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  1. The last few weeks were spent on putting spot glaze on the minor imperfections and then sanding it smooth. Now I am waiting on some dry weather to give it a final coat of primer sealer. (I hope) This past week was the Crosley Nationals in Wauseon Ohio. We had a grand time at the meet, lots of fun and the weather was good. I took my wife's Crosley Supersports and received a second place in class for it. I bought a windshield frame assembly, bumper brackets and a few other goodies for the hotshot while I was there.
  2. And the process continues... Block sanded the entire car with 220 grit, lots of small imperfections that need attention now. Will be going over body with icing to smooth things up now.
  3. Thanks Peter, Looking good now! Has anyone said what a great job you are doing? I do appreciate it! Dale
  4. Peter, Is it me or are the picture sizes all messed up? I cant see the entire pictures when they load in the threads, they are so big. When you click on the picture they become smaller. I posted the picture here and it looks ok???? Check out my restoration thread on the 1950 Crosley Hotshot resurection. Thanks, Dale PS. Great job on the forums!!!
  5. Primer is on. Now lots and lots of sanding. The weather here is getting nice and I have many projects to work on. I hope I can finish a few of them this summer. What do you think?
  6. As Peter said to do while the forum was down, get out in the garage and tinker with the old car, that's what I did. Lots of sanding and filling and sanding and filling going on. Now it is ready for more primer. It is looking really nice now.
  7. Been busy with life in general and not much time on the Crosley. But I did get it in a full coat of primer, looks really different from when I first got it (first picture). Nice and solid and not a pop rivit to be found.
  8. Looking really nice John. Will you have room for a few Crosley's? I was just wondering if you were putting any drains in the floor? Or will the floor be sloped to the doors to drain any water?
  9. Thanks for sharing. Those two Crosley's belong to the Crosley Club President, Dave Anspach.
  10. Doing some smoothing of the metal and filling of the body, not much to show in pictures. Also getting the 1966 Mustang ready for the show in Myersdale, PA this Sunday. Warming it up so I can put the top up, then a quick cleanup so it looks good. Not a show car, just a nice driver that I have had since 1980. Is anyone else planning on attending this show? I have been going to Myersdale for about 15 years now, my wife loves it because she gets her Maple syrup.
  11. Check out one of these suppliers for the parts that you need. http://servicemotors.net/ or http://www.yankeecrosleyparts.com/ Dale
  12. A picture out the garage doors on the first day of spring!:confused::mad: I had a few minutes today so I mixed up one quart of primer sealer to prime some of the body. Now it is looking like progress is being made.:cool:
  13. I did a little more patching of the front body section yesterday. The lower sections of the nose section were rusted out and patched over just like everything else on the car, furnace tin and pop rivets. That was stripped off and new metal cut and fit and welded in to make the front end nice and strong.
  14. I can't help you identify your jack, but I have two of them in my shop. They were great jacks, used one so much I wore the wheels down to just nubs. They finally gave up the ghost a few years ago. I want to get them rebuilt.
  15. Thanks for all the great comments. Jim, it may be at this years Nationals. Yesterday I finally got after the front end. The nose of the car was cut out years ago and a grille of some sorts was put in. Then in later years it was fiber glassed over. I wish I had an English wheel to get that compound curve, but I made do with cutting wedge shapes and bending the metal to get the shape of the nose. I welded it in in two pieces and it looks really good now. The bottom portion of the patch still needs trimmed level and those two corners repaired. I also repaired the cutouts for the headlight
  16. I hit a milestone today! No it is not that the body is back on the frame, it is that the car is outside for the first time this year and it is not freezing. Was the warmest day since late last year at 67 degrees. Yes the body is on the chassis and the paint is being stripped from the body. I hope to get it in primer by the weekend then start on the bodywork that is needed on the outer skin. It is starting to look like something again. Does anyone have any spare parts for this car? Also in doing some research, I think that this car was originally a Crosley Super Hotshot, which means it wo
  17. Yesterday I put a coat of paint on the under side of the body. It is Seamist green, it doesn't look too bad.
  18. I took the body off the cart yesterday so that I could do final prep and get it ready for primer. It is much easier to work on it while it is on its side compared to on the cart. The only hard area to get is the lower wheel houses. It does look pretty good underneath, almost like a real car now.:cool: Today I sprayed a coat of primer on the underside. I left a small area in the rear wheel house in the original color to see how close the new paint matches it. Some spots still have the original undercoating/sound deadener and I will be leaving it there. The inner fenders will also get un
  19. I got the brake and clutch levers installed on the shaft and back on the chassis and they look like they will now work. We have had one of the coldest February's on record and the Kiski River shows it, I haven't seen the river frozen like that, ever. I don't think I would try walking out on the ice but it has been frozen for a couple weeks now.
  20. Doing a little cleaning in the inner fender wells. All four inner fender wells are now stripped clean of undercoating. It was a process of using a heat gun and a putty knife and then taking a rag soaked in gasoline and wiping everything down till the undercoating was gone. I will now do final cleaning and scuffing on the underside and get it ready for primer. I may even take it off the cart and lay the body on its side to prime it??:confused: Jim, note the first picture of the inner fender on the passenger side, there is no paint on the lower edge where the inner fender extension is attac
  21. Orangebugman, Glad you found my rebuild of this Hotshot, it has been quite a challenge, but it is coming along good. Engines are plentiful here in the USA, several are on ebay at any given time. A few Crosley club member specialize in rebuilding the engines also. Most mechanical parts are also available for Crosleys through several parts suppliers and club members. Check out this page for more information, http://crosleyautoclub.com/ Dale
  22. More progress has been made today on the chassis. I have installed both front shocks along with there lower mounts. And if you have been following along you know that I had some problems with the brake and clutch levers. The Crosley Hotshot and SuperSports used a modified sedan brake and clutch lever. I found a spare set and set out to modify them. They were both cast steel and I cut and shortened them and welded them back together at the right angles. They look just like the sample I have from my 1949 Hotshot. They are now painted and ready to install after I make a spacer for under th
  23. Might do better posting this down in the Buick section??
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