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  1. Having a wheelie shocking time on the FOR today. Powder coating the backs of the 6 wheels and the shock brackets black. The wheels were originally black and Crosley painted the fronts white. You can see three of the four shock brackets in the oven baking at 400 degrees.
  2. Jeff, The square u-bolts are available from various Crosley suppliers. The size is 1 1/2" between bolt and 2 3/4" bolt length, 3/8" diameter.
  3. Bernie, Will be waiting to see the bits come together to make a wonderful automotive wonder. Enjoy!
  4. Last bits of welding on the frame. The steering box had broke a piece from the mount and needed to be welded. A piece of metal was found and cut to fit the broken area and welded in and ground smooth. Also more filling and sanding on the frame.
  5. Been spending time on my 1990 Thunderbird that I just got out of storage, my jet skis and other things. Not enjoying them, working on them. Last fall my jet ski broke the intake grate and I replaced it only to find it still wasn't running right, come to find out a week or two ago that it was missing the intake shoe, I got a used one off craigslist and put it in, now it should run right again. I bought a 1990 Thunderbird LX brand new in 1990 and it has been in storage since 2000, has less than 24,000 miles on it and I decided now that it is an antique, time to get it out. Also, the kids are gone, so they won't be messing up the interior. Had to replace the fuel pump to get it to run, and the radio is not working. Has optional external CD player that works part time too. I have read that those radios were junk, so I need to find one that is set up for the external CD player. I also had to get the 1950 Crosley tow truck running as we (Kiski Valley Region) are using it in the photo shoot for our car cruise on August 17th. Wasn't hard to get it running but had to move a few cars to get it out. Needs cleaned up some, but it is now ready. On the FOR, I worked on it some today, welding in some of the large hole in the rear of the frame. At some point in time someone torched the hole to make it bigger. I laid a bead of weld around it and then ground it smooth
  6. Been spending time on all the small parts. Running them over the wire wheel to remove the big stuff. 66 years of crud built upon them, stuff that the sand blaster won't touch. Some now will be sand blasted, some cleaned and painted or powder coated.
  7. Thanks for all the responses. Just thought it would be something good to throw out and ask. Unless something drastic happens in the mold industry, my FOR will be wearing street tires, which many wore from the factory. I just like the looks of the military tires.
  8. I was wondering what the cost would be to make a new tire mold for tires. I am currently restoring a1950 Crosley Farm O Road with 12" military tread tires and the tires are shot. What is the cost to make the mold and what would the average run of tires be to make it worthwhile to a tire company? There are about 125 Farm O Road's out there now, with 7 tires on each vehicle. If someone could chime in as to what would be involved and cost/tire, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Dale PS, not my FOR below.
  9. Jim, I will check that pulley, you can see a few pictures of the pulley in the post with the body off. I am missing all the hydraulic parts, ie, pump, hoses, valve, cylinder. Do you want to sell yours?
  10. John, I tried to start the engine prior to disassembly, but it would not run. It is the same engine in all Crosley's and my plan is to remove the engine from my 1950 Crosley convertible and install it in the FOR. I had pulled the original engine(someone titled the car with the engine #) out of the convertible a few years ago because of bad compression and installed a spare engine so I could take it to the National meet. I don't think the engine that was in the FOR is that bad but the spare engine runs and will get me on the road quicker. As far as the driveline, nothing was tested prior to removal, but will be inspecting them as I restore them. So far everything looks good.
  11. Thank you Paul. Just working on it when I can, and as others have said, it is good to do at least one thing per day on it or you loose interest. A couple of pictures of some factory yellow paint on the passenger side of the front axle. What it means, I don't know?
  12. Today was spent knocking the front axle apart. Removed the springs, wheels and steering components and started cleaning it up. Hope to get the axle in paint soon. Lots of pictures for documentation and for your viewing pleasure.
  13. That's it, the battery box panels are gone. Let the filling begin... Note the very sloppy welds. If you were in a welding class, you would fail making welds like that.
  14. Got the bottom side and sides of the frame primed today. As small and light as the frame is I didn't want to flip it while painting it. Will do some filling and sanding on the bottom side before I flip it and prime the top side and sides again. Does anyone see what is missing on the frame from the previous pictures? Progress...
  15. As promised, all parts back from the blasters last evening. Looking good. Wheels and shock brackets will be powder coated and frame will be painted after some light filling is done.
  16. Loaded the frame, 6 wheels, hitch, and shock brackets in the truck and heading to the blaster. Should be done later this afternoon!
  17. Dave, I do need to know a few things as far as the frame goes. Were the shock mounts and other accessories mounted to the frame before or after it was painted. If it was before, then all the bolts should be black like the frame, if after they should be natural. Do you have the paint code for the FOR green? And can I have your hood? better yet, I'll trade you FOR for FOR, then you can have this one restored! Thanks
  18. No, it is not done already... This is my brother in laws 1950 FOR that I restored a few years ago. His FOR and mine are only 3 numbers apart on the serial number, mine being made earlier than his.
  19. More Pictures. Paul as of right now I do not have any attachments for mine. They are hard to come by but I hope to find some.
  20. The last couple days have been spent tearing down the chassis getting it ready to be sent out for media blasting. Transmission and transfer case removed, front and rear axles removed, steering column removed, shock mounts removed, spring blocks removed. Still only one bolt needed heat to remove it. There are two areas on the frame that need repair, one is the battery box and the other is where the steering box mounts to the frame, one bolt hole is enlarged and broken out. It is now ready to be sent out to blast, along with some loose parts and 7-8 wheels.
  21. Paul, Here is a link to some of the attachments for the FOR. http://crosleyautoclub.com/04Nationals/Saturday/index.html Feel free to look around the site as there is a lot of good information there.
  22. Spent some time pressure washing and dismantling the chassis to prep it for the blaster. It is really amazing that nuts and bolts come loose with out the aid of heat after 66 years. Even the brake lines turned loose from the fittings without twisting the lines off. Will get some pictures up tomorrow.