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  1. How likely will it be to find judges that know everything about all types of VW's? I know several VW owners that are judges and I'm sure they'll agree; there is a big difference between a 87 Jetta and a 55 Bug, and for someone to know all the ins and outs of all the VW models is hard to believe. Let's dump, let's say...all the Fords into one class....would you expect a judge to know them all?? So those folks that are AACA/VW folks and judge...are they going to be judging their own class?? From what my friends tell me...when they request to judge a certain class, that they feel comfortable judging, they rarely get them. True?? it is what it is now...
  2. I hadn't chimed in here...because I didn't have a solid answer...but wouldn't these parts of some VW markings on them? They put part numbers on everything...I would think the handles or crank would be marked??
  3. James Bond drove a convertible in "You Only Live Twice". Cool cars. Toyota 2000GT - James Bond Wiki
  4. Well…it does not come much of a surprise to me. What did we learn? 1. That VW owners did NOT want to be in a class with "small cars". 2. The idea of having a specific class for VW was appealing…but who wouldn't want a more specific class for their make of car? 3. The majority of folks that wanted to go back to production are those folks that probably show at Hershey…where location to the septic plant plays a role (and now will probably be worse since a third "sub" class has been added to 04 (A, B & now C). 4. AACA likes to add more work load to themselves…and may have potentially opened a can of worms for themselves as other marque may request their own classes?? (judges, awards, field space for a new class, etc…etc) Again, I appreciate the work that went into this. I can't say I'm uber excited about the class as it still seems pointless to me. But…whatever… I just hope…now that there is going to be a class, 04C VOLKSWAGEN…that it truly covers and takes in ALL Volkswagens! Do not take the Type 2's out…don't let the Ghias show in sports cars…etc, etc. If the VW owners voted for the class…put'em all together! That is all…see everyone in Carlisle, with my proudly built (but not headquarted) in PA VW Rabbit!
  5. As seen from the results of the SE Spring Meet in Charlotte, NC April 6th 2013: Class 27M Second Junior 1979 Volkswagen..........................................................................................Roger Tetrault, Charlotte, NC Have things changed?? Please say yes....
  6. I recently went through the process with the Superoo. Although this particular car is a 1972 Subaru and has been a race car since day one. It is shown with the AACA as a 1987 Subaru because it is in it's original 1987 "colors". Whatever scheme you opt to show your car in...that paint scheme must be 25 years old regardless of the actual year of the car. I could not show the Subaru until "87" cars were eligible for AACA.
  7. I've put together many for my old VW club...they are fun! Also take a lot of time to plan one out. You may try contacting your closest SCCA region..and see if they are doing rallies.
  8. Dave...it is simple...VW's aren't microcars. Were any VW's part of the big "micro car auction" that just went down? There isn't one VW owner that wouldn't feel unsafe cruising the highway at any time. I would bet more than half of the true micro cars wouldn't feel safe driving from the host hotel to the show field at most AACA events. Think of the Reading event this Spring..... What happens...happens....
  9. Since I'm getting "my way"…do you think the new survey could be titled the "Ron Mann Honorary Survey" or something? Well…you can read this a couple of ways. If the majority of the VW owners wanted OUT of 04b…and into their own Volkswagen class….they must really not like being in 04b, right?!!? Which was the basis of this whole movement. :confused: I would be willing to bet that if you would, let's say…you take one of the "mixed marque" high performance classes…and you sent out a "survey" asking if they would like to stay in the high performance class OR start a Mopar only class…you would get the same results. If the small car class would have been laid out with a criteria and a mandatory move was not implemented…how many "small" car owners, VW or not, do you think would have moved on their own? Just curious....
  10. Hmmmm….interesting. Look forward to the updated survey. Since some folks may end up being a bit confused on what is going on…or why all the "surveys"... I hope there it some factual background and information in the cover letter and/or directions to view this thread on the AACA Discussion forums, so people really get an understanding of what's up. Thanks for the update.
  11. Yea... It's Peter...That's the class he'd like to be back in!
  12. All is good Dave...I see RReish mentioned the "all" return part...I don't think he really meant that. He is more worried about the VW's. Like HPOF and DPC...an owner chooses to show in that class...once they are IN...they are there for good, or unless they do some paperwork, return awards. I'm just proposing and have been for sometime, why can't a car owner choose their class and be done with it? The small car class remains in tact...if you choose to go there, great. If I choose to show in Production...super. Crosley truck guy wants to be in commercial...awesome. Crosley Hot Shot guy and Ghia guy wants to be in sports car...fine and dandy! You either could NEVER leave that class or if would have to do some major red tape (in order to discourage such a move) to move to another class. If the car fits, by definition of the class, where is the pain? What will happen is going to happen...folks will either choose to play along or they just won't come out to play. We all shall see.....
