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  1. Wish I could help but cannot right now, all my time is being consumed with work and then my own truck project. There simply is not enough time in the day, Ive spent quite a few years doing my best to help other D.B owners and now its my time to work on my own stuff. Quick and easy replies are no problems if I have the answers but to do the re-search is too time consuming at this point. Sorry I cannot be of more help!
  2. Truck engine and auto engine internals are not all the same, if you were more specific on which parts you were specifically considering swapping and which specific engines you are referring to than I could be of more help but to sit down and go line by line thru old parts books trying to note differences/changes is much too time consuming for me at this point.
  3. I understand and agree with the gloss issue. There are flattening agents that can be added to the clear to give you just about any desired sheen you would like.
  4. Looking good. I was under the impression that you were not keeping it but glad things are moving along
  5. Not original, aftermarket item. Not recommended because they hold water and sand
  6. You may already be aware but a trip to the local dollar store can yield a can of spray on oven cleaner that works absolute wonders with de-greasing parts
  7. Thats cheap and well worth it, there is a special tape that can be rolled and inserted into any threads within the frame so that you will not have to re-tap. Just something to consider but the guys doing the work should already know that.
  8. How much for the powder coating of the frame and did they sandblast or was that farmed out to someone else and how much? Thanks
  9. I have repaired quite a few of these by welding the slot in the arm as was mentioned to you by someone else, I have also welded the slots in the ball and then thrown the assy in a lathe to turn back down. I would not in any way shape or form attempt to weld a new ball onto whatever shaft you have left after cutting the old ball off pinned or un-pinned but of course you can do what you want.
  10. What did the engine work cost and what would it have cost had it needed new bearings ect? Nice to hear of a shop that appears to have treated you honestly, who did the work?
  11. I dont think that is a bad price at all and considering the little use they will get I am sure the repairs will outlast both of us
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