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  1. Wayne, I could not agree with you or John more. I like country music, don't ask me to play rap. I am a member of the Iroquois region. a 60 year region that I personally am starting a fight to save, and we have some new blood that wants to change the region. Why is it always the new blood that wants change?? You joined MY club because you liked what took 60 years to build. Why the he** did you join if you just want to change. I need to change the subject, I'm already on blood pressure meds. See you in Hershey.
  2. Drumyn29, when I brought my PROJECT?? home in 1996 my kids thought I should be commited, I heard things like it will never get done,impossable and it will look good with flowers planted in it.:eek:In 2006 I finished it and today its a senior car.:DAINT nobudy laughing now. You CAN do it, keep us posted on progress.
  3. I bring a cooler full of goodies,a camp stove coffee pot and a kettle and fry pan. The only food I buy is a order of Brickers french frys maby 50 yards from me and a ice cream from the guy all the way in the cornor of the field. Mornings I enjoy my own bacon and eggs fresh coffee and maby a cin.bun. Just the smell of my bacon makes my neigbor drool. I have to shair. I do go to the fire house for speget. on FRi. and your place sounds like a winner for Wed. I will try it this year. Sure wish there was a Golden Correll close by.
  4. LOL Ron, I have to agree with you about the Todays mech. Thats why NY. at least requires recertafcation. We also have a manuial with all the correct ans.? ? to all the Techs. questions. I dont think anything is written in stone,im just repeating what my state instructors tought me. I quit turning wrenches about the time big brother told me I couldnt brake the plastic restrictor knobs of the carb. adj. screws and make the car run better anymore.
  5. Call your local State Inspection station,tell them you have a 1966 vechical that dosnt have any hazard warning lights and ask if it will pass LEGAL insp.
  6. Fed. regs. mandated all 1966 vech. must have hazard warning 4/ways .If you have a66 with out them it wont pass state insp. in ANY Us State.
  7. To each his own, but I wouldnt recomend using a torch to remove grease and undercoating,esp. not for a new comer with a possable lack of experance. A naighbor tryed to unthaw frozen house pipes with a torch and darn near burnt the house down. Spray it with EB1 non foaming gunk brush it in a little let it set a little and hose it off with high pressure.As mentioned befor, wet the floor down first and the junk wont stick to it.
  8. Honest to goodness I DONT want to start ww3,but I do wonder how many new members will sign up just to show at this years Nat.
  9. Once again I apologize,my mistake. I believe we do better togather.
  10. Attached at the hip??? Keith I made the statement that I did not join the BCA (though I wanted to) because the BCA dosent do anything in my aera. I did not mean to criticise your club,but only to point out I thought the BCA needed to be more active in order to gain new members. If I hurt your feelings I do apologize. With that said, the views I express on this forum are mine and mine alone, you have every right to disagree,but attack me, not the AACA. Have a good day, your fellow AACA member and 2 Buicks owner.
  11. :)With all due respect, IMHO, I think loss of membership is do largly to lack of activitys. BCA has a new member in Baltamore looking for a place to join. Check out the AACA Meets and tours section. It is my understanding BCA has only one national a year and most of the time thats at Flint. If more chapters had a meet you would gain more members. More member = more chapters = more funds. I know many if not most BCA members are also AACA members.These folks know that a few years ago AACA HQ. gave each chapter 2 or 3 free membership packets to give to a prospective new member that had never been
  12. To the old guy and 70 electra I also think we are a lot alike. I have a whole lot more to say,but Its christmas so Ill just say as a NON MEMBER scacasm and fleppant remarks will not make me a member. I much prefare to be a member of a org. willing to work with each outher for the good of all. Have a nice day.
  13. :mad: Charley, you dont own that property, you only live there mantain it and pay rent in the form of taxes. We have a major local bike race in the aeria and draw thousends of partisapents and spectators. Every year they pass the same route and every year the owner of a house on the route gets cite-ed for some stupid sh*t like a broken window in his garrage. Its a LITTLE window for gosh sakes. I wish they would pass my house. I would build an outside priviy and stand it in the front yard the morning of the race and take it down the same night:D
  14. I used one for a number of years untill I built my garrage. I still have one I use for the wifes car. The ones I have used and I have had four are like the one pictured,cost about $200. As mentioned befor,wind and snow can be big problems. As I am on the forth one I think I am pretty much of an expert on the problems with these puppys. After lots of formentioned problems,heres how I do it. I drill and screw EVERY joint,I cut a hole in the exact center of the lid of 8 five gal. pails to center a pipe slightly larger than the tent poles. I filled all pails with cement and then inserted the tent
  15. SI I may have misunderstood your last comment,but just to be clear the judgeing schools I have attended for the last 8 years ALL recomend the chassis judge drop to one knee to judge the under carrage.Many of us carry a mouse pad ( Shoprats idea) for this purpose. You are right about the tires,they can be hard to see but I think most of us can recognize them or become suspicious and then a more carefull inspection is in order:D
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