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  1. Today I got some metal to make the hinges for the bed.  I also worked on the seat frame.  Sometime in its life someone straightened the uprights of the seat back and removed the springs.  Then they attached vinyl covered plywood for the backs.  I rebent the backs and hope to get some springs from one of our Crosley suppliers.

    Tonight I picked up some springs and nuts and bolts to finish several projects on the bed mounts and emergency brake cables.




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  2. I have seen what might be a problem in the Green and Orange field for several years and thought I would bring it up here to see Hershey Region could look into it and see if they could do anything to fix the problem.  At about 5-6pm every evening there is a mass exit of a lot of the venders from both fields and it becomes a gridlock for hours.  The backup starts at the traffic light on Hershey Park drive and Route 39 and continues the whole way back to the entrance of the Green and Orange field.  I don't know whether the Chocolate and Red fields have the same backup either.  The problem I see is if there is a medical emergency or something like that, the emergency personnel would have a hard time getting to the area in a timely manner.  I don't know if it would be possible to make another exit somewhere or somehow change the entrance to both entrance and exit. 

    Thank you for reading and thank you for putting on a fabulous meet!  The Hershey Region and all its members and helpers do a Awesome job.


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  3. Over the weekend I decided to work on the tailgate and license plate panel before I paint the rest of the bed.  I got a lot done on the tailgate, the hardest part being the lower hinge.  I had to sand down the 3/8" rod and ream out the 1/2" thin wall tubing to get everything to fit right.  Now it is mostly together and tomorrow I hope to finish it up and prime it and the license plate panel and by the weekend have everything painted.




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  4. 21 hours ago, Jim Bollman said:

    I have never seen anything about a shorter dump box being available.

    We can never tell what happened in the Crosley factory.  LOL  Just joking Jim.


    Today I worked on making the tailgate for the FOR.  I got all the dimensions from my brother in laws FOR.  I have most of the metal cut out now and bent where it needs bent. No fancy metal brake here, just a few pieces of angle iron and some vice grips and clamps.  My brake is only 20" wide and the gate is 26". 

    I will need to go to the metal shop to see what I can get for the bottom "hinge".  My brother in laws has the bottom part of the tailgate metal just rolled around a 3/8" bar, I don't think I could get my metal bent around it as tight as they did so I plan on getting a piece of tubing, and weld it to the bottom of the tailgate and slide the 3/8" bar stock through it.  





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