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  1. Any interest??? Or it goes for scrap.
  2. Then it was on to installing the u-joints in the freshly painted driveshaft and installing it on the chassis. Easy, right??? Nope, u-joints went in as planned but when I bolted it to the transfer case and then lifted it to the rear end and... hummmm 1" too short??????? What's wrong? Did it shrink? Is the slip joint stuck? Nope, after some measurements and calls to my brother in law to measure his FOR rear axle placement, it was determined that the leaf springs were installed backwards, rear end was 1" further back than it should be. Not to hard to fix all the bolts are clean and everything went well and now the driveshaft fits and the drive line is complete. Just about ready for the body to be put on.
  3. Just a quick picture of the wooden dash plaques for the show on Memorial Day. Then it was on to filling the transmission, transfer case, and differential with grease. Then the top could be installed on the transmission after making a gasket. So much easier filling the units while the body is off.
  4. This morning I worked on testing the generator and installing it, and painting the driveshaft. I still need to install the joint between the generator and the water pump and the hoses.
  5. Sweet. Hope it makes the journey safely!
  6. Now that the paint is dry on the FOR, the process has started to get it back together. Today I worked long and hard on the dash panel, cleaning and polishing. It was hard work but I did get it done. I cleaned and installed the turn signal indicator. Looks pretty good, doesn't it? Ok, it wasn't really that hard, but it was covered in red paint, so I had to carefully scrape the paint off it and then use buffing compound on it to shine it up. And it WAS the first part back on the body! A "turn" for the better! Still getting ready for our car clubs Cruise in at our local Dairy Queen on Memorial Day to benefit ALS. If you are near the Apollo PA Dairy Queen on Memorial Day stop in 1-5pm. Today I sprayed the final two coats of polyurethane on the front side and now I wait for them to dry.
  7. When we got home from the car show I went to the shop and sprayed a coat of polyurethane on the plaques. Back sides are now done! Also put the FOR body outside to keep it out of the spray mist.
  8. I had a busy weekend, our local theater that I volunteer for had a Age of Aquarius band concert on Saturday night. Then Sunday the wife and I and some friends went to a car show that everything was free, registration, food, and fun. And the food choices covered about 10 - 8 foot tables. And they also had free hot dogs, hamburger, pulled pork sandwiches and pop and water outside! Amazing!!!! Never thought I would win a prize but I got "Spectator's Choice" Also saw another Hupmobile.
  9. I would like to get most of the chassis together before the body is on as it is much easier to work on. Lots of little things, exhaust hangers, bleed brakes, drive shaft, fill trans, transfer case and differential with grease, install generator, install hoses, etc. I may even put the radiator and such on before the body is dropped back on, just not sure yet. Just ordered new u-joints for the driveshaft and they should be here today, then I can strip the old u-joints and paint the shaft and install them. Today I somewhat shifted gears, started working on the wooden plaques for our clubs Memorial Day Car Cruise. Trying something a little different this year, I have stained some of the plaques to see if they like them stained or natural. They all will get polyurethane cleared. Thanks for the comments and questions. Dale
  10. As promised... The pictures of the FOR in it's new outfit.
  11. Just a little teaser... I got it painted today. Looks pretty good if you ask me. Pictures to follow...
  12. Today I flipped the Farm O Road upright in final preparation for paint. I just finished sanding the topside with 360 grit paper so now it is ready. Still have to sand the hood, battery cover, and steering column support yet. Then mask off the bottom side and it will be ready. I can't wait!!!
  13. Some of the pictures show the color a little greener than it really is. It is very close to the original color. Paul, lots of work to do yet... But it is a lot cleaner work now. Thanks. Jim, I took the hotshot around the block last weekend and have had the Vette out to a show, but outside of that things are at a stand still. Trying to get this FOR painted is taking up all my time. So much to do and so little time. lol Hopefully by next weekend it will be either sitting back on the frame or very close to it. Dale
  14. Ford automatic transmission part # RF-E9DP-7006-AA TAILSHAFT HOUSING # RF-EOAP-7A040-DB. All one piece aluminum bell housing and case. Not sure what it came out of, do you know? Might have been a 64-66 T-bird? Condition unknown. NO SHIPPING, unless you take care of everything including having it picked up. Located in SW PA Can deliver to Hershey in the fall. $100.00 Message me if interested. Dale SW PA
  15. For sale is a torqflight transmission from a 1958 Chrysler with a 292 Hemi engine. This is the push button transmission. Trans case # 1736413-17, Tailshaft cover # 1736377, Condition unknown. Located in SW PA. NO SHIPPING, unless you take care of everything including having someone pick it up. Can be delivered to Hershey this fall. $200.00 Message me if interested. Dale SW Pennsylvania
  16. Here are my summer top down cars! 52 Supersports, 49 Hotshot, 73 MG Midget, 57 Skyliner, 66 Mustang, 58 Continental
  17. Ok, I do have pictures of the paint in color! Turned out great for the underside of the FOR. I will let it sit till next week to cure and then flip it over and give the top side one last sanding and then paint will be applied. I also got the last brake hose on and it is almost ready to put fluid in it. Speaking of fluid Dave and Jim, and any other FOR guys, what weight gear oil should I use in the rear end, transmission and transfer case? Dale
  18. Nice car, hope you gave him a free year membership in the club(AACA and CAC). Dale
  19. I got the paint today! And it is the right color... Let me know what you think.😎
  20. I agree with you. Older tires were made from better material and as long as they are soft and pliable and not dry rotted, I think they are good to use. New tires are junk!
  21. I installed 3 of the 4 brake hoses yesterday. The other front hose I have to order, as I ordered 4 hoses of the same length and the fronts are shorter. I had one spare for my other cars that I used on one front. Now today the paint is supposed to be here! I hope it is the right color... Stay tuned...
  22. Our annual Memorial day cruise is coming up and I am making the 75+ custom wooden dash plaques. Saturday my dad and I cut the 1"x4" x8' oak to size and tonight I routered the edges. Next step is belt sanding them, maybe tomorrow? I have been making these plaques for probably 15 years now so it is old hat now!
  23. Jim, I just ordered them from Autozone. One of our friendly parts suppliers gave me the part number as he was out of them at Waeseon last year...