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  1. Maybe you could contact Nationals, or Steve M and they could possibly find out who it was presented to? Just a thought. Dale
  2. Hummmmm. That is quite the question Bernie! And like you the servo confuses me too.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your holiday is filled with family and friends. Peace on earth good will to all.
  4. Brings new meaning to a "car show".
  5. Here is a shot of the wiring harness in the engine bay. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your day is blessed with family and friends.
  6. Working on the wiring harness the last couple of days. Not a hard harness to make as there is only about 15-20 wires in the whole harness, definitely not a computer controlled mess like those of today!. It will be made from new plastic coated wire and not the cloth covered variety either. Most of the harness is unseen and what will be seen will be wrapped in friction tape. Hope to have it connected enough to get the engine running in a week or two.
  7. I got the emblem on and some of the other small things done. Gathered up all the parts that I have for it and took inventory to see what is left to get. We have been having beautiful weather around here so I cleaned it up some yesterday and put it outside for some pictures today. Looks pretty good! What do you think?
  8. Thank you Paul. I am not sure when the first drive will be yet.
  9. Haven't got a lot done on the Super Hotshot as I have been getting ready for winter. Getting all my toys winterized and put away for the winter. Some things have been done though. Got the tires mounted on the painted wheels and the spare tire installed. Finished up the brakes and now they need fluid and bled. Painted and installed the radio speaker mesh that was purchased at Hershey. Was getting ready to install the front Crosley emblem that also was purchased at Hershey and measured my other Hotshot to find out where I needed to drill the holes to mount it. It was 8 3/8" up to the bottom of the emblem from the leading edge, decided to also measure the Super Sports, 9 1/2" up to the bottom... Nothing is the same on these hand build sports cars..
  10. John, If you have a no crank you need to see if you have power to the starter. Check to see if you have 12v. on the main cable, then see if you have 12v. on the ignition wire coming to the starter when the key is turned to start. It does not sound like a fuel pump problem. It could be that the battery terminal wire is corroded inside the terminal and not feeding power to the cable. I had that happen on a Ford Ranger, replaced started before I checked for power at the starter, replaced the battery terminal and it started right up. Dale
  11. Oh yes! We joke about carrying a Crosley in the trunk of the Continental.
  12. Looking good Roger. I have been faithfully following along and enjoying every post.
  13. John, In Picture #5 of the rear axle, is the wheel cylinder leaking on the left rear wheel? Looks like the brake drum is wet... Looks good otherwise!
  14. Here are the pictures that were promised before I left for Hershey. Voltage regulator and gauge cluster installed. Dad and I had a great time at Hershey, we have been going to Hershey since 1981. It was absolutely wonderful weather, except for the Friday storm (I wish when they announce high winds, people would heed the warnings and take there easy-up tents down!) and saw lots of old friends and met many new friends. Lots of sales to Canada. Great job to the Hershey Region for another wonderful show. Can't wait till next year!
  15. John, I got a picture of your car as you were entering the show field. I didn't get a chance to say hello as we were heading out. Glad to see you had a good day. Dale
  16. I have installed the new radiator support rod and the voltage regulator on the car. No pictures as the camera is packed. Now I am preparing to head to HERSHEY!!! Hope to see all of you there, I am in the green field.
  17. Installed the center brake light and spare tire bracket today. Surprising what they say is new today is really not new, third brake light, push button starting... Now working on the radiator support rod and rear view mirror. I had a radiator support rod for a sedan/station wagon but it was too short. The Hotshot has little differences everywhere .
  18. Bernie, Sorry to hear that you will be selling this project, but I understand your concern. Has been interesting to follow along with your progress on this vehicle. Good luck on the sale and best wishes to you. Dale
  19. Well Jim, if I plan on taking it for a ride I think I will need headlights and a radiator. Two more items off the list. Working on the center taillight now, found in my stash of parts a licence plate bracket and taillight, I had to make the tapered mount for it. Will get pictures of it and more soon. Cleaned up a fuel pump, generator, and water pump, will check them out and paint where needed and install.
  20. I like this part of the description. When she bought it, the car only had 110,910 original miles on it. The current mileage is 111,295 miles. Do the math and you will see that in her 17 years of owning this beauty she put just over 1300 miles on it.
  21. Trying again this year. Is there any interest in it? Let me know.
  22. Parts came in today and I got right to work on them. Got the windshield on, the brake and clutch pedals on, the "U" bolt on the steering column, and the drag link on. Now the car steers with the steering wheel instead of kicking the tires to turn it. Took it out for its first drive... well almost... pushed it to the side yard (was so nice using the steering wheel to turn it) under the tree to get some pictures of it. Went to the local hardware to get more nuts and bolts tonight so tomorrow I can put more parts on, bumper brackets, radiator, etc. Stay tuned for more updates...
  23. More parts ordered for the Crosley. Ordered the rubber weatherstripping that goes under the windshield, the rubber for around the engine compartment, the brake and clutch rubber seals at the floor, the drag link that matches the pitman arm, the "U" bolt for the steering column, the steel tube for the radiator to water pump connection and the radiator mount bolts and rubbers. Enough parts to keep me busy for a day or two.
  24. Jim, That is what they are. I am making them from steel, a lot cheaper than the bronze reproductions. I just have to trim up the tabs some, then drill the holes to mount it and the headlights. My question were they originally body color or black?