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  1. Next project... Pull engine from 1951 Crosley wagon and replace with another engine that came out of the 46 sedan. The engine in the wagon has two dead cylinders, probably bad valves. Had to do a major move of cars in the back room. Hupmobile pushed back, jet ski moved, Crosley Super sport moved, Crosley wagon moved, lots of jockeying each car and ski around till the wagon was out front, FOR in the back and the Crosley tow truck was put where wagon was. All this pushing is getting old, especially on the Hupmobile!!! Everything is put away and now I can start on the engine removal.
  2. Me loading up my 1929 Hupmobile that I bought from my dad in April of 2018. It has been n the family since 1968.
  3. I have been working on the little things on the FOR. The emergency brake lock is finished and installed. The speedometer cable is installed. The horn wire that goes through the steering column, and button is installed. Still working on the fuel tank with the vinegar soak. Lots of little things getting finished up. Soon I will be driving it! I also spend some time in the garage at home working on the 1973 MG Midget. The gas gauge has been acting strange the past couple years and I ran out of gas a couple times so I dropped the tank and will replace the sending unit.
  4. FOR is full of parts waiting for me to install them. I picked up the screws and rivet for the emergency brake lock and hope to get it installed on Monday.
  5. Yesterday I worked on the emergency brake handle and the lock for it. I was missing both and had to reproduce them. The handle is just like the original, but the lock was a cast piece and is hard to find, so I made one. I drilled the holes today and dressed up the bracket some and gave it a coat of black paint. Will be ready to install when I get the screws and nuts. One more thing off the list.
  6. I do it all the time on my FOR restoration thread. Load two photos and then post it, back out to the restoration threads, then back in and edit post and add two more pictures. Then I save changes and do it all over again if I have more pictures to add.
  7. If you just back out of your post and go back to the main forum, then go back in you can post more pictures. I have done it several times and never log out.
  8. Would get more attention if you posted this in the "Parts for Sale" or in the Stutz section further down the page.
  9. From what I have seen only on the roadsters.
  10. 1928-1929 Hupmobile, Model A & M, door emblem.
  11. I was missing the retainer ring for the center light and fellow Crosley member said he had one and sent it to me. One step closer to being finished.
  12. Grille on the left is 1941 Oldsmobile 8 cylinder models
  13. Installed the brackets for the bed and this afternoon I installed the bed.
  14. Today I got some metal to make the hinges for the bed. I also worked on the seat frame. Sometime in its life someone straightened the uprights of the seat back and removed the springs. Then they attached vinyl covered plywood for the backs. I rebent the backs and hope to get some springs from one of our Crosley suppliers. Tonight I picked up some springs and nuts and bolts to finish several projects on the bed mounts and emergency brake cables.
  15. I have seen what might be a problem in the Green and Orange field for several years and thought I would bring it up here to see Hershey Region could look into it and see if they could do anything to fix the problem. At about 5-6pm every evening there is a mass exit of a lot of the venders from both fields and it becomes a gridlock for hours. The backup starts at the traffic light on Hershey Park drive and Route 39 and continues the whole way back to the entrance of the Green and Orange field. I don't know whether the Chocolate and Red fields have the same backup either. The problem I see is if there is a medical emergency or something like that, the emergency personnel would have a hard time getting to the area in a timely manner. I don't know if it would be possible to make another exit somewhere or somehow change the entrance to both entrance and exit. Thank you for reading and thank you for putting on a fabulous meet! The Hershey Region and all its members and helpers do a Awesome job. Dale
  16. Today I worked on the little things. License plate panel installing the tail lights and getting the center light ready, cleaning up and painting the bed hold downs, and putting on the rear view mirror.
  17. More green!!!! Only one more part needs green paint that I can think of.
  18. Thanks John. I try to do my best, practice makes perfect. The older I get the better I get at doing things. LOL
  19. I installed the lower hinge rod on the tailgate this morning without incident. Then spot welded the license plate panel brackets on the tailgate and cleaned up all the welds. Other than primer and paint the tailgate and license plate panel are done. And it is only 10:00am. If it quits raining I can primer today.
  20. Over the weekend I decided to work on the tailgate and license plate panel before I paint the rest of the bed. I got a lot done on the tailgate, the hardest part being the lower hinge. I had to sand down the 3/8" rod and ream out the 1/2" thin wall tubing to get everything to fit right. Now it is mostly together and tomorrow I hope to finish it up and prime it and the license plate panel and by the weekend have everything painted.
  21. My wife wouldn't be my wife anymore if I bought that. Lol
  22. More green! With temps in the single digits this morning, it took a while to warm up the shop to paint. The bottom side of the bed is now green. Let it dry good over the weekend and Monday I can flip it over and paint the top.
  23. I got the primer on today. Once it dries I can sand some more!