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  1. Does the tranny come with clutch, pressure plate, or throwout? Jasper
  2. Bill, we have one still in the plastic. I have no idea of what to ask? If you are interested, let me do some checking. I would want to feel like I gave you a good club member discount. thanks, JASPER 256-777-7766
  3. Alan, check your private messages. i don't guess this was the one in Texas as I recall you said less milage than this one. JASPER
  4. Looks like somebody got a WHALE of a deal. It seems like the car had around $7500 in it, without the labor, and sold for around $2,000. That one would be a great daily driver. JASPER
  5. All I know, is it looks like someone has learned how to ask questions about a car on ebay before buying it. Not mentioning any names or anything, {ha ha} but here is the simple question the buyer had for the seller before putting in his final bid to buy. Q: Hi, I own 3 of these, I'm selling 1, and I want to replace it with another "low mileage" TC. My wife's has 22,647mi. Are the lights all good, no cracks, or chips,in the glass lenses, do you have the plastic protectors lens protectors??? How are the windows,any chips, or cracks, & do the go up & down good?? How's the engine, & trans. any leaks, smoke, run good, shift good, belts been changed? Was the engine pickled when it was stored, or just put away, when was the oil changed last?? How are the tires, brakes, brake fluid ever been flushed, accumulator ever been changed? Are the struts, & shocks still original? How about wheel alignment? How is the interior, does the odometer work,all the switches good, radio & antenna, arm rest, seats, rugs? Is your soft top vinyl or cloth, what color is it, is it mouldy from being stored?? How are the opera windows, Cloudy? "Whew" Thanks, Seriously, Congrats to the lucky buyer of the nice 1 owner low milage TC on ebay. The prices are on their way up boys and girls. Everyone better get one or two while we can still afford them. JASPER
  6. Jeffn, what time of the year are you in Vero? Just checking to see if you could make it to the Florida TC event in November. JASPER
  7. My dad got one like that in 1990, but it was one that was bought back by Chrysler. It had a few thousand miles on it and the owner had taken it into the dealership quite a few times for squeking noise behind the drivers seat and leaking at the front left corner of the hardtop. Well Dad got the 1989 Cabernet 8v for a tad less than 20 grand. I will never forget the day he bought it and had it washed where 2 gentlemen were having their BMW and Mercedes' washed. They were having a complet fit over the car and when they heard it was a convertable they freaked. Here he was with a 20 grand car that they were so admiring and they had both spent well over 60 grand on their top of the line autos. He did love that car. He wanted a 16 valve so bad and he never even got to see one. Now my wife and I have 3 of the 5 speeds. I know he is smiling from ear to ear now from up above. JASPER
  8. TC, looks like you are one of the lucky 16 valve owners now. Extremely rare and wonderful auto's. As you will soon learn, there are a few of us that do not know a lot of technical stuff about these wonderful autos. All I know is most all of the items you mentioned should be easily repairable. The exception is the oil leak. I started to ask whether you had the 5 speed model as soon as I read you had an oil leak. All of the 5 speeds we have been around LEAK> Even 2 that just were gone thru & redone. I have about given up on getting them to stop leaking, it can get real expensive quickly, I just get them cleaned up and tightened up as best they can. Good luck and ask Allen for his advice. He works on these beast and seems to have a good handle on them. How many miles on Grandmoms TC? Good to have you with us. Jasper
  9. Like I said, I figured the reserve was a few bucks above that starting price. New $40,000 car for under $20,000. I do hope one day soon, this looks like a good deal. hmmmm? Well hoping anyway. Right Karleen? Jasper
  10. MD, glad to have you in the fold. Sounds like you about stole your TC, which is good cause nowthe fun starts. For what it is worth, when I bought one of my TC's, it had not been driven much and it was doing the sputtering also. When you turned it one way while letting off the gas it would stall. We had the throttle body serviced and wow, what a big difference. Also you didn't mention how many miles you had on your TC, but the tranny can be the weak points on these cars. You should love this group and they can help you a great deal with about anything you need. Anything Alan or Rick D. share with you, take it to the bank. Again welcome, Jasper
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Xtrempickup</div><div class="ubbcode-body">no problem, i can check it tomorrow i know one of them had a crack, cant recall if it was driver or passenger. if it doesnt have a crack or anything would you still be interested </div></div> If it is in good shape and no crack, yes, I would like it. Drivers side. Thanks, Jasper
  12. It is not that I have that much knowledge about wire wheels, it's just that I am not planning on driving on them but a thousand miles a year, so that will keep the servicing down to a minimum. Ha Ha Also looks from the added window sticker that the wires and tires may have been added or swapped when new. Wouldn't it be great if the original tires and wheels were put up somewhere and come with it? YEA!!!! Now Alan, what about this Black 5 speed in texas? Give me a general area in texas. You know within 500 square miles or so? Jasper
  13. Jeffn, We have a good condition black one for $300 close to Cocoa Florida. We have a few available. Red & Black ones, from $150 to $450. Let me know if you need pics. Jasper
  14. Thanks, although not needing perfect, rather have one with no cracks. Jasper
  15. How much for the drivers clear side lense? The one next to the headlight? And general condition? Jasper
  16. This is what we like to hear. The POSITIVE stories. Most of us are very envious of you to be able to take the time and leisure to do that trip. When people say that about your lebaron, just smile knowingly and say MASERATI under your breath and WALK AWAY! The ones I love are when people ask me how much that porthole top cost for my Lebaron? I say it is around $5500 from the dealership if you can find one. haha Keep enjoying it and maybe the wife needs one also. Jasper
  17. Well, I will trade 2 sets of original wheels for those Wires with the Knock Offs. So don't knock off much for that now. Notice the 0's on the tripometer. We usually see that when the notorious speedometers quit working, although 1300 miles is soon for them to quit. It is awfully nice to see a TC in this kind of condition every once in a while. I understand there is one never titled in a showroom in St. Louis, Mo. also. Now if someone can find me a 5 speed model like this, Oh yea, there is one of those in south florida with less than 1,000 miles. Right Rick? If the reserve was 15k, it would be a great deal. I bet reserve is more like 18k to 25k. I bet the soft top is perfect and Black. Jasper
  18. There you go, and thanks for all of us for taking up for our wonderful Automobiles. I get a kick out of those kind of stories. Thanks, Jasper
  19. Allen, they really do both look great. Get rid of the dodge truck out front and keep them both. If you need help with a good story, I have a bunch of them. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> That is how we were able to collect up to 11 TC's before the foot came crashing down. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> If you have to go with just 1, the 90 would be my choice, with everything else being even which you said the '90 was better than the '89 anyway. I am just tickled that it wasn't Black! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> By the way the kids look happy and they would both be happy on their 16th b'days to recieve Maserati keys in a gift box. Then dear old Dad could keep them running for them. Looking forward to Florida Meet. Tom
  20. Thanks so much for this oportunity Peter. I put on some last night and it worked great. They are up today. Tom
  21. From the album: Chrysler's TC by Maserati

    Very nice triple black maserati TC Restored with an electric E-Bike autographed by Lee Iacocca
  22. From the album: Chrysler's TC by Maserati

    This is a 1990 yellow/black/black 5 speed 16 valve chrysler TC by Maserati. 1 of 4 in this color combo from california.
  23. From the album: Chrysler's TC by Maserati

    This is a pic of a saved Maserati 16 valve 5 speed from the scrapper at the very last minute. This is a picture while under restoration.
  24. From the album: Chrysler's TC by Maserati

    This is a 70k mile 1990 Chrysler TC 16 valve engine, the way it ought to look. NEW!
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