  13. I'm not here to be disrespectful or unappreciative for the work that is trying to be accomplished. I enjoy good debate and discussion. This is a discussion forum…set up and hosted by the AACA…it is an excellent tool for members to discuss such issues. In Steve's conversations or the CJC's conversations with these disgruntled VW owners…has it been recommended that they view this discussion on the AACA forum? It would certainly be nice to hear their side of this issue, rather than hearing it second or third handed. We've seen several VW owners who are in favor of going back to the Production Classes and who are not forum regulars, take the time to log in and join…just to make a statement for the record. I would love to hear from one, just one…that didn't like their life in the Production Classes. Would I like to handle the complaint letters from VW owners that are not keen on life in the Production Classes, you ask. HECK YEA….at least then, I'd know who they are, what type of car they have and I could hear what they are complaining about. I'll go as far as posting my phone number on this thread…I'll go back and put one numeral in each of my posts…just to ensure that they have to read and know what their VW friends are saying and feeling in this thread, prior to calling. Using my Kreskin ESP home game in conjunction with the magic 8 ball I predict the following(as this combination has made other correct predictions within this thread): 1. The "survey" results will be discussed at the Philly meeting 2. A FINAL decision will be made on the placement of the VW's 3. An implementation date will be announced 4. This thread will be locked 5. Later to be deleted 6. Ron Mann will be roughed up by AACA thugs and thrown into a trunk…although it will have to be a trunk of a "large car" because he won't fit into "small car" trunk! All joking aside…I really hope the correct decision will be made. A great number, of high quality VW show cars, are represented by the folks that have posted on this thread in favor of returning to the Production Classes. In several conversations outside of this forum(as it was once pointed out, the world does not revolve around this forum) many of these cars may never be seen on an AACA show field again. Is that a threat? No…sadly…it could end up being the truth as the continued frustration of this issue looms. Look at Hershey…world's greatest car show…9 VW's received awards in 2011…1 in 2012. Sitting back…and waiting.
  14. Dave…we all know you're a fan of the 04b class. We're all glad it works for you…and your cars. You were one of the lucky folks to have been involved since the conception…we know that too. Many of us must have missed this grand announcement back then to join in on the fun…but I'm sure we would have made our opinions known then as well. Are the claims and questions brought up here, out of line? Is there something wrong with the VW owners wanting to be back in the production classes? Does the presence of the VW's in 04b validate the existence of your cherished, 04b class? Again, why can't an owner choose what class they would like to present in?? You can have your 04b class and anyone else that wants to be in 04b…heck, why not lobby for a Crosley only class, seems to be the latest trend and it only takes "several" folks to get it going. This is a discussion forum and that's all that is going on here. Being that you were on the frontline in the battle to get 04b started…it is obvious you don't understand the frustration one may feel when they were just pulled out of a Production Class, that they may have been competing in for years, to be plopped into some new class that was set up to accommodate "small cars", defined by a random list. We were told to write our letters…and we did…we got a "survey" and what does it ask? Stay in 04b or start a Volkswagen only class….neither of which the people posting here wants….can you at least understand the frustration?
