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  1. Thanks J, I did not mention, this is the front crankshaft seal that has just started to spit a little, not the rear.
  2. Can a crankshaft oil seal be replaced in the car? Can a new style one piece seal be used? :confused: Ron
  3. Jay, I used the flexible, low profile stick on style on mine. Did not have luck with a computerized spin balancer,(but it did show if a rim is warped) used the old style bubble balancer. Turning the tire on the rim to find the best balance first,making sure tire is evenly set on rim, then sticking the weights on the back side of the rim. Clean the area with alchohol before adhering. Very time consuming, but at the low speeds you really drive a Model A, not sure if it was worth the time! But the weights are still on. Ron
  4. Thanks, I will check out the website. I appreciate your help.
  5. I have a Heinze electric wiper on my 1929 Model A. Does anyone know who could repair or rebuild it? Thanks, Ron
  6. rshunaman

    Sloppy Steering

    With the steering linkage removed from the box there should not be much play. This should tell you if the box is the issue or other outside linkage. If the steering box is adjusted too tight it will bind and wear out all that much sooner. The Model A Mechanics book by Les Andrews is very helpful, I would suggest purchasing it if you haven't already.
  7. Probably foreign matter or gum in one of the jets. As Steve said it is very easy to dissassemble and clean out. This site explains it pretty well. Hope it helps. http://www.modela.org/ Ron
  8. Thanks, I will. I have seen them on ebay, seems like the same seller puts a few out every once in awhile. I did end up making one out of 1/16" tanned leather and soaked it in parrifin wax before forming it. Found an article online on how to make them. Worked fine. I have assembled a complete tool kit for my car. Was the jack, handle, and crank stored in a larger pouch similar to the tools? Or did they just bounce around in the trunk area? I can't find that information anywhere, I'm thinking of having a pouch made of the same material as the roof also to store the larger items in.
  9. None that I know of in this area, but I would venture to say it would not be a driver seeing that it is a rare model. I'm curious though, how many in the group now? It is said that only 250-300 probably exist with the total production output of 5085.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find rebuild kits or the leather piston cups for the model a tire pumps? Thanks, Ron
  11. Beautiful car. What a great idea the storage box was.
  12. rshunaman

    1928 Ford Roadster

    Very nice! I like the blackwall tires, just as it should be.
  13. I have never tried to contact Boyce directly for bulbs? I'm guessing someone must have though. They are still made, but it would be more lucrative for them to sell the entire product.
  14. Sorry this took so long, computer was down. I ended up buying another wreathed motometer from Brattons. The way I see it the motometer did not really come with these vehicles anyway. And if the cars cooling system is working correctly, the motometer never registers because the temp needed to rise the red dye is never met unless of course you do have an issue and you overheat. My cars temp only reaches around 140 degrees F. But I still have not driven it on a real hot day either, this summer will tell! Ron
  15. I guess this doesnt surprise me, I have gotten different answers, and havent read anything concrete about the original plugs. Only that the 3X was the original, and the ones now are really reproductions of the original 3X. I use the C16C now, its considered the "go" plug, pretty neat looking though, works fine. But you both sparked my interest in researching the C4, and I will pass on anything that I find. I have not even seen an original owners manual, but I gather the original plug info is not in there, or this question would be an easy answer. Thanks for the feed back, I appreciate it.I am
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