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  1. I really like the aproach and the way that you are going about it on this car,it will be stunning when finished.I have been following the thread for a while and I look forward for your progress reports.Please consider in the future to submitt a write up to the Buick Modified Division(BMD) for publication on the Buicks Our Way newsletter,it will please many.Keep up the good work!
  2. Seems like this post has taken a funny slant for the regulars here but I think that it is still a good topic for the newbies.Since I consider myself one of the new bloods,I'l post here too. My name is Hector Flores and I'm a member of the BCA(42718),the Carolina Chapter and the Modified Division.I own a '69 Electra,'79 Electra Limited and a '95 Roadmaster.I hope to get a '70 Wildcat in the future and see what I can do with my cars on the 1/4 mile just to say that I did it and get what I can of the Bucik powerplants.I don't show my cars but I drive them any chance that I get. Please,don't waste
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