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  1. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yes he is very nice guy, And the car does have a good home. Do wish at times that it will find its way back though. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> </div></div> Well Kirby ole boy, the Florida meet is coming up in 6 months and you have plenty of time to get time off and come on over. You can bring me that other 16 valve that is running around there. Then I will hand you the keys to your ole Black Beauty for you to use while you are here. You can only stay for a week though. haha Ya'll Come! Tom {nice guy] that loves 16 valve TC's.
  2. Was that a HOOT or what? Great times with nice people. Thanks to all for a special 30th anniversary weekend, my wife's and mine. And special thanks to Karleen for everything, including all those wonderful News Letters. HA HA <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> And can you imagine to get to see the Last TC made just sitting out there in the parking lot? So Nice Jim! I can't wait for next year. I am just glad we have a special Florida meet coming up in 6 months. It will be here before you know it. Get your reservations in early! Thanks for the wonderful ride on the Laguna Seca Race Track also. That was definately worth the price of admission. Tom
  3. For some reason EBAY pulled that listing on the 5 speed TC. I was a bidding pretty hard on it and poof it was gone. It may have been God's way to save me from my wonderful bride of 30 years since she has threatened me with more eery threats, if I even look at another TC, much less buy another one. Geeeez I do believe the 200 number is close. Of the 11 TC's we have bought, we have not registered any of them as of yet. And it seems that Larry has around 105 of them now. And probably most of those are noth registerred anymore. I had heard from the friend in Florida that there were around 1600 TC's registered. If so there are probably that many again that are driveable that are tucked away somewhere that are not kept registered. I definately would like to see a Registry started to keep up with these Beautiful Cars. Tom
  4. Alan, thanks for a great time at the Nationals. You made both Rose and I feel most welcome. Hopefully we can do the same for you when the Florida meet comes around. I definitely have to figure a way to get a Masi or 2 to the National next year. Going around that wonderful racetrack in a PT Cruiser convertable is just not the same as a nice 16 valve TC. hahahaha But it was still way cool! It was a great time had by all.
  5. Oliver, just my 2 cents worth. This part is almost always broken or missing from most of the TC'c. I picked up one of the used ones from the national meet from Larry. I say spend the 35 to 45 for the original. It looks so much better than the little lebaron one. Keep the lebaron one as a spare. I have seen some people spend $500 worth of time looking for these little jewels. Like I said, just my 2 cents. And the Florida meet is shaping up to be a really good one.Would love to have you come with Dad. Last year the Florida Mt Dora was our 1st event and now we have been to the National and are planning to attend the Carlyle event in Penn. I know you like the 16 valves and I promise more 16 valves will be in the florida event than you will see looking all over the country. Good Luck, Tom <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  6. Thanks for the description of your TC. And that is a color I don't have yet in a 16V.haha Sounds like you have found someone to take good care of it though,Dang It. I bet that was a hard thing to do, giving it up. Get him to bring it to the National. Tom <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  7. jean b, tell your friend that he needs to join the club and bring you. Seriously the club has been a great gift for my wife and I. We have only been to one meet here in florida but we have met lots of folks and they are so helpful when it comes to the ownership and care of these wonderful automobiles. Some of the Best money we ever spent in our 30 years of mariage that we will be celebrating at the show. I do believe and hope that the big show is in Carmel California this year instead of Reno, though. That is where we have reservations and airplane reservations to. haha A lot of us like to keep up with the 16 valve cars and that one definately sounds nice. Tell us about it and a bit of the history if you will. Mileage? Ya'll Come, Tom & Rose <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  8. Rose and I will be flying out on Saturday. Will be leaving Florida early morning. It is driving me crazy not bringing a TC but can't wait to see all the PRETTY cars. Will be our 1st National event. Can't wait. Tom & Rose
  9. Interested in the passenger headlight and also need a drivers cornering lamp if you have one of those. If the drivers side light becomes available would be interested in it also. Thanks, Tom PM me if any are still available.
