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  1. Rollie.....thanks a lot. I'm not familiar with the product. Where can it be purchased?...........Bill
  2. I am in the process of restoring a 1940 Buick Century. It is a true survivor and in pretty good shape. This is not going to be a point car but one that I can enjoy as a driver. But the running boards, although not ruined, do need some repair. Does anybody know what type of repair product I can use to fill in some of the damage. Thanks for your help...................Bill
  3. Thanks for your response. I thought it was OK but I am more of a body man than a mechanic, so I wasn't sure. Bill Glenn BCA#42476
  4. Hi everybody from Bill Glenn in WV. I have 2 pre-war beauties, a restored 1937 Century and my latest project, an almost restored 1940 Century. I am cleaning up my 40's engine and checked the compression. It registered 110 in 7 cylinders and 105 in one. Are those good numbers or should it be higher? Or have I forgotten something that every Buick man should know?
  5. One will never be enough!!!! I am down to just 2 right now ('37 and '40 Series 61 Centurys) but have room for 2 more in my garages. Here in the hills of WV you never know what the weather will be starting in November, so I drive them until the snow looks imminent. Then they live in the warm garages until the sun shines again and they are on the road, happy as clams. And so am I.
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