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  1. I have a lead on a taillight for the Hupp, but it has a red light in the center instead of the clear lens.  It does have two bulbs in the light though.  My car has reverse lights.  Is that light correct?  I would think I could interchange the red bullet lens with a clear one if I could find it.

  2. Not much to see today.  Yesterday I stopped at the metal shop and picked up several pieces of needed metal. Now I can finish several projects on the FOR and make a few sets of the shifter handles for the PTO and Hi/Lo shifter to sell.  

    There is also metal there to make the front bumper brackets, the spare tire bracket, the emergency brake rods and brackets and the clutch rod.  Will keep me busy for a while.



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  3. Cool FOR Keiser.

    Been slowly working on the FOR, little things that need done.  Also working to get ready for that big car show in eastern PA.  I think it is called Hershey???  

    Also spent some time on the 1973 MG Midget.  Years ago when my dad painted the car he left off the MIDGET letters and stainless strip on the rockers.  I decided to put them back on and have been working on that.  Run into a small problem with the paint peeled off when I removed the tape to align the lettering.  I have some of the original DuPont Dulux paint if it is still good...

    Anyone need any Crosley parts?  Let me know what you need and if I have it I will bring it.






  4. I have made more progress on the FOR today.  Last night I was at my brother in law's and was checking out his FOR and noticed a few things that were wrong on mine.  One was the headlight switch was in the wrong hole in the dash, it was where the choke should be.  And the wiring harness only had one group of wires branch out for the gauges and headlights, not two as I had done.  Of course I could be right on two bunches of wires on my FOR as nothing is the same on any two Crosley's.   Both very easy fixes.

    I was able to almost finish off the turn signal switch connections, only needing short pieces of rubber hose to cover the connections.  I also made a trial fitting of the tail light and license plate bracket.




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  5. Thanks Paul, 

    Sometimes I think I have too many cars and need to get rid of a few.  Then I think, which one(s) could I sell?  They are all like family and have a special place in our home!  

    I have been working on the FOR a little bit each day, nothing photo worthy, but getting things done.  I got the wires routed to the rear today and now I need to find or make a few wire straps to hold the wires in place.  Also started to put the carburetor on but need some lock washers.  I had to adjust the throttle linkage some so it would work the carburetor right.  Also cut and fit the last of the battery cable wires and now it is mounted and ready to go.  Also got the upper radiator hose and installed it.

    I was also digging through my collection of Crosley parts looking for a few things, I did pretty good.  I found NOS parts that are needed for the FOR, the water pump coupler special washers and a turn buckle for the clutch linkage.  

    So close to firing it up!

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  6. Thank you John, way too many cars, but how can I sell my family...

    This morning I was able to sand the bumper cover for the Vette and after lunch I found the paint from when I painted the car in 1994.  There was about 1 quart left in the can and it was still good.  It was a base/clear DuPont paint and I even had some of the basemaker!!  Painted it and then cleared it and now I can put the tail lights in and plate on and drive it.



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