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  1. Just a heart felt "Thank You to the Hershey Region" and all the volenteers for all their hard work to put on the biggest and best swap meet and show in the world!!!!! With all the hardships they had this year with the hurricane and rain they did an outstanding job! Hershey is a huge undertaking and Hershey Region must be commended on a job well done.
  2. I was hit by a golf cart this year. I think the son was driving and the dad was telling the son to look out for me and the son kept coming. He hit me in the back of the leg, not hard but enough to notice. There was no "I'm Sorry, Are you OK?" nothing, he just kept on going. He is lucky I was not feeling well or he may have been hurting too. I feel that all motorized carts and bikes should look out for the pedestrians, not the other way around. Maybe the golf carts and motorized carts need to have a governor on them to keep the speeds down???
  3. Call it a Station wagon or a SUV!!!
  4. One vehicle I don't think should be in the new class is the Volkswagon. To me they are not mini cars, they are normal size, like Chevettes, corvairs, pintos, etc. Heck with the newer cars today most of them will fit into this class in the future... Maybe there needs to be a wheel base, track width, engine size formula. Just my opinion. Dale
  5. I have an Air Cleaner that I need identified. I was told when I bought it that it was for a Ford flathead, but it doesn't fit the carb I have. It also doesn't look like any flathead Air cleaner that I have seen. Carb throat is 2 1/4", overall diameter is 9", and height is 7". I see no numbers or markings on it. The only thing I do see is a possible stamping on the lid which is very small print and not legible. I think it might be aftermarket?? What is it worth? I would like to sell it at Hershey.
  6. Is there any interest in this at all? Is the price too high???
  7. What are you asking for the car???
  8. Crosley's didn't come with two taillights til 1949.
  9. I have a Echlin parts display cabinet and was wondering if anyone is interested in it? It is about 6' tall and 3' wide and 8" deep at base. It is in pretty good shape considering its age, the bottom has some surface rust. I will take it to Hershey if someone wants it. I was thinking somewhere around $150.00 for the Cabinet. Offers gladly considered. Near Pitts. PA email me at kimndale97@gmail or pm me.
  10. AACA member here, too. There has to be more AACA CAC members out there. Haven't shown any of them at AACA events.
  11. Original poster is the seller of the vehicle. A rare peice...
  12. Lots of good cars on there, Dave(and some bad ones). I voted for a little red one!!!! Good Luck
  13. Honesty is the best policy! I would get reciepts for the brake work and send it in with that. It is old and failed brakes could make it junk.
  14. Wen I trailer my big heavy Crosleys I strap them at the corners in the front and cross the back straps. The front straps are only 2' long and the backs are the rachet type. Of course most Crosley guys thing the straps I use are overkill but better safe than sorry.
  15. Are you sure the cam is in time? Also the carb may need some adjustments air/fuel. Just a thought or two. I had a car that started and idled perfect but wouldn't make it on the trailer or up the driveway and made some adjustments to the carb and now runs great! Good Luck
  16. I got the same thing for a wanted ad for a Crosley hood ornament that I had posted 2 weeks ago. About 1 week later I was ready to send him a couple pics of the item I needed and then I got another email from London with the same message exactly with a different name and address in the email. SCAM!!!!!!!
  17. Thank you for the advice. The problem is solved, thank you Hershey Region!
  18. Sue, the problem is the deadline was friday. I think with all the snow the mailman didn't stop at my place. Will they still accept it if I mail it in tomorrow?
  19. Hello, I put my preregistration in my mailbox on Friday Feb.12 and today I found it still in my mailbox what should I do? Can someone from Hershey please let me know? Thanks Dale
  20. That would be cool to own that!!!!
  21. Totally awesome!!!!! Even real Snow!!! Very talented.
  22. The Hudson sold for $50,000.00 at Auction!
  23. Awwww I missed it, Was going to bid $2 million for it!?@ Well maybe next time... LOL
  24. Listing gone! Most have been a mistake... LOL