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    Hood Ornament

    If you have documentation for the deluxe hood ornament, show the team captain and all should be well. Good luck. Dale
  2. And who will decide what is half worn out?
  3. Whoa!!!! A one point deduction??? I think that is being picky! Are the tires on the ground worn? Yes, If it is driven any at all they are, but they weren't when they left the factory!!!! So you should take a 5 point deduction(one for each tire that is worn)! Stop nitpicking cars!!! Next thing you'll wanna check is the oil to see if it is dirty or needs changed. And every mile on the odometer will require a point deduction, as it was 0.0 miles when it left the factory!
  4. First cap is 1966 Mustang. Second one is later model Mustang, 1967??
  5. If you just want something to level the car on a shelf you might try your local auto parts for "O" rings. They would be black or red rubber but if you ar not going for looks... Dale
  6. If you can get a hacksaw blade or gig saw blade down in the hole try sawing though most of the brass by hand till it starts to hit the cast iron. Then carefully chizel the brass inward and thread it out. It worked for me on a water outlet that broke off flush. Good Luck. Great project.
  7. Look more like spacers for aftermarket wheels?
  8. Most parts to rebuild an early Mustang are available and reasonable in price. It is not for the weak of heart though. Major areas of concern are the inner frame rails, torque boxes and floors(as noted above) and also the panel under the cowl. Yes there are more spots that go bad but those are very common. A Mustang convert in #1 shape would bring $20,000 - $35,000. But to have someone restore one in bad shape to #1 would cost that much or more. Where is the car located?
  9. Why does the odometer show 5078 miles??? Also the bid of $670,000 exposes the reserve price $149,000, then you know what it is and then you can retract the $670,000 bid and make some deal off ebay.
  10. 80's Olds hub cap center. For wire spoked hubcaps, covers the hole for the "key"
  11. As far as your brakes go, I would guess that the rubber hose from the frame to the rear axle has collaped and the fluid can't go through it. That is a very commom problem with rubber hoses. Good luck on a nice car. Dale
  12. He has made some rather rude comments on a few other post as well. Dale
  13. I agree most body shops want the Wow factor, but the poor guy that does it himself and has a job that comes out looking like the factory did, it looses out because the judges take points off for every little flaw. Not picking on you Shop Rat, but do you get what I am saying? I have seen some very nice home done restorations that don't win because of over restored cars.
  14. Great flea market and show!!!! Did have some problems with the rent a cops on Hershey park drive. They thought their job was to block traffic in all directions instead of keeping traffic flowing... How do you go about getting more flea market spaces in the same place that you are already in? I would like one more space but like where I am at. Dale
  15. What do you want for them? Dale
  16. How do we know that they were fixed by the factory or the dealer??? Most post war cars were sold as fast as they were made and quaility was not "Job 1". I feel judges take deductions for minor problems that were accepted at the factory and dealers. Cars were not built to be judged they were built to be transportation, they need to be judged that way. Overrestored cars have taken over the Factory built cars. Dale
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    From the album: Other Makes

    Spring Church PA Crosley Garage
  18. dalef62


    From the album: Other Makes

    Crosley Convention in Spring Church PA
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by dalef62 Dad will be selling Metropolitan parts. Ummmmm, and what may they be? Bob A little of this and a little of that. What might you need? Dale
  20. We will be there in Green field. GBC 8-9 tuesday through Sat. I will be selling some Crosley parts and misc. ford (30-50?) parts, Dad will be selling Metropolitan parts. Also AACA Mag. from 1990-2000 All Kinds of goodies at reasonable prices. Dale and Walt & Barb
  21. Bump. Let me know if you need anything ASAP as I will be leaving Monday AM. Dale
  22. Jim, GBC 8-9 Green field by Johnsons Literature. Do you need anything in particular?
  23. Plastic lights???? Vinyl top??? Crank hole and no place to put the crank? Hummmmmmm.
  24. I have tons of Crosley parts and will be bringing some to Hershey. If you have a special need let me know I will will try to bring it. Post your needs here. Dale