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  1. I have a rear wheel opening molding for a 1990-91 Buick Lesabre that is still in its original package. Looks to be in great shape, package is dirty and torn in a few places but molding looks good. I would like to get $75.00 plus shipping.[TABLE=class: part_list] <tbody>[TR=class: grayline] [TD=class: td2][/TD] [TD=class: td3]MOLDING KIT, RR WHL OPG-LH (BLACK/BRIGHT) I am in Vandergift, PA 15690 Email me at kimndale97@gmail.com[/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
  2. A great day in Packard history as you fire up the Packard for the first time. I have been silently following your thread and loving evey minute of it. Great job!
  3. I do love the dads who try to explain it to the young kiddos and even with a valiant effort, gets it all wrong. I never correct these guys in front of the kids. I have business cards with the top 25 questions about Amphicars on the back. I go over and hand him and one with a smile. That is a really good idea!
  4. Well for me, I get several questions when I take one of the Crosleys out to a show. Most popular question is "what is it?", followed by "is it foreign?", then "who made it?", then "is it legal for the road?" then "what kind of gas milage do you get?" It is fun telling them that, yes it is a Crosley made by Powell Crosley in the USA and it is legal for the road and it get between 35-50 miles per gallon. I too enjoy letting the kids get in them and getting their pictures taken, sometimes even letting them hit the horn button! What better way to get kids involved, then letting them sit behind the wheel and dream.
  5. Does anyone have a Ford flathead 60 they want to part with at a reasonable price(cheap). I have a Crosley that I would like to put a flathead motor in. Needs to be mostly complete and near Western PA. Email me at kimndale97@gmail.com Thanks, Dale<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  6. Does anyone have a Ford flathead 60 they want to part with at a reasonable price(cheap). I have a Crosley that I would like to put a flathead motor in. Email me at kimndale97@gmail.com Thanks, Dale
  7. As requested here are a few pictures of the Bride and Groom in the 1964 Thunderbird convertible. They also had my 1966 Mustang for the bridesmaids and groomsman to cruise around in. A wonderful day, and I must say a very happy couple!!!
  8. Thank you for all the offers, We have found a car. Daughter and Son-in-law are happy!!!!
  9. I was planning on taking my 1958 Continental Convertible to the wedding but it is just too heavy to haul on my trailer, car weighs 5000# and trailer weighs 2000# on a 7000# max weight trailer. My step-daughter and future son-in-law was hoping to ride around in the Continental as they have the love of old cars just like me. I am just very leary of traveling the 300 miles from the Pittsburgh PA area to Easton MD with the trailer maxed out weight wise. I would be willing to compensate you for your time and effort. Sarah Brill and Andrew Wright wedding. If you have an older car that looks nice, open car prefered but older closed car would also be nice, and would be available for November 3, 2012 please respond on here or send me a pm or email. Thanks, Dale Frederick
  10. John, In looking at your cast exhaust riser it looks to be tapered slightly where the pipe goes. If you get the new pipe expanded to go over the top of it, it will tend to want to slide off and then will get looser with time. My suggestion would be either to see if the muffler shop has a reducer (yes they can reduce the size of pipe now) or cut the pipe shorter and get a piece of 2" pipe that will slide inside the cast exhaust riser and then make it slide inside the 2 and 1/8" pipe (expand the 2 1/8" pipe), then weld it up nice and then put it together, or butt weld the two pipes together. Will make a much nicer fit and look more like original. Just a thought.
  11. Great job Hershey Region, AACA and volunteers. I am sure you are starting on Hershey 2013 already, making changes and adjustments where needed. Thank you for your endless work. Dale
  12. Saw tandem trailers being hauled by a golf cart in the green field several times. Oh, my big purchuse was a small bag of wire terminals.
  13. Great Show, Thank You Hershey Region!!!! Yes, most people in our area stopped for the National Anthem. In the lower end of the Green field it was very hard to hear the announcements. As far as the motorized vehicles go, I think 50% of the crowd was on them. I had an idea on how to slow the use of bicycles and illegal carts, when they are stopped by Hershey Region members or security, they should take the schader valves out and make them push their bicycle or carts around...:mad:
  14. No Stude parts here but I do have a small cabinet to hold all those parts. Stop over and check it out GCB 7-8. Good luck in your search. Dale
  15. Jim, I have everything that you don't know you need and even a few of those things that don't exist. Stop over, I am in the Green field GBC-8. Someone is usually there till about 4pm daily. Dale
  16. I'm sure Dave A. and I could fix you up with some Crosley parts to go on the Amphicar...
  17. Keiser has it right, it looks to be aftermarket. Looks like the spokes are plastic??
  18. Crosley is either a 1949 or 1950, and based on the 6" mechanical drum brakes I would say it is a early 1949. Nice car, wish I had $3000...
  19. Now what kind of Crosley's are you buying Dave?
  20. Happy Anniversary on your Avanti Refresh thread!!!! 3 years today. Keep it going, this is wonderful reading.