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  1. Jim, I sent you a PM. I think this car was originally a drum car as the rear axle is drum and it is specific to VC's with the spring mounts and no radius rods. The front axle was definitely changed at some time just to make it a roller. But who knows if anything was original to the chassis??? I do have one question for you Jim. On the front axle, the bow in the middle goes to the front right (opposite of the CC and CD)? The tie rod ends still mount behind the axle, right? And the shims that go between the axle and springs have the thicker area towards the front or rear? Well I guess that is 3 questions...
  2. Today the body was lifted off the chassis. It came off without a hitch and is now hanging in the shop awaiting more repairs on the underside of the body. There needs to be final welds made on the new metal that was put in but couldn't be welded until the body was removed from the chassis. Then bodywork can be started. The chassis work started today. The frame had been cleaned and painted at some point prior to my purchase so it is not in too bad of shape. I wire brushed as much as I could and it is looking pretty good. The front axle had been replaced at some time prior to my purchase with an incorrect and poorly attached axle. The springs were rusted bad and the disc brakes were wrong for this year also. I have another complete axle and springs that will replace the existing one. I also started getting the drive line parts gathered together that will be needed for this project. I hope within a few weeks to have the frame painted and drive line in it.
  3. We have lift-off of the body! Today at 3:30 I started to lift the body from the frame with a jack. No real noticeable flex of the body as I lifted the back. Then I moved to the front, lifting it off the frame. It now has a 4" lift kit! Now to get some straps and lift it the rest of the way off. What do you think???
  4. The side panel braces were installed today. I didn't have the correct ones for the car, they were formed rib supports that were about 2 1/2" wide and the rib was about 1" across and 1/2" high, so I had to find something suitable for the job. I came up with 1/2" square tubing that was cut to length and put in place. I marked where they should go then removed them and drilled holes every 6" in the side panel so that I could weld them on. Then I clamped them in place and welded them on. They have stiffened the sides up considerably. It is now ready to remove the body!
  5. Jim, I will say that having another hotshot to compare things to has helped me a lot. Without the finished Hotshot, getting dimensions for floor panels, side panels and all those missing brackets and things would have been almost impossible to get right. I don't know how many times I looked at the 49 Hotshot to see how it was assembled originally.
  6. Dave and Jim, Thank you for your positive comments. Dave, you should start a thread on one of your projects...
  7. It's in!!!! Yesterday a small milestone was reached. The dashboard was welded in place. I first replaced a small section of the front fender then started on the placement of the dashboard. It went in without a hitch. I need to get the inner side supports on the side panels. I have debated this for several months and I am now leaning towards putting 1/2" square tubing in place of the support that was originally used. The original was a ribbed strip of metal and my bead roller will not roll a bead as large as it was. The inside panels will be covered with vinyl trim when the car is done so it will not be seen anyhow. Then I can prepare to lift the body off the frame to finish welding all the panels on the under side and start work on the chassis. I hope everyone is enjoying the resurrection of this Crosley.
  8. Larry, Nice story. So many cars so little space... Crosley's are good cars to collect, though, as they don't take up a lot of space.
  9. More work done over the weekend. I attached the two windshield brackets to the side panel braces. It is now ready for the dashboard to be welded in. I also started removing paint from the front fender to see what it looked like. Not too bad other than a few dents in the front. And the last project for the weekend was to replace the lower rear fender. A new piece was cut and formed and welded in place. It is starting to look really good, less and less clamps holding it together:).
  10. Yesterday I worked on the dash board mounting. Shaped and formed a sheet of metal to mount under the cowl and it will attach to the dashboard. It is now welded to the cowl panel and ready for the dashboard to be welded in, but only once all repairs are made under the cowl and to the dashboard. Dashboard is just held in place with clamps for test fitting. Some progress made today as the snow flies outside. I welded the brackets for the windshield supports to the under side of the cowl and worked on the front driver side fender. Just a small hole in both the inner fender and outer fender. Quick easy work and it is now ready for body filler. On to the next repair.
  11. The Mack Truck is now at its owners and I have some space again in the shop. Got the Hotshot back out and am beginning the patching process again. There is a small area on the cowl panel where the windshield sits that needs replaced, and that is the project for today. Also working to get the dash panel in place and that is what you see with all the clamps. They are holding a piece of metal that will attach to the dash panel then be welded in place. Two small straps that attach to the lower corners of the dash will attach to the braces I installed on the sides of the body months ago.
  12. Looking good Dave! Have fun at the shows. Dale
  13. Ford in general 1976-79. I have seen those on Ford LTD etc.
  14. Is there any interest in this? If you are interested, let me know ASAP so I can load it on the truck for Hershey.
  15. Last chance to get it on the truck for Hershey. If you have any interest at all let me know ASAP.
  16. Steve, I too love to get the younger ones in my Crosley's! That's what it is all about, instilling the interest of the old cars in the younger generations! Nothing better than seeing them behind the wheel as Mom or Dad take their picture.
  17. Is there any interest in the tire balancer?
  18. I hope to be starting back on the Hotshot soon. The Mack is just about done, was away at the paint shop for a while and now it is back getting some finishing touches to the wiring and miscellaneous things. Here is a picture of the 1927 Mack as it is today. It should be leaving very soon. The Hotshot hasn't had any work done to it in almost a year, I am anxious to get back to it and get the bodywork completed and then lift the body off and get the chassis ready.
  19. I will bring this to Hershey if someone is interested in it. It is heavy and don't want to bring it unless someone wants it. It is a Weaver Tire Balancer Set. Three pieces, balancer, weight storage, and wheel mount. It is in good shape, needs cleaned up. It is missing one knob on the balancer cabinet on top. Add it to your man cave today!! $250.00 or best offer. PM me. I am located in the Green field.
  20. I will bring this Weaver tire balancer set to Hershey if someone wants it. It is in fair condition, some light overspray on the front of the cabinet and missing a knob or something on the top of the cabinet. I just did a quick clean in a few spots to see what it would look like. I think it will clean up pretty nice. I don't know if it works or not, but would make a nice addition to anyone's garage display. Has 3 parts as seen in the pictures. $250.00 or best offer. Let me know ASAP (PM me) if you want it so I can get it loaded for Hershey. I am in the Green Field.
  21. I was at a swap meet recently and saw one of the radial tires at a tire suppliers spot and on the whitewall side of the tire it does state that it is a "Tubeless Radial". That should make spotting them easier.
  22. Price Reduced To Sell!!!! $1995.00
  23. I just posted a picture of a tire to let everyone know what they look like. Yes, it is a radial tire and maybe when we see one up close and personal you might notice some differences with a bias, but they look convincing to me and may slip by many judges trained eyes, even with advanced warning.
  24. Can you tell me if this tire is a radial or bias?