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  1. Yesterday I worked on the 1948 Chrysler to try and get it running.  The owners are away and I don't have the ignition key so I removed some of the wires I had connected and jumped the starter solenoid and coil.  After lots of adjustments and tries the engine came to life for the first time in a long time.  Sounds good.  Blew alot of rust and nut shells out the exhaust.  Now to get the radiator in.






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  2. Sent out my Hershey renewal last week and yesterday got a phone call from the Hershey Region telling me that my renewal had been received.  But they just didn't call me to tell me that it had arrived, my wife had inadvertently tore out two checks, the one for the space and a blank one.  They called to ask what they should do with the blank check! LOL   So I know that the renewal has arrived.  Thank you Hershey Region for the call.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Tinindian said:

    Unless you are trying to make the position of the distributor match a wiring diagram or an original factory photo it does not matter where the rotor is pointing.  All that is important is that the wire from there goes to # 1 cylinder when it is at TDC on it's compression stroke.  The rest of the wires just follow around in order CW or CCW depending which way the rotor turns.


    keithb7  had the right idea.  Before taking anything apart you should mark the position of everything.  Even with timing gears or chains that are marked, I always make my own marks with a punch because I never know what some previous owner/mechanic has butchered.

    I know that I can just put the wires on to match where the rotor is.

    I was trying to decide if someone had the distributor out and put it back in a different location, my rotor is pointing in about the same direction as keithb7, but the clips and ears on the distributor are different than mine.

  4. C49ER, I had a heck of a time getting that counter balance spring(heavy spring on clutch shaft) on.  I finally removed the lower bolt on the bracket and rotated it, but I couldn't get the bolt to start threading back in so I put it back in and took the top bolt out and rotated the bracket and was able to get it threaded back in and tightened.  Then I looked at your pictures and can see slight scratches on the frame from said bracket rotating to install the spring as I had done.  Pictures are worth a thousand words! 

    Thanks again for the help!!

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  5. I want to personally thank the officers, staff, and regions of the AACA for a wonderful job this year.  They have done a remarkable job dealing with the pandemic.  It was a hard year on all of us but they worked tirelessly for us.  Many car shows and tours had to be cancelled because of the Virus, but they kept up, working with regions and chapters to try and make something happen for us.  The Grand Nationals trials and tribulations would have been enough to make even the strongest of us to fall under all the pressure and changes that had to be made.  But they succeeded in pulling it off!  Hershey flea market was cancelled, and all of our hearts sank, and they still tried to pull off a National car show, but virus restrictions were too much to handle at Hershey, so it had to be cancelled also.  But they continued to work and a National show was scheduled at Gettysburg in November in less than a month!!!  I am grateful that they worked so hard to pull it off as I would probably have never taken my car to a show (can't haul a car and a travel trailer to Hershey at the same time).  The rewards for me was a National First place award for my car, so Thank You to all those that worked so hard to bring the membership something good out of this pandemic year.


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  6. Today I was able to get the engine in the Chrysler Windsor today.  I rented a engine hoist and got some extra hands to ease the install.  It is alot heavier than the Crosley engine... Does anyone know what that Chrysler Windsor 6 cylinder engine with bell housing and torque converter and clutch would weigh?

    It is now setting in the chassis and waiting on all the extras to be installed.




  7. PXL_20201210_181737783.thumb.jpg.5be4723f601a6bef0997aa86bef485b8.jpgNow I am working on getting the engine and transmission in and looking at all the shift levers and brackets and I think I am missing some.  Can someone show me the linkage for the shifter?  I have the shop manual but the pictures are terrible!  Reprint...    Am I missing something on the end of the linkage that is in the picture below that would mount to the bell housing?  

    What is the metal plate with two holes and a few notches in it, the clean piece on the table???

    I wish I would have bought a parts manual...



  8. 12 minutes ago, wayne sheldon said:

    In the first place, those in spite of the appearance, are not fingerprints. They are the result of the painting process leaving thick spots of wet paint that wrinkle as the volatile vapors evaporate out of the drying paint. Certain paints including some "sign painter's" paints are made to be fairly thick so as to not run. The paints used for license plates in those days were similar. 

    It most likely is very original. (However, I am not a license plate expert either?)

    Yes, I agree 100% with Wayne.  Looks original to me.  (Not a license plate expert either)

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  9. If it has a starter solenoid, check to see if you are getting power to the small terminal when you turn the key to the start position.  If not I would suspect the wiring or the ignition switch.  If you have power to the solenoid then I would suspect the solenoid or the starter.  You could run 12 volts directly to the main connection of the starter.

    I am not familiar with Cushman scooters, so this may be way off.

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