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  1. Today I finished up with the engine rebuilds. Four engines now are ready to go. One COBRA engine and three CIBA's. All the oil spills are cleaned up also and now on to the next project. I hope to get the windshield for the FOR next week.
  2. My shop looks like a Crosley engine factory. I now have 6 + engines that I either have running and ready to paint, or tore down for repairs, or totally junk. In getting some of my spare engines running I have found one crankcase with strapped mains, which is highly desirable. I also have found 2 cast steel crankshafts, more desirable parts. I hope within the next few days to have the strapped main engine up and running. I still have a few engines in the back room that might run without much work.
  3. Yes, I just grab an engine and carry it if I am feeling strong that day, other days I drag it. The complete engine with accessories weighs 156 pounds according to the manual. My back says I shouldn't be lifting that much weight 😅😫😬.
  4. More Crosley engine work yesterday and today. Since I got the convertible engine running and ready I decided to get another engine from my stash of engines. It had some stuck rings. Tore it apart and freed up the rings and put it back together. It now runs and has good compression. With that engine running I drug out another engine, a tin block Cobra. With a little work it was running and sounds good. Compression is good also. So now I have engines ready for the 1950 convertible, the 1951 sedan delivery, and the 1946 sedan, cow car, ( Cobra). Today I drug another engine out and it was locked up, pulled the pan and it is rusted up too bad, junk! So drug another engine out and it has low compression in cylinders 2 and 3. It will need tore down to see what is wrong with the exhaust valves in those two cylinders. Lots of engine work. I could probably build up 6-7 more engines with spare parts laying around.
  5. I got some paint on the engine for the convertible today. It will not be a show car so detail is not as important on this engine. Once I get it painted I will make a stand for it till I am ready to install it in the car.
  6. Are you sure there isn't a pin going through the handle? I recall on my 41 Olds that it had a pin that goes through the base of the handle and the escussion and coil spring keeps it in place?
  7. All of the stainless wire covers are now on the Hupmobile. Not much change, but it is those little things that makes it look better.
  8. Trace the wire coming out of the switch. If you have turn signals the bulbs are good (unless they are using different bulbs). I bet the wire is broke somewhere between the switch and the turn signal switch.
  9. Funny thing on the hood latch in the before picture. A friend of mine picked the car up in South Carolina and put it in the back of his pickup truck to bring it to PA. He had nice weather from SC to PA, but it was late on a Wednesday evening when he got here and it was to rain over night and he was going to deliver it to me in the morning. He had the "hood" in the back seat of his truck as he didn't want to loose it while traveling. I asked him why he didn't just put a strap on it to hold it on and he said he didn't want to damage the paint! I got the hood out and ratchet strapped it down.
  10. While I wait on the windshield for the FOR, I can get some work done on the Hupmobile. At Hershey 2018 I bought some stainless wire cover for the parking lights and headlights and now I have a chance to get them in. One done, three to go. Looks much better than the rubber hose that was there before. I also carried out the correct engine for the 1950 Crosley Convertible that was in the car when I got it, but the compression was super low on all cylinders. When I pulled it and put it on the shelf I loaded the cylinders with oil and kerosene. Well it must have helped as now the compression is up and it actually runs and sounds good. Now to clean it up and paint it. Pictures show it after a few applications of stripper and cleaning.
  11. Primered the windshield frame for the FOR this morning. Will need a little sanding and then paint.
  12. It now has a front bumper. Now on to the windshield frame, priming, painting and installing.
  13. I got three starts out of a new starter for my 73 MG Midget. Replaced it and got about 40 starts out of the next starter. On the third on and still starting, fingers crossed... Replaced the water pump on my 90 Tbird and got 200 miles on it, second one I got 1000 miles on it. On the third on and so far so good, about 2000 miles so far.
  14. That is "Cool"! If I didn't have so many vehicles I would buy it!!!! Good luck on the sale!
  15. Are the two dead cylinders side by side? Possible that the head gasket is leaking between the two?
  16. All the holes drilled and tapped in the windshield frame and brackets, on to primer and paint!
  17. One primered bumper. Sanding will be in order for tomorrow.
  18. That is your gift for the 3D printing project that was attempted.
  19. This spring after a car show at a local church. Got a Peoples Choice award and don't know how!
  20. Putting in some overtime on the windshield frame tonight. I brought all the pieces home so I could use my drill press. I got all the holes drilled and ready except the ones for the pivot point on the cast iron parts, as I need to find the right size bit for the tap. For those two hole I drilled pilot holes. I have a template for the glass so someday I will take it to my local glass man and get a windshield cut.
  21. Now that the FOR is running and moving I started working on the windshield frame. Cleaning filling and cutting one new piece. It is ready to have a few holes drilled and then primered. Bumper is about ready for another coat of primer. A few more pictures of the seat for Jim. Looks like the ends of the grab bar on the seat bottom frame.
  22. At 4:30 EST on 11/6/19 the FOR moved for the first time in many years under it own power!!! Was a short loop around the parking lot but it goes in both forward and reverse in hi and lo range! It still needs a little tuning, but it runs and moves!