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  1. Hey guys.... sorry for the rant...but I enjoyed the comments and today is a new day. The biggest disappointment was not being able to make it up for the MAP meet in Fredrick with the car. But its still early in the season and hopefully she will be out of the shop by late May. I'm just itching because the weather is starting to break. Thanks again Don
  2. hey guys....not looking for pitty, just need to rant.... about 2 months ago my 120 stranded me on Main street and didn't want to start. I had it towed into my local mechanic who is very helpfull. He noticed the fuel filter was clogged up, so while he was at it, he noticed the carb had a bunch of gunk in it. We decided that since it was early Feb, lets rebuild the carb. With no markings on the Carb, I hunted and hunted to find the correct rebuild kit. After 4 kits, we got it. At the same time, my gas gauge wasn't working...so since the car was in the shop, we decided to put in a new sending unit. Once again, after looking and looking I found one, so once again life is good. Upon removal of the tank we realized that the tank had probably been restored before and looking into it, you could see all the old material peeling off of the inside of the tank. My mechanic said, we should get another tank. So....back to hunting...I found one that was "good used" and had it shipped out.....needless to say, it was in worse shape than the one I have. Now I am trying to find someone that can restore my old gas tank. I feel like a mouse on a wheel. Nothing seems to be going right for me on this project. And...on top of all of that, we are now going to miss our first Packard meet on the first weekend of May because of this tank debocle. Besides drinking heavily, any words of advice when the frustration factor is about to make you insane? Sorry to cry, and I know 70 year old cars come with 70 year old problems, I am just ready to stop the bleeding!!!
  3. On the 37' 120, I thought that was a positive ground car. Is that correct? (my mechanic said he thought the battery was hooked up backwards)
  4. Hey guys....been off the site for a week or so... First off, she is a great girl...I am very lucky, no doubt. And looking forward to many of you meeting her one day. We will be doing several meets here on the East Coast, as well as bringing the 120 to the Dream Cruize. I WILL BE trailering the Packard to the Plant to get a few pics of it in front of its Home, as well as taking it over to the Proving Grounds to take a few more shots during the weekend of the Cruize. I wish we could make it the weekend before Memorial Day but I have my daughter that weekend and won't be able to fly up for it. But we will be there over the Memorial Day weekend and will be making another visit to the Plant. If anyone is up for it, PM me or put a post on here and we can work out the details. It may be cool to make a run over to the Proving Grounds as well, but thats up to the individuals. Love to have you join us Mr Pushbutton if you care to. I am thinking sometime during the day on Saturday. That way no one has to take time off of work etc... Looking forward to another return trip to the Motor City.... Don
  5. Well....I am not someone to grab tiles off the bathroom wall and sell them on E-bay. Frankly, I really had no need for the cart. When the day comes that the Plant is Demo'd they are not going to spend anytime removing anything...it will all be destroyed and end up at the bottom of the pile. I thought it may be of some interest to someone, and I can certainly say that it is in a better place now than it was in that Plant. For all I care, I would love to for the guys out at Utica, (the Packard Foundation), to have it if they like. I would even say that it would be a great idea, before the Plant is Demo'd to have a group go out one more time and try to salvage anything we can for the Packard Museum or Foundation. As we all know, the place has been looted so bad that there is (almost) nothing there that is Packard related. I was grateful on our first trip to grab one of the Belgian Blocks, and the last thing I wanted to see was that cart being sent to the bottom of a Dumpsite. Many of us look at that Plant, as well as many of the other Plants that are considered ruins of Detroit as eye sores, and completely worthless. Which in all reality may be the case. But I guess I like to remember the fact that for 50 years, that place experienced much heyday, heartache, joy, tears, death and life to many generations.....and those experiences (for me) still live in the whats left of that Plant. One cannot walk around that place very long without asking themselves, "what was it like then?" I hope I am not sounding like I am on a soapbox, but I remember years ago, when first messing around with old cars, someone saying to me. "We don't own our cars, we are custodians. Only caretakers for the next guy to carry on with." I think this applies to whether or not we own a Packard or not. We are the trusties to those that follow us to pass down the stories, and knowledge that is given to us. We will be the ones that drive our grand Children down East Grand Blvd saying, "....and the Packard Plant was here, before it was demolished, it extended almost a full mile long and even crossed over this street...." Respectfully... Don
  6. Looking at another trip back to the Plant during the Memorial Day weekend....Albert had a good suggestion. I will find out more when I talk with the boss, but we are planning on flying in on Friday night and leaving sometime on Monday. I will start a new thread when we have more details. I would really like to get into the basement of that place. Woohoo, Packard Plant Field Trip!
