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  1. I'm looking to buy the horn contact for my '95 Buick Roadmaster, this is the circuitry found under the air bag in the steering wheel. Will prefer NOS but a good used one will do. Please let me know of any leads if you know of any. Thanks.
  2. I was able to walk on Saturday to the AACA show at the Auto Fair and take some pics of the Buicks that I saw there and a few from the swapmeet.
  3. Thanks for posting those Pete,looking forward for more from you and all the others.Great cars!
  4. Not mine.Saw this craigslist ad and had to pass it along. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/pts/4528689318.html
  5. Here is a sample of Ingenue's discussion over at the V8 Buick board: http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?190981-Bought-my-dad-s-old-67-Buick-Funny-Car-quot-Ingenue-quot&highlight=ingenue http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?215085-Ingenue-pics-fom-Henderson-NC&highlight=ingenue
  6. That time of the year again.As in previous years we will be in the Red Field in spaces CR 18-21 and DR 18-21.We encourage all our Buick friends to stop by and rest or shoot the breeze for a while and invite you to use our location for meeting others or to store your parts while perusing the Red Field.Hoping for good weather and seeing new and old friends. http://www.charlotte-autofair.com/
  7. We have a veterans group at work that with the company's support try to help veterans charities.Our las effort was to answer the call of the local VA hospital for reading materials for their patients,I sent a nice lot of Bugles hoping to brighten someone's day.
  8. Small block Chevy manifolds,most of them,block the rear coolant passages.I have seen some that people modify by drilling and tapping holes for a crossover pipe/hose between the rear coolant passages.Yours will be fine.
  9. Sorry.I didn't for that car,the owner was busy cleaning it and I did not want to be on his way.
  10. Random parts: These were the best deal out there in my opinion,I should have bought them but decided against it,oh well.
  11. Here is one for the prewar era lovers,the car looked very solid:
  12. This was my first time attending any event at the Carlisle show grounds I went on the insistance of a friend.It has always been hard for me to justify the travel/lodging and time expense related to going to out of state swapmeets since I'm so close to the Charlotte venue for the Auto Fair where I have been setting up as a vendor since 2000. The weather was fine and we all had a great time.I was not a big spender but I did find a red glass lens for my mid twenties Buick taillight for $12.00,I feel real good about that purchase. Here are some of the pictures that I took:
  13. My car was not sold new with one and I may need one in the future.If you have one that you may part with post the details here or send me a PM.Thanks.
  14. Looking for this part for a friend please look at this other post http://forums.aaca.org/f143/61-dodge-lancer-need-assistance-part-357040.html
  15. A friend has a neighbor who is restoring a '61 Lancer,the car was missing the dash mounted speaker grille and he purchased one online that was supposed to be the right part.It was not,the bolting pattern was different.I volunteered to post here for him to try to find out a correct part number for the grille or better yet a source for the part.I found a '61 Lancer for sale on ebay and the grille looks to be a ribbed rectangular piece.Any information will be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  16. Dave,I sent you an email on the parts at the email listed above.
  17. Here ya go... 455 Buick Pistons 8 | eBay
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