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  1. I have two questions, is there a new replacement brake drum which can be rivited to the original hubs? ( perhaps 60's jeep ) And is there a brake pressure warning valve that can be used to split the front and back brake systems and can be used on the single chamber master cylinder? Thanks
  2. any good alternator repair shop will convert for you. I had a delco changed to a one wire 6 V pos ground. no reg is needed just connect bat lead to alternator. what a difference, 7.5 V constant, brighter lights etc.
  3. The info I have is sketchy at best re the non electric OD units, the OD I have is a R-7 and I need any and all info on this trans, in particular the operation of the solenoid.
  4. I am putting a 39 desoto overdrive trans in a 37 dodge coupe. This OD trans has a solenoid ,but does not have a rail lockout switch or a governor(no provision for either). How does this trans sense engagement speed? I have manuals for the non electric B-W OD and the fully electric B-W OD for 1940 and up, but the 39 B-W OD seems to be the cross over year and I can find no info at all. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. 30-ML-113259-ML-<br /><br />Moved to Dodge Brothers Forum. RWB
  6. I have a 37 dodge with 3;9 gears and am looking for 3;25 to 3;50 gears. Can anyone tell me what other years and models might have theses gears
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