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  1. Tom Hannaford at Then and Now Auto in MA has them in bronze...bought one a few years ago for my '29U.
  2. Looking for roadster top saddles and rests (?) for my '29 Plymouth U Roadster. If anyone has or knows of any, please let me know. Ted (904) 415-3496
  3. racertb

    Painted wood wheels

    Thanks...like it came from the factory.
  4. racertb

    1930 Roadster

    I apologize...I was looking at the motor that Keiser31 posted...it does look like a '29 motor along with the thin radiator shell. Maybe a '30U? I have a '29 Roadster as well. Ted
  5. Thanks, I'll get some photos posted as soon as I am able to.
  6. I inquired there and POC as well. I'm sure someone with a car similar to mine belongs to the AACA, especially here in the Plymouth section.
  7. I guess no owners out there or no one knows what's correct?
  8. racertb

    GREASE !!

    Perfect for white walls too!
  9. All: I recently acquired a P20 Special Deluxe Club Coupe and would like to get everything correct under the hood, from correct heater hose clamps, wire routing, etc., etc. If you own one and it's a good representation, I'd love to see some photos. The more the merrier. Thanks in advance... Ted
  10. Does this car have a water pump? I don't know (which is why I'm asking) but my '29 Plymouth (thermo-siphon) had an overheating problem and it was due to lack of water. Don't get me wrong, the radiator was full, but I went with a 70% water to 30% coolant ratio and that fixed it. I've read that these old systems need more water to operate properly. Again, this is on a thermo-siphon system.
  11. A Model TT/A big truck puller might work. I bought one from a Model A site (Snyder's?) for my '29 Plymouth...looks similar to photo above.
  12. The restored one must be a very early '30 without the water pump and rag joints, which is like my '29. I have a spare '30 motor without the water pump.