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  1. AAahhhh, I stand corrected................I'll remember that for the spring meet this year I did have the one judge up at Hershey this year question my non-working dome light ( battery was disconnected ), even asked one of the other judges after I explained what was wrong and offered to reconnect battery to prove it worked. Kinda left me scratching my head after that one.
  2. As I always tell people "unless you barrel-roll your car into the parking spot you'll get your preservation". Although at the last few meets they've been point judging presrvation, which doesn't really make sense to me unless those doing the judging are new to AACA judging.
  3. I personally like the 'cuda in the background. Ahhh the good ol days
  4. I talked to owner of the 72 Charger at Hershey, the car started life as a 68 Dodge Charger R/T, he aquired the car in 71 as a totaled vehicle out of a junkyard. The track that he raced at payed more money if you raced a current model year car, so he changed the sheetmetal over to 71.He then updated for 72 ( not much changed) and said he stopped racing the car in 73 or 74. He was the nicest guy to talk to and seemed to really be enjoying himself, he said it was only his 2nd time at Hershey, 1st with the car.
  5. I know when I first started showing my 'cuda ( 2002), at the area for "model" it said in parenthesis: cp, conv, sdn. Back then they didn't seem to want exact model. I put my color down as Tor-Red only to have them change it to Red (car is orange). Changed the color to orange and finally tried to change it back to Tor-Red after seeing window cards with Spitfire Blue, etc.
  6. If the arguement for the class is a fit and finish issue compared to a Cadillac, then you're implying that VW was still building an product of poor fit and finish in 1986? 1987? I would think that a 59 Cadillac would have it harder against a small car. Larger 1/4 panels to have arrow straight, all that chrome plus all the accessories ( A/C, cruise, power everything..). If judges aren't allowed to judge a class of car they are familiar with then who is left to judge the class except people that don't understand the fit and finish issue? Wouldn't it be easier to educated the judges and then have the team captain remind his team when they approach one of the said cars at a meet? I started out showing in 27I until they expanded the muscle car class and I met a lot of great people that I would never met if I had been just with the MOPAR folk. That's the nice thing about the AACA, it's not a marque show.
  7. You're absolutely correct................that's not competitive but then you're comparing a dealerships labor rate against an independents and we all know the dealership will lose out every time. Our labor rate here is 85.00 an hour, 1 1/2 - 2 hours to install pads and rotors = 120 -170.00. What is the labor rate at the dealer you went to? Try comparing the prices for basic services like LOF, rotate, trans flush or even tires ( we're now competitive on tires) with the independents. Price out basic repair parts: shocks, struts, normal wear and tear items and see how close a dealer is in pricing. I know we'll never beat aftermarket 100% of the time but I think you'd be surprised how close the price difference is. We've called aftermarket when we don't have a part in stock and it's amazing how many times the factory part is cheaper or with in 10.00. As far as why the didn't cover labor..................that's above my pay grade
  8. Like mastertech, I also wrench at a Chrysler dealership. Dealerships have gotten very competitive in the last 10 years on pricing. Many times the factory parts are cheaper AND better then the aftermarket ones. It's just another untrue stereotype of dealerships that will never die.
  9. Technalon® / Evolution® I've personally used this cover on a 69 Road Runnere that sat outside 24/7/365 and never had any moisture issues. It would dry out very quickly, obviously depending on the weather. The car would stay realatively clean as well. The only issue I ever had was, as the cover aged ( I'm talking years )it would leave a white powder residue on the car, which always washed off and never affected the paint.
  10. I've used Covercraft for years and currently have my brother's Dart covered with one here at work. A good cover will let the car breathe and dry out after it rains/snows. The biggest hassle can be trying to keep it on when it gets windy.
  11. I'm not impressed with it. Never received my March issue and not sure if the new one will show up. Not that I missed it, more the fact that I paid for it. I know when my subscription runs out, in two years, I won't be renewing it. It's a shame since I thought Musclecar Enthusiast was one of the better mags out there.
  12. I don't own a "small car" so the new class doesn't effect me, but what I don't understand is if a VW Rabbit is considered a small car, how come a Chevette or Omni isn't? I mean early Omnis used VW drivetrains. Seems like they need to tweak the classifications?
  13. I subscribed to Mopar and Musclecar Enthusiast magazines and after flipping through the new issue, even I wasn't impressed!! I agree with Marty............can I get a refund?...I have almost a year left of both subcriptions. Unless they change something, I'm not looking forward to the next issue, which was something I always did!
  14. I subscribe to both Mopar and Musclecar Enthusiast. In fact I just renewed both, you'd think they woulda let subscribers know what was up before they renewed. If you go on their website, they're still offering subscriptions to all the titles. It'll be a shame to see all the titles merged, it's one of mags I look forward to getting every month.