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  1. If the injector is not spraying any fuel, it could be anything from a defective injector, to a broken wire, to a bad connection, bad fuel pump, to a faulty computer, etc. Lots of things can cause the problem. Need to do some diagnostics, like Joe said.
  2. I don't know whether he needs jack stand or not???
  3. On April 8th a tornado touch down in a town near me and destoyed a Lincoln Town car. Looked to be in nice shape before the tree landed on it. No one was injured or killed.
  4. Roger, it is not in the kitchen... Only for powder coat. Now that the air cleaner is installed, the hood can go on. Actually I had some help and got the hood on so it is ready to go.
  5. The internet and Amazon are amazing. I ordered more black powder coat on Friday and got it yesterday so today I powder coated the air cleaner for the wagon. It is in the oven as I type. Funny thing about Amazon and Eastwood, I looked on Eastwood site and priced everything and it would have cost about $10 more for 2# of black powder coat than it did through Amazon. The cost of the powder coat was cheaper by about $2. but the shipping was $15. on Eastwood site and free on Amazon. And Eastwood shipped it!! Well, gotta go check my air cleaner.
  6. Tank cleaned and installed 👍. Only thing left to do is install the hood.
  7. Yesterday I turned my attention to the rear of the wagon. The fuel tank supply line had broke loose from the tank, so I removed the tank and drained the stale gas from the tank. This tank is a homemade replacement tank. I added some oil to the tank and then soldered the fitting back in the tank. Then I remembered that I have a tank from the 1946 Crosley that I removed when I got the correct tank for it. It is in better shape than the homemade tank and also has a fuel sending unit. So I will check it out and use it.
  8. All complete except for the antifreeze and hood. I will need help to install it. Now I need to pull the gas tank out and solder the supply line back in the tank.
  9. It was a wonderful day here in southwestern PA so I took the 1949 Hotshot for a spin around the block. Sure felt good 😊. It is now tucked away in the garage again.
  10. Some progress on the wagon engine install today. Got the starter on, the exhaust on, the fan blades and belt on. I also cleaned and painted the radiator and support bracket.
  11. I drove my Crosley convertible at the Crosley Club National meet without a windshield and my eyes would tear up if I drove too fast. I told my wife goggles would help! PS. The Buick looks great, have fun putting it together. You should have it done in no time with the stay at home orders...
  12. Today I got the engine installed in the panel wagon. It went in without a hitch! Now to install all the accessories. Been spending some time in the shop cleaning also. It is looking a little better...
  13. John, not sure Crosley's are big... I did some detail work today, painting the CROSLEY script on the block and painting the steering column and frame rails. Also found something that I haven't seen before, a valve cover breather with CIBA on it. Most I have seen are plain, or COBRA.
  14. Well, I am back on the full size car again (almost full sized). Finished cleaning up the engine and put a coat of gray paint on it. Then started cleaning up the accessories, generator, brackets, and oil fill tube and then gave them a coat of black paint. I may take the valve cover off and paint it red, or leave it gray.
  15. These were way past canned air. Lol. I ran them through the kitchen sink car wash!
  16. Cars and coffee, Monday afternoon... Wanted to go, but had to clean up the car first. All ready to now! Wife and I will be there shortly 😊.
  17. I did alot of cleaning today. Cleaned up the good Crosley engine and took the intake and exhaust off. Also took the intake, exhaust, water pump and generator off the bad engine. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish cleaning up the engine and paint it. Also did some other cleaning around the house. Washed and dried three cars in less than one hour!
  18. Today I pulled the engine out of the wagon. Now to clean up the replacement engine and drill out the two broken bolts on the exhaust manifold. Not sure if I will paint the engine factory colors or some combination of body color and factory colors.
  19. Pulling out the engine on my 1951 Crosley wagon. Low compression on two cylinders.
  20. Today I made some progress on the wagon, got the hood off, radiator out, wires disconnected, and lines disconnected. Only spent about an hour on it. Saw a glob of antifreeze in the thermostat housing. (See picture) I'm in no rush to get it done.
  21. Got lots of spare time now that everyone is self quarentined.