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  1. Does anyone have a vol. # for the Selden plate article(s)? Is the year/number/manufacturer list posted, printed or otherwise available anywhere?
  2. Photos updated to include more parts including Model A transmission and light parts
  3. Interested parties please send me a message. I posted more photos of additional parts Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello - Model T/A/V8 ... Feel free to make me an offer on the radiator caps, I don't know what most of these parts fit.
  4. Clearing out some spares and project lights, see link: Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello
  5. Trying to clean out the barn for the winter. I have a turtle deck, '19-23 or so. Inside has bump out for battery. Solid needs only minor work and paint, not rusty looking for $250. Wood pickup bed, was on model T (not TT). Made of mahogany, painted but probably could be stripped, a bit larger than the typical roadster pickup box, offers? Also have TT frame with extra rails, wheels, aftermarket replacement radiators, rear axle housings, luggage rack lots of similar parts. Offers? Contact me for pictures. T stuff not yet photographed but I have other items here: Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello Larger items for pick up in western MA.
  6. Oil electric. Ca 1912? See pictures here: Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello - Brass Lights ...
  7. I have several boxes of A, V8 and other parts of the same era. Set of unidentified 19" wheels, A tail lights door handles etc. Some photos are here: Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello Eventually I will get everything photographed. Anyone in New England looking to buy the whole lot? Will trade for brass era items.
  8. Set of 4 19" wire wheels for ~1930 Chevy, Buick or ??? Would like to get out of here for winter $40 all. See my link for pictures. Model A/V8 parts, door handles, lights, many Ford tail lights, window regulators and more, see link for a sample. Model TT frame with extra frame rails. I have several more boxes of A/V8/early '30s parts. Eventually all will be photographed. I don't know what most of it is fits, discount if you come and buy the whole lot. Small parts can be shipped easily. Pictures of some items: Picasa Web Albums - rdaniello Trades for brass era items welcome. I have some misc brass lamps as well.
  9. Steve, Thanks, I am a member of the HCCA (but not yet the Franklin club). There are a fair number of them in the HCCA roster. I noticed there were a few in some old threads but I imagine all have been sold as that was over a year ago. Robert
  10. I am looking for a Franklin model G. Projects ok. The auction results are a bit limited, how is the current market for model Gs? Thanks, Robert
  11. I am looking for a Franklin model G. Projects ok. The auction results are a bit limited, how is the current market for model Gs? Thanks, Robert
  12. I am looking for Splitdorf coils and coilbox parts (insulators, key, etc) for a 1906 Ford Model N. Also wanted, model NRS parts, literature, information. Thanks, Robert forda155c(at)yahoo.com {replace (at)}
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