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  1. OMG. I voice from the past. I think of you at least once or twice each mo. There's an old fire truck just sitting that I pass and I always remember the vesicle's YOU and your dad restored. GOOD JOB Ex. I was also at YOUR Nat. I don't know what you mean by black eye,but your region also put on a vary good show. The only problem I saw was the weather,it was a touch to warm,nex time a nice cool breeze if you don't mind. Good to hear from you.
  2. If you have never been part of putting on a national show you can not imagine the work involved.I too was worrying for nothing, The region done a great job .
  3. Any one making bets on when the results will be posted?? I got a cold beer that say's today possable no later than Tuesday.
  4. Hey 61ss, I also was in 36a going for senior,I looked the cars over but guess I missed you. I couldnt stay for awards , my kid is a cop and had to be back in Binghan\mton by 11pm.If you stay, please listen for my name and give me a shout with results. Thank.
  5. Is this address 150 Maynard or 150 s maynard?? Thanks.
  6. Is this address 150 Maynard or 150 s maynard?? Thanks.
  7. who wanted the 2008 & 2012 wooden nickle
  8. 61 ss, just kidding about the 400, I do hope we both have min. 395. Good luck, see you there.
  9. 61 ss, I don't remember what my sheet said ,I just know class 36. I have a 65 Buick Skylark, If your in my class I wish you the best, At the same time I hope your NOT a 400 pt. car. LOL
  10. I have a 2008, your's free at Williamsport, I will look for others.
  11. Been off line for the past couple years, feel lost with the new format.Wife past and took the steam out of me. I did get the senior grand with the chevelle, trying for senior with the Skylark.
  12. Is anyone besides me registered in class 36 for senior??
  13. is there a list of registered car available.
  14. Want to buy 1953 sunliner top arm/bracket right rear. P/N 53196.
  15. Looking to buy a right rear top arm/bracket P/N 53196. for 1953 sunliner convertible.
  16. For sale front sway bar for 65 skylark. Also fits Chevelle. Sandblasted primed and painted. Asking $ 40. OBO.
  17. I have at least 3, maybe more spinner wheel covers for 1965 Buick skylark. $10. ea.
  18. NIB reman alt. fits 1985 ford 1.9 eng. Others?? Asking $25. OBO. Come get it at hershey c3b6-10.
  19. Loaded. see me at Hershey c3b 6-10. Make me an offer.
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