  7. here's a link where I was able to put together a quick slideshow...I will find another place where I can post up the still photographs in large format. http://img107.imageshack.us/slideshow/player.php?id=img107/8519/1174920608eu4.smil
  8. Hey everyone... I am still trying to find a host for all the images. It looks like my office computer is not compatable, so I am going to have to get them up one night this week. We flew in on Friday, and went by for a quick visit during the day. We meet some guys who were cutting out scrap metal for $125.00 a ton. They were down by the old car that was abandoned, behind the gates where the guards used to be. There are no guards now. Anyway, my fiance' and I ended up walking about 1/2 the plant with them. They showed us the old line, and a few other interesting things to see. (A Volkswagen in a stairwell landing) and other out of the way spots. It made my fiance' a little nervious walking around with them, but they were cool. We ended up going off towards the executive offices and they went back to gathering scrap iron. You will see pictures of them when I post the link. As I said there were no guards and the day was cold. We only encounter the two guys there right when we pulled in. Scary? Not really. But I wouldn't do it alone, or at night. I think the weather helped us with not running into anyone. No homeless people...(its wide open in there and no heat at all)...Come summertime I would think that would change. After taking the pictures on Friday, we decided to go back to the Plant to get that cart. I took a guy along this time, and my fiance' stayed back and painted fingernails...lol The two of us went into the Plant around 10am on Saturday morning and grabbed that cart. It was on the second floor and had to brought down a stairwell because the ramps that lead to the ground floor were really far away from where we parked. We brought it down the stairs with no problems, there was no fear, no one around, and no worries. Going back, I would still go with someone, bring a big flashlight, and keep my eyes and ears open. I would probably be a little more carefull when going in during the summer. We never made it into the basement, but I think I would do it if I had a group of people with good lighting. Look for the link soon...sorry for the delay, the weekend was hectic... Don Here's a shot from inside the main entrance off of East Grand. If you look closely, there is a bumpersticker on the desk that is shoved up against the front door. It reads, "Mayor Young, Power for Tomorrow".. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  9. My fiance' and I just got back from Detroit last weekend. We found this in the Packard Plant. After an explanation regarding the Belgin Blocks used as flooring, I had thought this may be a cart that transported supplies around the building/to the line. I was told by an individual that it may have been called a "Returnables Kart"...any help in identifying it would be great. I have about 75 pictures from the Plant. I will put a link up for anyone that is interested in the next few days. Don
  10. 37Packard120

    Summer of 56

    The History of what happened to Packard has intrigued me greatly. I just finished the book, "The Fall of the Packard Motor Car Co" and am now in Kimes Book. Next on the list is Turnquist's Book. I am new and have a question. From what I have read it always seemed Nance delivered a message to the public, the press, and the sales people that Packard was strong...almost like there were no worries. And I remember reading that it seemed that anything that was happening to the Company that was "bad" was delt with in confidential notes, etc. My perception, by what little I have read, is that the workers nor the public realized how bad off Packard was until the bitter end. I remember reading that there were reductions in Plant operations for various reasons, (supplies, metal, etc)...but it seemed like the entire time, Nance kept a smile on his face and portrayed the image that everything was alright. Is my perception correct? (I am just trying to learn more) Don
  11. Wanted to see if anyone had some pointers as to freeing up the front seat adjuster on my 37 120. I am trying to do it without disassembing the entire mechanism. Its frozen in the lower position on the side of the seat. Also, after taking the seat out, I can't move any of the mechanism that is attached to the floor. Thanks again in advance.. Don
  12. hey everyone... Just got some new rubber pads for the 120, (mine were missing) and I wanted to ask, what is the best way to fasten these to the Hood Corners. I realized my JC Whiteny pop-rivits might not look quite right.
  13. Well...I personally like to help out the guys that help us out. Being new to Packards, and from previous experience with other cars, some of the simpilest problems can become disasters if not solved properly....I am sure we have all experienced the situation where we go to fix a $5.00 part, only to end up breaking a $500.00 part when trying to get at it. Flackmaster has been more than helpful with me and my 120, answering many questions that I have had regarding my car, even where there is not a part needed. If he didn't have the part, he directed me to someone that knew what they were talking about and had the correct item. That kind of relationship keeps the frustration factor low, and for me, I bought my Packard to enjoy, not to get frustrated with. So I will start with keeping the posts here positive, and the Flackmaster is one that should get credit where credit is due. He's a good guy and I will be doing business with him in the future.
  14. I'm not selling it, nor do I know who is, but I ran across it on e-bay... gives me a better appreciation of the later models... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Packard-C...098084763QQrdZ1
  15. After reading this post, I had to post another comment. I just made a purchase from one of the vendors that frequent this site, and the story was very similar. I had expected to pay big bucks for what I was looking for. After I was told how much he wanted for it, I replied with something like "thats not enough" and was going to send him more than what he was asking. (Because it was way worth it for me and he has been very helpful!!) The reply I got basically said, if I sent him the higher amount, he would send me back my check and not get the part. Needless to say, I was taken back by the reply, and we are very fortunate to have guys like this on this forum. Thanks AACA, Vendors that are cool, and all the guys here that are more than willing to help out us new guys... Don
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