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    1977 Corvette at Hershey
  2. Check with the Crosley club, Crosley Automobile Club Inc.- Home for all Crosley Car Owners or the group page to post a note http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Crosley_Gang/messages. The trannys are available, and there are a couple members in your area. Crosley trannys from 1946-1952 should fit with no problem.
  3. Looks to be a reconstructed or totaled car VIN.
  4. Looks almost identical to mine. Nice Car!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Steve. Enjoy your birthday party. Oh right you are in Florida and the Crew in Hershey is partying without you!
  6. Almost all cars are worth restoring (condition #5 or higher) if you have a sentimental attachment to it. There are very, very few cars that can be restored for less than their value when finished. Restore a car because you want to, not to make money on it. Restoration is a love affair with a vehicle...
  7. Wife, "I think you have ruined my car Dear! It's gonna need a new roof and trunk lid, new back window, paint... and rear suspension" Husband "But honey, It would have cost $19.95 to rent their truck to haul this plywood home!!!"
  8. John, I have been following the "REFRESH" from the beginning. So much for just freshening up a tired old car, huh? She is sure looking good now. Money well spent on the restore. Can't wait to see it all together.
  9. If that Craftsman stud extractor is like mine, just drive the "drive" part out of the extractor from the side you show in the second picture and the whole thing will fall apart. The drive part is just held in the tool with a pressure fit ball similair to the ball to hold the sockets to the ratchet and extentions.
  10. I have a 292 CID. ford engine and would like to know what it is worth. It turns over and all the valves are free. Hasn't run in a long while. Ballpark figure on what it is worth? Thanks
  11. Who was the manufacturer of the radio? Looks like Motorola?
  12. I second what Paul said. Remove all freeze plugs and check for scaling and debris. Especially if you are going to remove the exhaust manifolds now. It will be almost like the engine is out on a stand! Well, not quite... Crosley's are well known for scaling and debris in the engines too, causing overheating. Also if you take the exhaust manifolds off and have someone weld a nut on that broken stud, then once it is cool, heats the exhaust manifold red where the stud is, it should turn right out. Heat is the key to stud remove on exhaust parts. May be cheaper than buying another set of manifolds. That is if your brother can't find his and donates his to the 'cause'.
  13. Most Crosley's had red vinyl interiors, no matter what color the exterior was. So your Avanti will be in with a great class of cars.
  14. Any Ideas? What vintage it is? What does the PMHV stand for?
  15. Can't wait to see the restoration start on the Jag!!! Just kidding... Love the color of the Jag, can't wait to see the Avanti painted. Love your post.
  16. But how do you steer the boat with the wheels up? Must have also had a rudder of some sort. When the wheels are up are they disconnected from the steering gear, if not they would hit on the sides of the car??? Very interesting Amphi....
  17. Can anyone tell me what this pin was for?
  18. That debris looks bigger than valve guide seals. I think it is more like one of the gaskets on the valve cover that seals the two bolts holding the cover on. Check them out.
  19. Does anyone know who owned the Tucker that was sold on Sat.?
  20. Looks like no seat belts or racing harness, seat even come out of car. Must be very relaxed on safety at that track!! Very lucky driver...
  21. Paul, same here, no pics????
  22. If you don't want to damage the boot or the joint on the tie rod end try smacking the side of the part where the tapered shaft for the tie rod goes through with a 2 lb. hammer. Usually a few good smacks and the tie rod end will pop right out. If you are not worryed about damaging the tie rod end the pickle fork works too, if you have one.
  23. I am working on a 1957 Ford Skyliner with a Fordomatic transmission that shudders on hard acceleration. I think the bands are out of adjustment and have the shop manual, but they say use the tool to adjust. I know you can use a torque wrench to adjust the bands but I need to be sure what the adjustments are. For the front band someone has wrote in 10 inch lbs. torque. For the rear band they have wrote in 10 ft lbs. Which is correct or are they both correct? Any help would be appriciated.
  24. Ken, It is "Continuing Judges Education". It is a class that is usually held after Judging school and before judging that centers on a certain vehicle or area of a vehicle (ie. Paint, interior, engine, Mustang, Model T, Model A, etc). A knowledgable instructor handles the class of a small group(20-30) of interested students (judges), which last about 20-30 minutes and usually it also includes Q & A. Many fine points of a certain vehicle are reviewed, and what is authentic and what is not is covered. Hope that helps Dale