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  1. Here is a possibility: https://www.meguiars.com/marine/products/m17-mirror-glaze-clear-plastic-cleaner-8-oz
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FUEL-PUMP-FILTER-FIT-KAWASAKI-VULCAN-1500-CLASSIC-VN1500D-VN1500E-1996-2004/272182767054?fits=Make%3AKawasaki&hash=item3f5f5b6dce:g:LzwAAOSwwpdW8a4y Factory set for 1.5 to 2 lbs. The link is an example.
  3. 1. Put in drive. 2. Hold down brake. 3. Step on gas and see if that changes anything.
  4. I have used it on splined pulleys on the output shaft of belt drive motorcycles with great success. These pulleys gave trouble with fretting/wear/rust on many makes until this product was used. It is the correct product for the application.
  5. https://www.carid.com/chelsea/anti-fret-compound-mpn-379688.html or http://www.skf.com/ca/en/products/maintenance-products/mechanical-tools-for-mounting-and-dismounting/mechanical-tool-accessories/anti-fretting-agent/index.html
  6. I had a Jeep with factory mags and had the same problem as you. As someone else said, I had to drill out the offending lug nut studs in order to remove the wheels with no damage. It is a gut-busting job as those studs are hard.
  7. Many times you can hear this problem when cranking with the starter. It will have a different lope/cadence/crank faster than it did before.
  8. The RV industry, today, is where the auto industry was in the 70's.
  9. This was not so much a quality issue , but??? When I was in high school, a friend of mine ordered a new 1967 Chevelle. It was a 2 door post, no options except automatic, the medium metallic blue that seemed to fade after about a month. 250 emblems on the fender. He did not give 2 hoots about cars. They were used to get from point A to B and that is all. Of course, we did not pay any attention to it either. One day, we were in the school parking lot at noon and he was commenting on how much power his six cylinder seems to have, and we all laughed. "OK, Bill, lets see the rocket ship that is under the hood". Lifted the hood, and our eyes popped...there was sitting a 275 horse 327. How could this happen?
  10. sfair

    vacuum leak

    You set the spritzer to spray bubbles and watch for them to get sucked in. Very easy to spot.
  11. sfair

    vacuum leak

    Want to save the mess? A little dish soap mixed with water in a spritz bottle, spray around the suspect areas and watch for the bubbles to disappear.
  12. GMC - Excellent design and execution. Vixen - Design OK, execution/quality terrible Mr P, you probably did the dance of joy when you unloaded that unit!
  13. http://www.sunnen.com/NewsDetails.aspx?NewsID=11
  14. What killed the Vega was not the engine, (well, maybe a little bit) but the Datsun 510!
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