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  1. This week has been nice and busy for the shop but that doesn't leave much time for work on the FOR. I'll take it though, because it pays the bills... Along with being busy it has been exceedingly hot and humid around here making it hard to work. But I was able to get a little work done on the FOR today, I started stripping the paint from the front fenders and lower dash area. Fenders look pretty good now, a little sanding and should be ready for primer and filling. The lower dash area will need more stripper applied to get the paint off. I also did some measurements on the front latch for the hood, looks like I will be fabricating it also as I put out a feeler on the Crosley web page and I haven't got any responses yet. I didn't expect too either. If anyone has a hood latch that looks like the one pictured let me know.
  2. Last bunch of pictures from the weekend. The 1957 Chevrolet was a beautiful car! Owner just bought it at Mecum auction in Hershey.
  3. Had a very relaxing holiday weekend at car shows and cruises! Took the 1958 Continental to the Western PA Region car show in Latrobe on Sunday, it is always a great show and even though it was hot it is in a nice park with plenty of shade trees. Lots of nice cars too Then on Monday evening took the 1966 Mustang to a car cruise in the Greensburg Kings Restaurant, again it was hot but we sat in the shade of the building and enjoyed the music and company.
  4. Thank you Jim for adding that picture. As of right now I do not have any accessories for my FOR, but I hope to find one to display with it.
  5. I think he is being honest, some people are so anxious to show what they have before getting alot of pictures and information. I know when I put my dad's cars up for sale I didn't have good pictures and not much information on there conditions. I wasn't "fishing ", I was just anxious to get them out there where people could see them. Give people the benefit of a doubt!!!
  6. More progress made on the hood today. I formed the rest of the front panel and got it to fit the way I want it but I haven't welded it in yet because it needs a small piece on the bottom flap to keep the hood from sliding forward and side to side. I made the extra supports and guide for the rear of the hood and installed them. A few little things to go and I will have a hood for the FOR! I will probably have to mig weld the front panel on the hood because the arms for the spot welder are not long enough to reach from the back of the hood up or wide enough to reach from the front.
  7. Jim, I was thinking the same thing as I was making it. Depends on how the rest goes together.
  8. SUCCESS!! The hood is now bent! I am very happy with the way it turned out, now if I can get all the little bits and pieces on it without distorting it. To all those that offered ideas on how to bend it, I thank you!
  9. Just a little progress to report today on the FOR. The lower front panel had two pieces of metal that were cut out to clear the tires. I cut new pieces and welded them in, well almost got them both welded in, ran out of mig wire. Slowly but surely I am getting all the little things taken care of. Also a picture of the practice bend on the hood. I am about ready to attempt it on the real piece as soon as I clear off the workbench...
  10. Today I did a little test roll on a small piece of metal for the hood. I rolled the piece around a 4" piece of PVC pipe. The scrap piece of metal was only about 8" wide, about one third of the width of the real hood, but it bent exactly as I wanted it. Now to decide if I should try it on the real piece.
  11. Today I finished spot welding the places I couldn't get while it was sitting on the frame. The body is pretty solid now. I have a few spots on the front fender extension on the passenger side that I replace a few weeks ago that I need to weld to the fender up underneath. I also want to put a stiffener on the side panel on the passenger side were the spare tire mounts, will just be a piece of 16 gauge metal about 2" X 4" spot welded on the inside of the side panel at the front corner. No pictures today.
  12. Body is back off the chassis and now I can finish spot welding and start bodywork. Some before and after pictures to see the difference.
  13. Paul, The spot welder is a Dayton 2Z544 240V, from what I have seen it was made by Miller. It was on a stand but that would have been too hard to move the FOR around to make that work. I will say that it works pretty good, I tried it on some scrap metal and couldn't separate them after they were spot welded! Dad had bought it at an auction years ago and probably didn't pay much for it. It sat at the building and I asked him about it the other day and he said he had tried it and it worked years ago.
  14. I did a little more spot welding this morning, getting as much as I could with the body on the chassis. Fewer vice grips holding it together now. I will put a few welds on the front upper side panels where they meet the front clip and also where they meet the rear panel and it will be ready to lift off again!
  15. I got more done on the FOR today. Started to spot weld the side panels to the floor!! The passenger side is creating a problem because the fuel tank brackets are in the way of the spot welder, was only able to get the 3 spot welds at the rear of the panel. But the drivers side went really nice. Spot welds every 2", should hold it pretty good! Once I get most of it spot welded I will remove the entire body from the chassis and put it back on the cart and finish spot welding everything.
  16. Jeff, angle iron is only legal for use on Crosley FOR's metal bending! Today I finished drilling all the holes in the floor and spot welded the brace on the underside of the floor. It is the first time I used the spot welder, dad has had it at the building for years and I never knew it was that easy to use! Now the floor is on the chassis and in position to be attached to the front clip. I will drill the holes for the 10-32 screws that attach the floor to the toe board and then the sides will be installed. Why Crosley used screws to hold the two together is a mystery as once the sides are attached you can't separated the front clip from the tub area???
  17. I tore everything apart and welded the rear pieces to the floor and I am now in the process of grinding it smooth. Looking pretty good if I say so myself. Won't be long till it all becomes one piece!
  18. I have a little progress to report today on the FOR. I worked on the rear section of the floor today and got both pieces made to finish off the floor. Now I will tear everything apart and weld the pieces in and smooth it up and it will be ready to assemble again for hopefully the last time.
  19. Test fit! Today was the day that I have been thinking about for quite some time now. The body is on the chassis, even if it is just temporary. I sat the front clip on the frame and then built the tub area with vise grips. Things fit fairly well, a few adjustments will be needed but all in all I am very excited! Now to get the final piece of the floor cut and welded in at the very rear, which is the main reason I had to put everything together to see how much more floor I need.
  20. Holey Cow! Oh wait that is the other Crosley... I have been busy drilling the necessary holes in the floor panel for all the mounting points for the seat brackets, fuel tank, frame and such this morning. It will be much easy to do it now before I attach the side panels and attach it to the front section of the body. I still have 3 bigger holes, one for steering column, one for fuel tank filler neck and one for the emergency brake, to drill yet, but I forgot the hole saw bits at home.