  15. Yes…I know I'm not "everyone"…but I am in contact with a fair number of VW owners that show with the AACA. Many of which are monitoring this issue and have entrusted me (isn't that scary) to speak for them, since we're all in agreement. so....again, why didn't the "survey" reflect the multiple scenarios? Some members, that received the letter, are probably oblivious as to the overall debate over this issue and seeing the "survey", as it is presented, think it is the greatest idea?? Without ALL the potential options on the table..do you not think this "survey" is a bit tilted? As it is presented now; 1. The "call in" member got his choice..."staying where he is", which we take as a "vote" of NO. Stay in 04b 2. The "several" that want a VW class…which will be a "vote" of YES. Start 04c There was NO choice or means to vote for(unless you make a comment); Return to Production Class….hmmmm, just pointing out the obvious. As you see here, people invovled in the discussion, will be "writing in" that choice…but for those not tuned into the debate…won't think they have a choice! Again…looks a bit tilted. Steve, you said it yourself, in a post on this very thread, about the pin pointing of classes; "In some cases the only way we could make someone happy would be to have a class like Class 1296, 1974 Buick LeSabre, Red, built in March, PS/PB, AM/FM, floor mats and delivered in Hoboken." With such a movement to an all VW class, are we not getting closer to that? Production Class > Small Car Class > VW Class? Again, I know AACA is trying to resolve an issue…wasn't it so much easier when a production car was a production car? I also don't buy the "tired of competing against the larger cars" argument…nor why the AACA would cater to such a request. There have been numerous VW Junior, Senior, Preservation and Grand National winners…the fact someone is coming up short is no excuse to lobby for their own class, be it a "small car" class or a "VW only" class. What a potential can of worms this could open?? Could you not then argue that "economy cars" and "luxury cars" can't compete against each other within the same class? I have a feeling I know one of the VW owners that might be looking to move around due to a lack of "award success"…I won't call it out, other than to say…it is a nice car, but was "restored" completely wrong. The VW's that have achieved great success on the AACA show fields, that I've seen, have all been pretty consistently awesome cars. It took my Squareback MANY years to get a First Junior, being a 19k original miles car (original in paint/interior/engine/exhaust) it has a few dings here and there…competed with all the large cars from 1970…is it Senior worthy? No…I don't think it is (although I wish it could be honored with the HPOF badge as well). But here it is…from the pages of the February 2013 issue of Collectible Car (even got on the back cover)….Note that AACA badge on the front license plate! Point of this is…if a car is worthy of an award, the class it is in does not matter! It took a few requests for post show judging forms to understand what was going on. These folks that have not met their expectations with the AACA awards…have they requested judging forms, sought input on why they feel they are coming up short against larger cars or are they just asking to move to another class??
  16. The "survey" has hit the mailboxes of a few of us...and there is already a ton of off line discussion. For those of you that won't get the survey...it basically asks if a new class 04C should be created for VW's only, YES or NO (minus the Type 2's for some reason??). To reinforce what Steve mentioned…I know of no VW owner that is looking for an all VW class, the folks I hear from would like to go back to the Production Classes. If people vote "no" does that mean VW's stay in 04B, small car class? Where are they Buses going? Why would they be pulled out of an all VW class??? In the letter I got back from VP of Judging…the second paragraph starts as such: "A brief history behind Class 04 begins in 2010 when members of the following clubs, Metropolitan, Crosley, Morris Minor, Isetta and Vespa, approached AACA. These members were also AACA members felt this would be a tool for possible membership growth for both clubs." No mention of Volkswagen owners……where are these "pro" small car class VW owners? If you are lurking here...please chime in, state your case. I appreciate the AACA for taking the effort, time and expense for sending out the "survey"…but, really…this is what has come out of all the discussions and letters... a "yes or no" question? If in fact there are "other VW owners saying they do not want to go back to production classes"…why couldn't the "survey", which is more like a ballot, reflect all the potential scenarios? Make it a true vote… Example: - Establish class 04C - Volkswagens (and if you're going to do this…include ALL Volkswagens) - Remain in 04B - Small Car Class - Return all VW's to appropriate Production Car classes - Don't care! What happens if we "write in" a selection? Will it be heard? Will it count? With the lack of being able to vote for a; "return to the Production Classes"…We may have had our voices heard but it appears no one is listening? There are posts on this thread (yes, I want back and read them all) as far back as 2011 requesting a return to Production. Production Class…clear cut, simple, makes sense, and a good historic representation of cars available in a time period. This WILL be reflected on my "survey" (ballot) with a copy of this message enclosed. I guess what will happen, happens....initial excitement has turned out to be kind of a bummer.
  17. Great...looking forward to seeing this.
  18. Casper....thanks for the info. As Historian for the PHA...I am constantly amazed on the rare and obsucre types of cars our events hosted over the years!!
  19. Agree...totally Blue Field. The car is located on the main "drive" up the middle of the old Blue Field. The car is driving West...towards the Stadium. Model T Nick is correct on the trees being in the North East Corner of the Blue Field (at one time Hershey Nursery was on that side of the street (where Turkey Hill is now) before moving across the street (where Wendy's is now).
  20. TheSamba.com :: VW Classifieds - 165/80/15 set of 4 tires NEW
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