  10. Ghost, I really like your answer, being that you had only heard the buyers side. Now as Paul Harvey says, For the Rest of the Story! The car in question was listed with a rebuilt title, as is,where is, and had been a daily driver in south florida for the past 10 years. The car was owned by the seller for aprox. 6 weeks when it was sold. Florida does not have an inspection that I am aware of. The car was sold for $2,650 on ebay and that was aprox $300 over the reserve. The seller went ahead and had the interior seats touched up and repaired along with having the console bolster reupolstered after it sold, just to be nice and helpful, since it sold for a bit over the reserve. Also done were the following, fixed dashboard over speedometer,had a seperation in the convertable top sealed & had a complete transmission service done at the Chrysler dealership. The only reason it was sold on ebay was to try and keep it from being turned into a parts car. It had well over 4k worth of good parts on the car not to mention a great running 80,000 mile v-6 motor. Now the car did not come with a hardtop and the seller drove 8 hours, rented a truck, & paid for gas to go get a matching hardtop that the buyer had found. Seller also paid for the top for the buyer. The charge for this little trip was $50. The seller also found someone to drive from Atlanta to East Florida to pick up the car and then drive the car to Virginia for the buyer, all for $400.If any of you know of any people that would do that trip for $400, I may need some cars picked up real soon. The car cranks every time the key is turned & stops well. The seller did not know of the problems mentioned by the buyer. The car did not overheat and drove nicely down the road. But now, any of you guys out there that have a perfect & guaranteed TC in great running shape for $2,650 please let me know. Sounds like it would be a steal for a nearly $40,000 sports car. I know, I know that was when it was new but you get my point. The seller would definately buy the car back for the $2650 it sold for, but he would not pay for the shipping and the hardtop that was purchased as the buyer so unreasonably expected. Would love to hear opinions. Donzi
  11. Everything is relative but being that these tops cost $5,500 from Chrysler when they were new and the side windows regularly sell for 200 to 300 each now, I would say you got a steal.
  12. Rose and I also would like to let Karleen know we have her & Hoyt in our thoughts and prayers. Tom
  13. Do you mean twin cam? Is the car a 5 speed model? Would like to see pics if so. Thanks, Tom 256-777-0844
  14. Patrick, was your ybb Tc the one that was on ebay in september? If no then we have found the 4th one. If so, is it still for sale? Thanks, Tom 256-777-0844
  15. Can I get some pics of the outsides and the interior? And a phone #. Thanks, Tom
  16. We are new to the TC's but had Rick at RDI Performance put the larger throttle body on our newly aquired '91 model v-6. It was having a problem with stalling out when braking or turning. The difference in pep and performance was drastic. It is as smooth as glass now. Wonderful upgrade.Now I can't wait to see what it will accomplish on a 16v. Great Job Rick! Tom
  17. Patrick, thanks for the response. Ok sports fans, we now have found 3 of the total 4. Lets shake the trees and find # 4. Then we could have a very small and exclusive club. hahahah Maybe all go to the nationals next year. Tom
  18. Is the 16 valve car still for sale or is it long gone? Thanks, T 256-777-0844
  19. Tony, We just picked up this 16 valve car from texas. Would like to track down all 4 of them. Do you know where either of the other 2 yellow double black 16 valve cars are? Anyone out there? The car was much much better than we anticipated. Drives out fantastic. Can you tell me what is different on the california 16 valves compared to the other 49 state cars? Bought it for an investment but are so happy with it we are planning on keeping it. Thanks
  20. Are the Wheels still available? Tom 256-777-0844
  21. For what it is worth, we just purchased our 1st & 2nd Tc and insured with Hagerty. They wanted to give #1, '91 model a stated value of $20,000. The car is in near perfect cond. but does have 104,000 miles. Haven't called yet on #2. These cars have to be the bargain of a lifetime, as far as I am concerned. T
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