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    Packards42: I have struggled trying to get the wanted info to you by way of this forum. I have a 1953 Victor 'book', but it doesn't show 966 as being one of the #s for Packard 1935-53. I posted a pic of the Victor page on Photobucket and also have it as a Word file. 2000-2001 Victor 979 2001-2101 Victor 993 2003-2103 Victor 994 A "T" after the part # means for low compression head.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think I will try to find a set in the 175-195 width range. I was taking the 'easy way out' with the 215s because they are so easily available. But, you guys are right, I need the narrower tires.
  3. I am taking an old set of 6.70X15 bias tires off of a 1941 Packard 110. I want this to be a 'driver', so I want to put a set of radials on it. Does anyone know if P215R75-15 will cause any rubbing on the frame, or other problems? I know it will steer a bit harder, and I will certainly be willing to go to a smaller width if there is good reason to.**Ron Erickson
  4. I am removing very old 6.70X15 tires from my 41 Packard 110. Has anyone put P215X75-15 on a similiar vehicle? I am concerned about the front tires rubbing the frame or elsewhere. I want this car to be a driver, not for show.****Ron Erickson
  5. Does anyone know what other brand wheels will fit on a 1941 110 Packard? I just need to get something out of a junkyard to use for moving it into and out of the garage, not to leave on the vehicle forever.