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  1. I'm putting together a list of significant missing exotic and sports cars for a book project, cars that have dropped off the map but that might still be out there somewhere (ie, the Max Wax Ferrari 375 MM, the stolen Goldfinger DB5, James Dean's Porsche). I'm not asking anyone to give up any secrets, but if you have any tips (and photos!), I'd love to talk to you. Please email me at dave@proscriptus.com. I can't promise any reward beyond a credit in the book, but it should be a whole lot of fun. Dave
  2. I've found the SIA, they're off the list. I am also interested in auction catalogs.
  3. After a major flood in my office this winter, I'm rebuilding my library. I'm interested in buying reference book collections; as well as longer runs of Road & Track, Special Interest Autos, AQ, Car and Driver, Sports Car Graphic and the like. I'd love to be able to acquire complete decades, if possible. Located in Bennington, VT, can pick up in New England, or maybe at Hershey. Email me at dave@proscriptus.com.
  4. If anyone's still watching this thread, I have a Paul Stern question. Both known Chrysler Thunderbolts went through Stern's hands, but I can't figure out how he got them. Richie Clyne says the one he bought (the black one) came out of Mexico City. I'd appreciate any insight or leads!
  5. In my freelance capacity* I'm looking into the hobby's response to Hurricane Sandy. Specifically, how have clubs been affected; and what are they doing in response? If you or someone in your region, or another club you belong to, has a story they'd like to share, I'l love to hear it. I'm interested both in how individuals are coping; and larger contributions your club may be making to the community now, or later on, because of the hurricane. It doesn't matter what kind of car (or truck, motorcycle or boat) your club specializes in; it's the plans and stories I'd like to hear. Thank you, Da
  6. It looks like they did, in December '26. Not much press for it. Logansport Historical Society or the library would probably have microfiche. You can just make out some details here Iron age - Google Books
  7. I'm looking for AACA magazine Vol. 24 No. 4, August-September 1960--it has at least some information on a car I'm working on for Hemmings Classic Car (the cover car, a c. 1897 Roberts electric). Would anyone happen to have a copy, and perhaps be willing to photocopy or scan the relevant materials? Thank you, Dave
  8. It's the only car & horse show I've ever seen, although I've never researched it. Now I'll have to!
  9. You could also contact the car's current owners, the Smithsonian. Roger White Curator of Transportation Smithsonian Institution whiter@si.edu
  10. It looks like a one-year only show. I'd suggest contacting the Rutland Herald to see if they have archives from that era, or the Rutland Free Library. The Automobile April 26 1906 The Automobile June 14 1906
  11. McLellan's has an index online complete through 2001 McLellan's Automobile Literature :: Out-of-Print Books -- Automobile Quarterly Contents
  12. I've got some stuff on Noma--but you'll have to trade me a photo of the car for Lost & Found! Dave David B. Traver Adolphus Associate Editor, Hemmings Motor News 222 Main Street, Bennington, VT 05201 dadolphus@hemmings.com 802-447-9615 802-447-9678 fax Read 'em all: Hemmings Motor News - Hemmings Classic Car - Hemmings Muscle Machines - Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car "Men have no need for magazines they don't read" --Johnny Paycheck, You'd Better Move On
  13. That HCC article is more-or-less line http://www.hemmings.com/hcc/stories/2007/07/01/hmn_feature13.html
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