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  1. Elizabethtown PA, by the area code on the phone # Near Harrisburg and Hershey
  2. Up for sale today is a 1950 Crosley Super Hotshot roadster. It has been restored over the last several years and has some work yet to do. It is running and have drove it around the lot and it seems to run good. The car is rare with very few built. It is believed that this is a Super hotshot, having the newer version of the folding top but not having full doors, the car should have the leatherette around the cockpit instead of the rubber moulding of the Hotshots. For more details on the car check out the restoration thread on this site, "The resurrection of a 1950 Crosley Hotshot" It stil
  3. Hooked up the water pump coupler and installed the horn over the last couple of days. Had to change out the generator as the pulley width was way to wide. Fired it up and let it run for about 20-25 minutes and it sounds pretty good. Also took it around the lot a few more times, sounds and drives good. Hope to fine tune a few things before it goes to Wauseon OH for the National meet to be sold, but I will sell it before I go if someone is interested. $6995.00 Western PA
  4. Mark the time on your calendar, 4:45, it moves under its own power. Took it for a drive around the lot. Got it in all gears and so far so good!
  5. Hello Bernie, Haven't heard from you in a few weeks and was wondering if you have been able to move the Renault on to someone else yet. Hope everything is good with you. Thanks, Dale
  6. New decal installed and on the car. Gives the engine compartment that finished look.
  7. 20 minutes later and fresh out of the oven. Waiting for it to cool then a new decal and back on the car.
  8. It's the little things that take all the time... Well, in this case the little things on the little car. Today was the day to refinish the air cleaner, off the car and into the media blaster then to powder coat. As I type this it is baking at 400 degrees.
  9. Non Crosley antiques. 1957 Ford Skyliner, 1977 Corvette, 1958 Continental convertible and 1973 MG Midget.
  10. More, 1950 Farm O Road, 1951 Convertible. On the list to be restored.
  11. More of my Crosley's 1949 Hotshot and 1952 Supersports, 1950 Pickup tow truck, 1951 Super Station wagon(my first antique, bought in 1978)
  12. I figured you would want to see some updated pictures. Not much new, wiring, switches, hoses, etc. Still a few things to do to it before it is ready for the road. If you are interested in it, the car is for sale. I bought it with the intentions of restoring it and selling to someone that would like a antique that wouldn't break the bank but be a fun car to take to car shows and local cruises. As you can see it is not quite complete, but far enough along to get you into the hobby quickly and most parts that it does need are readily available through several Crosley parts vendors. I do
  13. Lots of things have been going on since I last posted. Work has been good and I have been busy with that. With kids and family I have been keeping busy and having a good time. But I have gotten a few things done on the Super Hotshot. I have most of the wiring harness finish, with the exception of the headlight and parking/taillight connections and two wires for the generator. I got a new headlight switch and dimmer switch, new spark plug wires and fuel hose. I hooked up the oil pressure gauge and got the main cables for the starter and battery. I have put fluid in the master cylinde
  14. Peter, Seems like you have upset many with the work you are doing. But it is mostly the same people that when a new person ask a question or post something that they don't like they shoot him down and make him unwelcome... Some people need to learn kindness and be patient. I, for one, will wait and see how this new update shakes out and then adjust to the changes. Things change people!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Peter, and anyone else working on the changes.
  15. Was laying in bed the other night and thought about the Fall Hershey meet and wondered if I sent in my renewal. I asked the wife and she said she hadn't done it yet. It is ready to mail today, so I thought I would remind everyone that "FALL MEET HERSHEY FLEA MARKET RENEWALS ARE DUE BY FEBRUARY 17, 2016!!!!" Thought this post would be better in the general posting area. Dale
  16. Maybe you could contact Nationals, or Steve M and they could possibly find out who it was presented to? Just a thought. Dale
  17. Hummmmm. That is quite the question Bernie! And like you the servo confuses me too.
  18. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your holiday is filled with family and friends. Peace on earth good will to all.
  19. Brings new meaning to a "car show".
  20. Here is a shot of the wiring harness in the engine bay. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your day is blessed with family and friends.
  21. Working on the wiring harness the last couple of days. Not a hard harness to make as there is only about 15-20 wires in the whole harness, definitely not a computer controlled mess like those of today!. It will be made from new plastic coated wire and not the cloth covered variety either. Most of the harness is unseen and what will be seen will be wrapped in friction tape. Hope to have it connected enough to get the engine running in a week or two.
  22. I got the emblem on and some of the other small things done. Gathered up all the parts that I have for it and took inventory to see what is left to get. We have been having beautiful weather around here so I cleaned it up some yesterday and put it outside for some pictures today. Looks pretty good! What do you think?
  23. Thank you Paul. I am not sure when the first drive will be yet.
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