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  1. I spent the morning looking for parts that are needed for the FOR. I needed to find the transmission I will be using and I also needed to find a usable ball from a shift lever. I need the gear shift lever, the emergency brake lever, the PTO lever and the HI-LO range lever machined with threads for the knobs. My machine shop guy is retiring and I hope to get to him before he sells all his equipment. I hope I'm not to late! Does anyone know what the ball will be used for on the emergency lever?
  2. Wow Roger, you have that Caddy tore down to the bare bones! Good work!
  3. I did some more work on the dash for the FOR today. Got it sanded and test fit it on the body, it fit with a little massaging. Also did a little more sanding on the steering column support. Making progress one part at a time!
  4. Today was a nice day with highs in the 60's, even had the garage door open trying to dry things out from the rains yesterday. I did more work today on the dash panel. I stripped off the old paint, dollied some of the rough areas and put a thin layer of filler on it. Should be ready for primer soon.
  5. Just a little welding today on the dash panel for the hand throttle and headlight switch hole.
  6. I did a little work on the dash panel today. Someone had made the ignition switch hole bigger so I welded it up and got it to the right size. I still need to weld the hand throttle slot to the right size.
  7. Well, as usual, I couldn't wait for help. With a jack and me the engine and bell housing with clutch/pressure plate is on the floor! About 200 pounds of pure power! Now to clean it up and paint it and then install it in the FOR chassis.
  8. It has warmed up quite a bit around here, in the 50's. I'll take it!!! I decided since the weather is warmer to go into the unheated area of the garage and pull the engine on the donor car. I bought the car from a Crosley Club member and the engine didn't run, I pulled it and put another engine in it and used the car at the national meet one year, less important things like windshield and accessories! Took it on several runs while at the meet, was quite exciting with the wind rushing through my teeth... The engine ran well so I decided that I will put it in the FOR because I know nothing about the engine that came in the FOR. Anyhow, it turns out that the car was titled from the engine number and I was told by the member that the engine was rebuilt???? I still have that engine and I will go over it before I reinstall it back in the convertible donor car. I started this afternoon around 1:30 buy cleaning off the hood area, as you can see, anything with a somewhat flat surface will get stuff piled on it. By 2:15 the engine is ready to be pulled with the exception of 3 bolts(one on transmission and two for the motor mounts and the clutch linkage. Will try and get some help to lift it out soon. Anyone want to help, no engine lifting hoist needed...
  9. Weathermen called for a light dusting of snow today and we got about 2". The temperature is finally going up though, was about 15 degrees at lunch. Got a coat of cast paint on the top side of the transfer case today and it is now ready to install when I get to that point. I also worked on the two brackets and driveshaft for the transfer case today. For the FOR guys, is there a gasket between the transmission and the bracket and the bracket and the transfer case? I am thinking maybe a paper one? Also, does anyone know what the u-joint number is? There is a little wear on mine and now would be a good time to change them!
  10. Looking good. Keep at it and we both will be driving our fresh restorations when the weather warms up!
  11. It was cold here this am, -6 degrees when I got here. I got the garage warmed up and got some cast paint and sprayed the bottom side of the transfer case today. will wait and flip it over later and paint the top side. Looks pretty good for something you won't see.
  12. It is officially a single digit outside!!! 1 degree above zero and expected to get colder... I did a little more cleaning on the transfer case for the FOR this afternoon. Gave it a bath in gasoline. A little wipe down and it will be ready for paint now. I am thinking I will paint it cast color. Stay warm!!!!
  13. Do you have a front bumper cover for a 1990 Thunderbird with cornering lights? Let me know. Thanks, Dale
  14. With the temperatures below freezing, painting is on hold. Today I worked on the transfer case. I wire brushed it and removed the bad rubber mount and bracket. It is looking pretty good now. Not sure whether I will paint it black or cast... It doesn't look like it had any paint on it originally. I will have to make two shifter shafts for it. One for the Hi - Lo shifter and one for the PTO. Although the PTO is missing the in-out gear. Will put a call in to my brother in law to have him take his shifters off his FOR. In case you are wondering the Hi range is 1:1 and Low range is 4:1.
  15. Just a small update today. I welded in the two unwanted holes on the steering column support and put a little filler on to smooth them up. Still looking for a local paint shop to Mix Dupont.
  16. I was trying to get paint mixed up and can't find anyone near me that mixes Dupont anymore. I have the paint mix for Dupont. Might have to find something close, 1978 International Harvester, Woodbine green. I was cleaning the back side of the dash and it looks pretty good, almost nice enough to leave original. Will have to do some more cleaning and decide...
  17. Roger and Jim, The only problem with the Jeep was Ice! Well it was more like ice in the transmission. As you can see from some of the pictures I have shown of the Jeep in the past it was/is very rusty and the roof, doors, windshield areas leak, and we had plenty of rain last year. I can only guess the transmission ingested a cup or so of water through the shifter and when the temperatures turned cold it froze and locked up the transmission. A drain and refill with fresh fluid and all is well till it fills with water again, which I hope it doesn't.
  18. Here we go again! From what I read, he is going to use a CONVERTER to switch power to 12V and thinking of using a lawn and garden batter to keep the voltage stable for a few modern accessories. He is not converting the car to 12V. I would think the biggest problem would be to keep everything isolated from ground that will be 12V as your car has positive ground.
  19. I am still sanding on the FOR... It is looking really good. A few spots will need some attention and then it will be ready for color. I hope to flip the body over in the next few days. I will have to modify the cart, but I have figured out what needs done already. I did have a scare on my 1956 Jeep plow truck. I went to move it in the garage last Friday as they were calling for snow. It started but would not move! Even in neutral it would stall the engine when I let the clutch out. The shifter wasn't moving as it should but it did move and I was sure it was in neutral while letting the clutch out. After messing around for awhile it went into first gear and moved and I put it in the garage. Does anyone have an idea of what was wrong?
  20. Roger, I have been with this build from day one! It has been an amazing ride! You are quite the craftsman and have done what most people only dream of. From the day you started this build with the tires it has been very exciting to see how you made each part and how detailed you were in recreating the Mark II, and your problem solving has been amazing. I know you have had many sleepless nights designing in your head what were the next parts to make and how you would go about doing them. Quite an amazing feat! Again, WONDERFUL JOB! And thanks for bringing us along to view. Maybe this summer we could meet as my daughter and son-in-law are in Bern now on a 1 year job assignment and we may travel there to visit them. Where in Switzerland are you? Dale
  21. Day one of sanding is done, about half of the outer skin has been sanded. Doesn't look much different than the pictures from the other day. It is looking pretty good though. A few spots will need a little primer.
  22. I was able to apply another coat of high build primer today. It is looking really good now. I hope this is the last of the primer and the next coat will be color, but only sanding will tell. This is the part of body work that I hate, sanding and sanding and sanding some more, till it is smooth as silk. And if you stand back 5' you can't see any difference.
  23. I am still looking for the "finished restored 1929 Model A"?
  24. And a new year is here, but the sanding continues... Hoping to get another coat of primer on the repaired areas by the weekend.