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  1. Boy are we smart ! Everybody is right ! After removing two(2) screws holding the "heat trap" fuse box to the right fender...I saw the problem. The fuse slot that showed one leg still attached to the "not blown" fuse was shot. I tried to clean out the slot/replaced the 30amp fuse NO GO. There was a burned hole under the broken leg right thru the fuse box. SO....purchase a bypass fuse $3.00ish. Cut the two wires into the fuse/spliced the new fuse/reconnected the battery/ SUCCESS ! Merry Xmas everyone ! Jerry J.
  2. I had the same problem but while cleaning the fuse block I broke off one of the legs of the brake 30amp fuse. Put in a new fuse and it worked fine for a couple days. Tried to clean the remanent of the juse leg but to no good results. Talk with "Andy" (TCParts) and he mentioned the bypass with an external fuse. Have you any experience in this area. I'll try to get back to Andy come monday. (jerryj37@sbcglobal.net)
  3. I have a paper cut out (89) that I used about 4/5 years ago. I went to NAPA AUTO PARTS and purchased a roll of aluminum foal insulated about 1/2 inch. I cut out the full cover with a little overlap. I had intended to glue to all ribs. But.... Both are still rolled up on a garage shelf. Anybody interested.
  4. Lots of rebuild and replacments in a San Fran car. Good paint/body/top. New head/turbo/radiator/brakes/shocks. Your turn to play..$4000 OBO (925-352-3660) jerryj37@sbcgobal.net
  5. I bet $3500 will get the 89 TC out of my driveway.....
  6. Lots of rebuilding over the last 4 years. Thanks for all the help. Its red 2.2L new turbo, new head, radiator, brake acummulator, Speedometr reads 160,00 Miles. I'm looking for $4000. Contact me at jerryj37@sbcglobal.net.
  7. Replacing a cut out trim piece with matching leatherette (?) is the same advise I got from our local fabric shop. I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  8. Check those vacumm lines. One may have vibrated off. Jerry J.
  9. I understand that stiff condition. I ran the problem across our local dash recreation guru to the answer of "don't try it". I would be better off cutting out the whole front piece and gluing in an new solid piece if I can find some like/similar leather. For the time being I'll just use a black dash pad. Thanks for the info.
  10. Anybody worked over top ledge piece?? Mine has suffered moisture/sun (89)and the leather has pulled away and cringled up across the front. Can I use something (like water) to soften it up and pulled it out and then glue it down??? This is the front big piece that comes down around the radio etc. not the small piece up against the glass.
  11. That San Fran 89 TC can be yours for about $4000.00 See pictures early December under Jerry Bennett
  12. My San Fran 89 TC is still here. Anyone know of a potential new owner? Maybe a good time to drive it down to Phoenix. Lots of pictures back a few monthes.
  13. Correct! Using slang, text editting, just plain laziness and trying to catch the eye of a browser is a not an excuse for good english. I'll observe more 'correct' in the future..
  14. Gas milage: 89' 2.2L Turbo 160,000 miles. Driving conditions - mostly California highways 22mpg with ( cruise control set at 65mph ) City driving 18mpg Turbo stomping 14mpg Just installed a new 'Unleached Turbo' runs smooth. Jerry Bennett
  15. All of a sudden: From the normal 900rpm up to 1400rpm. Last year I had a new head and turbo installed. The car ran like a jewel. A couple weeks ago I decided to use the cruise control. Appeared to be good holding 65mph. So I punched it to feal the turbo. Great! Now when starting car the idle is high and continues to be between 1400-1500RPM. Got any suggestions where to start looking?
  16. I have 2 manuals.. One blue cover (2.2L engine / 16 valve engine One red cover (16 valve engine / 3.0L engine The blue goes with the car..Red one is 4sale - $75. AND A complete TC America TIPS (Vol 1, Number 1 to present) $75. No spare parts, sorry.
  17. Time to go - the wife says .. No rust, new paint, runs smootheeeee 1. New head, valves, radiator 2. New turbo 3. New brake accumulator 4. New struts, shocks 5. NEW ARM REST. Somebody will really enjoy. Fly out to SF and drive home. Around $4000. Give me a call (925-352-3660) Pictures to follow.
  18. Thanks for the info. Its a little pricey for my driver. Maybe next owner will opt for it...
  19. Don't forget the mountain (or forest) of parts that exists in Arizona. Give Larry a jingle.
  20. I might be interested...Jerry Bennett, Walnut Creek (925-352-3660) When could I take a look?
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