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  1. Hell I understood everything you said in you listing. the whole idea is to communicate. Good luck. Alan
  2. Looking to buy a robe rail for my 1927 314 5P Cadillac. I have only part of it. The part that screws to the seat. But would like to buy the whole thing. Thanks Alan
  3. Thanks guysssss Now I have to make up my mind to what to do. thanks again. Alan
  4. I was thinking there might a plastic replacement for the cork. But if I have to use the cork I will. Thanks for all your help. Alan
  5. I am getting ready to put the clean and sealed gas tank back in my 27 Cadillac. I want to replace the cork float in the sending unit. I have checked at Napa and other car stores. They look at you like what in the hell are you talking about. I even looked at Catalogs. I just can not find were to pick up a float. I have seen plastic ones. It is a retangle. 4-3-11/2 . Any ideas. I don't even know what the plastic float materal is called. I even googles . Nothing. thanks.
  6. I got my 1927 cadillac 314A in august. The guys that had it had removed the oil filter.. I have no idea which one it uses. I know that the early ones which this is. I know they used a long like filled pillow like thing that was stuffed in the filter canister. I was told there is a filter that fits. But no one know which one fits... <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  7. Need help finding out what filter is needed in my 27 cadillac 314A. When I got the car home form the machenic that was getting the car ready for sale . I noticed the oil filter was not in the car. I called him. He said there was none in the filter holder. It seem no one knows which one goes in the car. I have asked several.. Just want to do the right thing.
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