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  1. Yes, I did use the nickle/copper lines and bent them. Thanks. Dale
  2. I worked on the brake lines on the FOR today. I got all the lines, master cylinder and brake and clutch levers on. Now to find the part numbers for the brake hoses. So much easier to do brake lines on a bare clean chassis than doing them on a rusty modern day vehicle.
  3. Good to hear! He is a regular on the board and hadn't seen him in quite some time. Must be busy doing farm stuff. Let him know we asked about him.
  4. I have been missing my Avanti and more updates in the restoration threads from John Feser, unimogjohn. The last he was seen on the site was February 19, 2019. I have sent him a personal message with no response. I hope he is OK! Does anyone live nearby that knows if he is ok? Maybe he is out traveling the world??? Dale
  5. While waiting on the paint I put more work towards the chassis. Today I mounted the engine, transmission and transfer case. One more item checked off the list.
  6. I am looking at the Base coat clear coat 2 stage system. I just called them and asked if they could do a spray out and he said they don't do that anymore. He did say there paint compares to PPG and Sherman Williams. He also stated that it would work fine over my primer.
  7. Had anyone ever used this brand of paint?
  8. I brought the Hupp home today from the shop, so it is ready for the car show season. That picture is just before I left.
  9. I thought I had the paint taken care of but my paint store can't get the formula for the paint color I want in the brand they sell. I can get the paint online at TCP but I am not sure of there quality or if the color is actually correct. So the body waits... upside-down and masked off ready for paint.
  10. I am trying to buy paint for my Farm O Road restoration and local paint stores do not have a formula for the 1936 Chevrolet truck Apple Green that I am looking for. I have checked online and found that I can get the paint I need from Restoration Shop paint. My question is, Is the paint any good? Also I normally use Valspar paint products and wondered if I could use Valspar reducers and clear coat with the Restoration Supply basecoat paint?
  11. Flipped Farm O Road... Today was the day to flip the body over and sand the bottom. There are some imperfection on the bottom but it is good enough for me. Stopped at the paint store and had some paint mixed up, 1 pint. Unfortunately it was the wrong color... Tomorrow I will try again, I think I have it figured out what went wrong. So close...
  12. Try submitting them after you back out of this thread and then coming back in. I have had problems uploading photos also, but once I leave the thread and come back I can upload more. File size is too big.
  13. Give us a few pics of the distributor and if you can get one down the hole, with and without tape measure. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words. When you measured down the hole and the distributor shaft were the measurements the same? Maybe it will take a bigger hammer???? LOL
  14. More of the same... I had a few spots on the body that I was not happy with so I shot another coat of primer on. Once the primer drys good, I will flip the body over and sand the bottom side and then color will be applied!
  15. John, haven't seen a report in a long time, hope all is well with you and your family.
  16. All the shifter and brake levers are done with the exception of paint. Now on to the next project.
  17. I sure love my camera on my cell phone! There are just some places I can't get my head into to see what is going on. Take a picture with the cellphone and there it is! Changed the oil in the Hupp today and added the oil, 9 quarts, and I couldn't see the gauge on the block. Snap a picture and bam, it is right on the full mark. Without the camera I couldn't even read the markings! Technology is great!!!! I am now ready for cars shows.
  18. I spent the day working on the FOR transfer case shifter levers. Cut, grind, file, weld, then repeat. I have made an extra set for a friend who has a FOR with missing levers. I still have to bend the shorter levers, grind the welds, and drill the holes in them, but they are looking good. Also welded the emergency brake ratchet area on the handle.
  19. I know I saw a discussion on engine oil for a babbit bearing engine on here but I can't find it. I have a 1929 Hupmobile with straight 8 engine and need to change the oil and want to know what type of oil to use. Should I use detergent or non-detergent oil? What weight? The engine has good oil pressure now and the oil doesn't seem to thick. I know it takes around 10 quarts of oil, and at the present time it has no filter. Dalef62
  20. Last Sunday we took a trip to the Meyersdale Maple festival car show with the 1977 Corvette, beautiful day and lots of cars! A big change from last year's 25 degrees. Finished the plug wires on the Hupp today. Looks pretty good to me. Now if it runs it will be even better!! Did some checking into the paint color for the FOR and I think I might have a match! I will get a pint made up next week and see how close it is. The weather has been fairly nice lately and I hope to get some painting done soon.
  21. What is the correct number for the distributor rotor for a 1929 Century M 8 cylinder? There are several rotors on eBay but they do not say whether they are for the 6 or the 8. I bought a cap and need the rotor now, as the rotor that was in there is wrong... The cap I got was a AU - 88 or IG - 1325. I have the Autolite distributor. Thanks, Dale
  22. As luck would have it a friend of mine came to my shop today bringing waste oil for my furnace. He saw the Hupp and saw that I was working on the wires. I told him I was looking for a crimping tool. He told me he just bought one from Summit racing and said I could borrow it. He hasn't used it yet. It looks like a nice tool, About $50 he told me. Worked great.