good condition, with the expected cracks in the leather seats and armrests, but the headliner is in GOOD shape. All in all-- this is a good car. And all of that--with 110k on the odo-- for only $700!! Now-- there are a few problems, of course. The most presing problem, IMHO, is a miss in the engine. At first, I figured I had dirty injectors, as it was only an occasional miss, but it has gotten worse, and I put in a bottle of injector cleaner, and expensive gas to correct the problem. At first--it seemed to help. But now-- the miss has returned,and with a vengence. It is most noticeable at idle and in 4th gear, and if going up a hill, it is VERY noticeable. But--as soon as it will come on--it will disappear--and then, the car runs beatuiflly, with the smoothness and power expected from a 3800 engine. Is this most likely the coil pack/module?? This one has the magnavox module, and I am hearing that this causes some problems like this on these cars. Or-- do I still have dirty injectors?? I would thnk that if that was the case--the miss would be much more sporadic and not continuous, as if it is totally not firing on one or 2 cylinders, which is what it feels like. The previous owner said he had replaced the ignition wires, but I am not sure of that. However--he did not replace the plugs. In my experience however--bad plugs will NOT cause a total miss, continually one one or more cylinders, will they?? Or--do I have some kind of serious engine problem(somehow-- I doubt that.) ALso, there are a couple of smaller problems, I would like to address. The cruise does not work at all. It LOOKS like it engages,as the screen and the dash say so, but it does not do so. All vacuum lines are hooked up, and there are no BCM codes that I know of. A bad servo, probably?? Also, the EL backlights for the switch pods on each side of the dash are out. I know there is an inverter somewhere. Does anyone have any idea of where it is?? I think I may have a spare, from some spare parts I have from a previous (1986) Riv I had some time ago, including an inverter, dash cluster, GCC,CPS, switches, all 3 computers, programmer and radio. The auto-level does not work. Is that most likely the sensor?? it never lights up on the dash. The passenger window does not roll down right, and there is a grinding noise, I suspect the gear on the motor. Is that right?? And that is about all of the issues with this car. Nothing really major--but just a few things that are a hassle, and the miss, which I REALLY need to take care of!! Thaks for any help!! Jack.