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  1. Buick : Reatta convertible in Buick | eBay Motors Take a look.thanks.
  2. I have been looking for a wind screen and can t find any,so today i have decided to try to fabricate one,i am working on a sample made out of plywood,after its finished i will post it.
  3. Strip.sand,polish.see the result,easy to maintain,just clean using water.Did same to the wheels.
  4. I love this forum!!!i spent 4 hours trying to solve the same thing yesterday and could not fix it,this morning it took 2 minutes to solve by just searching in the forum,i did not know about this button......thank you all!!!
  5. i know some of you guys know how to bench test a 1988 IPC,just want to make sure how to connect it???If i connect 12 volts and grouds to it where i am suppose to,will it light up if it is in working order??Or can someone help and tell me how to.thanks.
  6. I saw a almost full set on ebay a couple weeks ago for 300.00
  7. highway=29mpg on my 88 and 90 convertable at about 65 mph
  8. Do the expandable ones and do all 4 !!!!2 hour job.Use a big flat screwdriver and hammer to knock them out,clean the hole,install the rubber plugs,d ont forget to drain some coolant before.
  9. I have installed 4 rubber ones 3 years ago and i am very sarisfied,it looks more difficult to do than it is,d ont get the engine out unless you need to do something else that needs the engine to be taken out.
  10. The hoop c ant be more than 9 inches high for the fith bow to be able to go down and the hoop would touch the rear glass.
  11. LOL!!!!!http://www.ebay.com/itm/330650920079?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 this what i am looking to do.Insted of installing the long bolt(support)included in the kit i would just use a bolt trought the tonneau cover.
  12. just for the look of it.But,i would like to see one before i try to do it,my car is over 110000 miles but in great shape,i d ont mind doing someting like this cause i d ont think it will go up in value anyway because its not a 1991 and high milage.
  13. I am thinking of installing roll bars on my 90 conv.was it ever done by someone on this forum,i think it would look great.
  14. Thanks Jim,i may take your offer if i d ont succeed putting it back together.
  15. I hope i can put it back together(i think i can)but will it work?If not i will keep it for spare parts,still worth it.
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