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  1. I am working on a customers 1948 Chrysler 251cid 6 cylinder engine and a few of the head bolts broke.  I can not find the replacement ones at the auto parts in a kit.  Should I buy a complete set or can I buy just a few to replace the ones that broke?  Where would I find them, are they regular Grade 8 bolts??? I also need one valve keeper as one flew the coup as I was installing them.  



  2. I am working on a 1948 Chrysler 6 cylinder Spitfire engine and one of the valve keepers found a way to depart from the valve as I was putting it together.  It is lost forever...  Does anyone have one I can buy???  I looked online and the auto parts don't list them.  I am in Southwestern PA.  



  3. Today I am a very proud owner of a 2nd place Virtual Crosley Club National meet that was held over the weekend.  A few weeks ago we had to submit one photo of our Crosley vehicle and then it was entered into the show.  The show went live on Saturday and was voted on by those that registered and voting ended this morning.   I am so proud that the members of the Crosley club voted for the FOR.  Next year I hope to take it to the National meet and let them see the whole thing and be able to check it out up close and personal.

    And to top off the meet my wife entered her Crosley radios and got 2nd place in the Non-auto class...

    FOR105 - Dale Frederick(PA) 1950 FOR Dump.jpg

    NA104 - Dale Frederick(PA) Radios.jpg

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  4. 1983 Mustang GLX convertible, super low mileage, 2,980.  5.0 Liter High Output, 4 speed manual transmission, power steering, power brakes, A/C, white vinyl upholstery/ white original top.  All original, including tires.  Bought new, first convertible after manufacturers stopped making them in 1976.  Has Antique plates on it.  Ready for the AACA shows.  $24,995 OBO.  Southwestern PA.  Message me, I can get more pictures.



  5. Another show bites the dust this summer, the Crosley National meet has now been cancelled.  

    Work continues on the 1950 convertible.  I cleaned and painted the frame and suspension gloss black and now it is ready for the installation of the engine.  I was planning on buying all the parts I needed to install the engine at the Crosley meet and now that it is cancelled I place a couple orders with our Crosley vendors for some of the parts I need and for some that I will need in the future.  As soon as the motor mounts and throw out bearing arrive I can get the engine back in!  ryIzmsLzuGdE7PLD0IAyhYBIPuRIp6GNMX7K6ZHc2SpYRfQgzP4Pf3G0j7EqivssOEcOezbrJkMqJSvtWt9aWNxCzJ59JdxcBZBP-vHQmHnI8CZfPUD0xHGzDNWVLFrk0XvO261OtvIly-Z_X35YTjeFq0T0LYr11PyH4DvrEN-DXO5Zg2pWteSbReYxk2vhaLcpLuwvItwqcr6WYWoLaHCbiF1_IqAE86WPhpYuQhvgvxlZ1M4QpOD14Fg886fXyjIKiJkgFj2d0x0fPRJq-ceWDXEtqQ7pQpB0vs5MZDs3gZdWXj25jAKhDOlmRooHL75O6WVUb_pnYw17Z_2HdzJ9axX7rxk7wRUcBAIhM5ACGjHL-4x3tTtc2BIJCJYqCGEIHj1ikMsK0ppGLGvaePv2ZVcL6s2neF3ujqEyfVPOD4WbpMQpwQO3xQgl1clyEtKN2L-Mk106n4O_8FCN9ZayYo290rPhXIvx3kkWv_zOu7KnUzsi2LsRbC-RKgFeIl1iAUYyEkXdPvb7M-oKFRIf0G21icPDAhbBpUE76XTSZJcGzkgdPg_h7FmxqfSrnmVlNkGLO6RMIn_XTiN9az7hHKnpOogQPzGesI0Y5FkZPxpiFgBUbf5Svwx0dR6zDaY7GD8PM94yaT97diHdxWS8YEnktLXpvL8hnGWZoML9hcmz6Rg-AQS--5S0zg=w1250-h937-no?authuser=0


  6. With things opening up a little in our area we decided to do a small business appreciation drive thru for our local Dairy Queen that has supported our car cruises for years.   We have had a Memorial Day Cruise here for the last 15 years.   We followed all CDC guidelines and had a great time.  It was super hot and the ice cream was a hit.  Had about 30 cars drive in and get ice cream and leave.  

    For other clubs that have car cruises at local businesses, maybe something like this would work for you, it gets the cars out and also helps the local businesses that have supported you in the past.






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  7. The Kiski Valley Region went to our local county park today for a bagged lunch meeting.  Since the start of this virus we have not had a meeting and with PA starting to open up, we had a fun afternoon.  Got the cars out and had do fun!  Everyone had a great time and practiced social distancing.






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