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  1. Hi from Norway, My late brother left some exterior parts for above cars - 15" wheel rims, front and rear bumpers and some bumper brackets, one grille and a number of stainless trim items, plus three hubcaps. I am unable to define the trim and hubcaps.The bumpers and other steel parts are quite rusty, but appear solid - the grille and pot mtal items require restoration, and the SS trim appear to polish up OK for most items. As shipping to the US will be relatively expensive, any feedback from the Forum as to their market interest and value would be highly appreciated. I can send detail photos to those interested. Kind regards, Ole Christian
  2. Hello again - I have now found and purchased a complete C-1550 box. Best regards, Ole
  3. Hi from Norway, Restoring my 1938 Chrysler Royal RS Coupe, I want to buy an original Philco C-1550 radio. However, Norway has now gone all DAB+, whilst Europe still are running FM, so I shall have to install a new tuner. Thus I need an empty cabinet, the original speaker front, both with all tags/labels intact. I will also mount the original controls, and will buy any of these three items separately. I have WI 53715 shipping address and Paypal, or US family will send Cheque/MO. Anything out there? Best regards, Ole Christian
  4. Hi and thanks for your reply. However, with the front missing I shall have to look further! One thing though; are the external labels and tags intact? Best regards, Ole
  5. Hi from Norway, Do you still have the Philco C-1550 radio? Please provide photos - do you also have the controls? I have US shipping address and Paypal, or US family will send cheque/MO. I basically need the cabinet/speaker only, as Norway has now switched to DAB+ . Removing the interior radio components will save a lot of shipping weight and cost. I need to rebuild with FM/DAB+ receiver unit. Best regards, Ole Christian
  6. Hello from Norway, In restoring my 1938 Chrysler Royal C-18 RS coupe, I find one wire spring on the inside of the headlamp reflector adjusting ring - see photo. Can anyone in this great forum enlighten me as to the significance and correct mounting of this item? Best regards, Ole
  7. My sincerest thanks to Carbking Jon for his recommendations and instructive information!!! Ole Christian
  8. Hi from Norway, As part of my frame-off restoration, I have purchased an Edmunds dual intake manifold for above original engine. My original single carb is the Carter E6M1. I calculate the engine CFM to 180 - 200 at 3000 rpm. Can anyone tell me the CFM rating of this carb, and can I install two of these - alternatively with smaller fuel nozzles? Any recommendations for alternative dual carbs? Best regards, Ole C. Renskoug Kongsberg Norway
  9. Hi from Norway, Does anyone know if Edmunds/Offenhauser ever built a dual intake manifold for my 1938 Chrysler 241,5 cu.in., 6 cyl. engine? C/C between outer ports is 16,5 in.
  10. Hi from Norway, I have searched the web unsuccessfully for the correct engine color(s) for my C-18 RS coupe; can anyone help me?
  11. Hello from Norway! Seeking fellow owners. Anyone having for sale a hood ornament, yellow/red rear lamp lens (or complete lamps) and a sand coloured steering wheel in good condition? Also seeking good parts stores for restauration of the car, incl. rechroming of cast parts (grille etc.)
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