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  1. SUCCESS! Was a piece of cake. Purchased packing on Amazon: Palmetto 5000 Series Flexible Graphite Compression Packing Seal, Shiny Gray, 1/4" Square, 10' Length I used the old packing template I found in the trunk to measure the needed lengths, cut it, packed it in, cranked the nuts down. Powered it up, adjusted nuts a few turns and VOILA! No leaks. Now- to fix that leaky carb....
  2. Excellent info! I’ll put it to use next weekend.
  3. Thanks, attached is what the “original” looks like as new....found in the trunk with all of the tools.
  4. Excellent information and reference material. I haven’t taken the packing nuts off yet, that is my chore of the day today. When I had the water pump restored years back, we did custom mill a new stainless steel shaft. Thanks for the help. Stay tuned!
  5. Looking for recommendations on what to use for my 1923 4 cylinder as water pump packing. Believe it or not, I DO have some ORIGINAL packing rope, asbestos and all- but have decided best to leave that intact as a “show curiosity” piece. Getting last years HVA FIVA winner ready for Car Show season. She fired up pretty easily today, now just getting thevodds and ends ready as well. Thanks, Dave
  6. Excellent, I will keep the forum posted. Cross your fingers.
  7. I DO have Connecticut title signed over. Taking all of my paperwork back to AAA Tuesday morning. As for the seller not knowing what he was selling, the VIN is for. 4 cylinder, and the Jeepster has a 6. He SHOULD have known- and I should have had my info prior to buying. No buyers remorse, VERY cool car, but could have negotiated a better deal with ALL the info.
  8. Agreed, but I have already opened that Pandora’s Box. ☹️
  9. Visited AAA yesterday and have temp registration pending more investigation. The more info I am armed with the easier it may be to title.
  10. Jack, that would me be GREAT if you can do some recon on what yours has. Best guesses and comments are that this engine is NOT the one my Jeepster was born with.
  11. Must be a 1950 or so transplanted engine then. The 130761 puts in that year s range if engines? Thank you. I visited AAA and received a temporary registration, they want more “documentation” regarding the one VIN plate. Hind sight? Great car, awsome running 6 cylinder, BUT, really should have done my homework prior to purchase. Seller stated “original” 6 cylinder engine. Mire research to follow, or to be added by the forum. Dave
  12. See my reply in the thread. Yes, I thought that the 4-63 on my serial plate meant 4 cylinder. I too noticed that the plate screws seems a bit hinkey. Can you tell from the previous pictures what year this 6 cylinder is from? Best I can tell from the stamp on the side- 61 130751 Top stamp CAST- 7 7 49 8.4? As for the piece of metal on the hump supposedly with the serial number- seems it’s not brass at all. With more elbow grease, I’m getting down to bare metal. Still no number in sight. You mentioned On the floor riser “back” of driver seat? Dang, that will require taking
  13. The engine number is part of the verification issue as well. Trying to get info verifying that this engine came with this Jeepster. I am not finding info of Jeepster number and production runs to match the numbers and/or VIN number. This Jeepster has the 6 cylinder in it. But, isn’t “4-63” supposed to be a 4 cylinder?
  14. Excellent advice! I’ll start with the main DMV and work backwards from there. Yes- finding that tracing a Jeepster engine can ALSO be quite confusing. The WO JEEP forum couldn’t tell me much. There ARE numbers on the engine, so they MUST mean something, right? Here is a picture of a spot where I was told that a serial number MIGHT be. Copper plate on the hump between the front seats. Was able to get down to the copper plate, but can’t see any numbers.. How about you?
  15. Thanks for the reply- I posted the question to the WO/Jeep forum as well. Not having much of a response over the past week. My hopes are that California will accept the 1 VIN location if I print up as many single VIN references that I can find. Registration is from Connecticut and sold without a title (Connecticut doesn’t issue title in pre 1981 cars). I read reference to a secondary serial stamp on the hump between the front seats, but I see nothing on this plate. Pealing away a few layers of old paint. I’ll post a picture shortly.
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