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  1. More goodies in the mail today from another Crosley parts supplier. It is so nice to have several good parts suppliers for the Crosley. Todays package has a pitman arm, which is Hotshot specific, two lower front shock mounts, and 3 brake shoe adjusting cams. Now I can get the brakes and shocks done, I hope. :cool:
  2. Crosley steering sector shaft does not have any wide splines, pitman are can go on anywhere. It is a Ross steering box.
  3. 2X Muffler shop. If they have a pipe bender/expander they can expand that with a larger ball without a problem.
  4. Work is continuing slowly on the Hotshot. I placed and order with a Crosley vender and on Friday the mailman brought me the goodies. I ordered a new master cylinder, 4 wheel cylinders, and 2 banjo fittings and bolts for the rear wheel cylinders. Now the brakes can be completed on the chassis. One reason I took on this project in the first place was that I had another Hotshot to compare to. Well in doing the brakes I had to do some more comparison. I installed the brake and clutch assembly and noticed that it wasn't parallel with the chassis and also the brake rod didn't line up with the m
  5. Yes, I noticed the door handle on the 50 Plymouth, only the drivers side is on the front...
  6. Also need a pitman arm for the same car. Buying Crosley stuff in general too. Let me know what you have.
  7. Last week I hooked up a coil and put plugs, wires, cap and rotor on the engine and cranked it over for the first time in years. Then poured a little gas in the carburetor and it fired up for a moment or two. I just wanted to make sure it will fire once the body is back on as it is much easier to work on without the body. Then some repairs were made to the front inner fender on the drivers side. Also a small patch was made for the passenger side fender at the trailing edge. Enjoy the pictures, and let me know what you think so far. I have the shocks for the chassis and will be installing
  8. I am looking for a windshield frame for a 1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot/Supersports. Any and all frame parts needed. PM me.
  9. I hope everyone's holiday season was good. Now that the Jolly old elf is gone and things are getting back to normal the last few days have been spent cleaning up the intake and exhaust manifolds. They were media blasted and then powder coated with clear on the intake manifold and hi temp stainless steel on the exhaust manifold. The carb was reinstalled and now the intake and exhaust are waiting installation on the motor. I want to try and fire up the engine in the next couple of weeks just to make sure everything is in order.
  10. Jim, If the crankcase is original to the block, which it probably is, it is 103027 which makes it an early block.
  11. Some progress to report on the 1950 Hotshot. The drive line is starting to take shape as the transmission was put in last week and the engine was cleaned up and painted and then installed in the frame for the first time in many years. Jim B., note the position of the "CROSLEY" script on the block. The rear coil springs have been installed and waiting now for the shocks all the way around. Chassis is starting to look like something! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything that you wanted. Peace on Earth and Good will to all!!!!! God Bless, D
  12. Some progress to report today. The first picture is of a number stamped into the frame. Last Friday the frame was painted and is hanging in the shop. It is not perfect, but I don't expect this car to ever be a 400 point car considering what I started with. While it was drying, I worked under the body stripping undercoating. Three inner fenders done one to go. Also got the lower section of the firewall stripped of undercoating. Some spots will need some metal replaced, yet others still wear the original light green paint that was put on at the Crosley factory. What do you think?
  13. Made the body cart and the body is now sitting on its cart. The frame is getting ready for paint and the front is hung from a beam. It has been wire brushed and ground as smooth as it is going to get. Maybe by the weekend I will have it in black paint and be able to start assembly of the chassis? In looking it over as it hangs from the beam I look and see that the spring with more leaves is on the passenger side, darn. I knew that the spring with more leaves goes on the drivers side but for some reason it was put on the wrong side. So the whole front suspension had to be removed and the
  14. Work is progressing on the chassis. It is in remarkably good condition, having been cleaned and painted at some point in its life. There are a few studs that the threads are rusted away and need replace so today I worked at removing them. The 4 front bumper bracket studs were first to go and then the 4 gas tank mounting studs were removed, now waiting for new ones. The front axle was installed after finding out which way the shim goes... If it is not right it is not too hard to change when everything is back together. I checked my 1949 Hotshot and 1952 Supersports and they are both in wi
  15. I got your PM, Jim. Thanks for the information. On the wedge, my 49 Hotshot it is in the back, hummmm, will have to look at the Supersports...
  16. Jim, I sent you a PM. I think this car was originally a drum car as the rear axle is drum and it is specific to VC's with the spring mounts and no radius rods. The front axle was definitely changed at some time just to make it a roller. But who knows if anything was original to the chassis??? I do have one question for you Jim. On the front axle, the bow in the middle goes to the front right (opposite of the CC and CD)? The tie rod ends still mount behind the axle, right? And the shims that go between the axle and springs have the thicker area towards the front or rear? Well I guess th
  17. Today the body was lifted off the chassis. It came off without a hitch and is now hanging in the shop awaiting more repairs on the underside of the body. There needs to be final welds made on the new metal that was put in but couldn't be welded until the body was removed from the chassis. Then bodywork can be started. The chassis work started today. The frame had been cleaned and painted at some point prior to my purchase so it is not in too bad of shape. I wire brushed as much as I could and it is looking pretty good. The front axle had been replaced at some time prior to my purchase wi
  18. We have lift-off of the body! Today at 3:30 I started to lift the body from the frame with a jack. No real noticeable flex of the body as I lifted the back. Then I moved to the front, lifting it off the frame. It now has a 4" lift kit! Now to get some straps and lift it the rest of the way off. What do you think???
  19. The side panel braces were installed today. I didn't have the correct ones for the car, they were formed rib supports that were about 2 1/2" wide and the rib was about 1" across and 1/2" high, so I had to find something suitable for the job. I came up with 1/2" square tubing that was cut to length and put in place. I marked where they should go then removed them and drilled holes every 6" in the side panel so that I could weld them on. Then I clamped them in place and welded them on. They have stiffened the sides up considerably. It is now ready to remove the body!
  20. Jim, I will say that having another hotshot to compare things to has helped me a lot. Without the finished Hotshot, getting dimensions for floor panels, side panels and all those missing brackets and things would have been almost impossible to get right. I don't know how many times I looked at the 49 Hotshot to see how it was assembled originally.
  21. Dave and Jim, Thank you for your positive comments. Dave, you should start a thread on one of your projects...
  22. It's in!!!! Yesterday a small milestone was reached. The dashboard was welded in place. I first replaced a small section of the front fender then started on the placement of the dashboard. It went in without a hitch. I need to get the inner side supports on the side panels. I have debated this for several months and I am now leaning towards putting 1/2" square tubing in place of the support that was originally used. The original was a ribbed strip of metal and my bead roller will not roll a bead as large as it was. The inside panels will be covered with vinyl trim when the car is done
  23. Larry, Nice story. So many cars so little space... Crosley's are good cars to collect, though, as they don't take up a lot of space.
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