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  1. I have a 1928 Essex Super-Six. The #6 piston rod babbitting just disinagrated again, for lack of oil. (it did it 2 years ago, same one) OK, I have kept the oil level up to top of dip stick (both times). I poured oil in the splash trough before remounting oil pan. The engine is not tilted forward to make oil run out of trough. All 5 other troughs had lots of oil in when I lowered the oil pan. (#6 had some, but not much) Doesn't seem to be any holes in that trough. All 5 other rods seem to be in fine shape. So, what do I do to fix? (Please do not advise selling the car) Maybe adding a couple of extra quarts of oil? Help! Larry
  2. Ok, thanks Keiser31, I'll give it a shot
  3. So, does it have any value, or is it something to hang on the garage wall?
  4. If so, what make of car would it have been used for? It seems fairly old, what year would this been made? Looks to screw into a Radiator Cap.
  5. Yes, it seems to be a plastic coated kind of thing. Although the hub cap does weigh a couple of pounds. From the 70's or 80's?
  6. Can you tell me what make/year this is from?
  7. So, are you saying , that no one will enforce these rules? I would REALLY like to bring my bicycle, I'm old, my knees are still real but not working so well at distance walking. Almost did last year, but read the fine print. No bicycles. So I didn't. I dodged quite a few bikes as I grumbled to myself that I should have brought mine. Have Security stop ALL bicycles & put Padlock on them. Rather have a few hundred unhappy that they broke the rules, than a few thousand unhappy that rules weren't enforced. Just saying.......
  8. Some of the numbers on it (Best I can tell) 8688862 GM, 681814, GM 24 $75 OBO - pick-up Medina, Ohio or can deliver to Hershey.
  9. This fender is in decent condition For sale, $135 OBO -Pick-up Medina, Ohio or can deliver to Hershey ChaplainLar
  10. I have a flea market space (pre-registered) for 2012. I want 2 spaces. How do I go about getting a second space? (My Hemmings for June has already been opened up, and any paperwork inside is gone) I contacted AACA Hershey and never received an answer. What is the next step?
  11. There is a 1915 Baby Grand listed on Ebay right now.....
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