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  1. The chassis number stamped on chassis front left side is QD7189-2676628 Engine number: P2 52190 Body number stamped on Carlton Carriage plaque: 2276
  2. [quote name= Mario, this is a link to your car posted on a thread, maybe we can learn more with input from the other side of the Pond. TG TG, thank you very much for post it in
  3. This car always was a mistery for my father, and now for me, because no body has been able of giving us any details about the production records of the Carlton Carriage Ltd, and how many cars like this were built etc. The history of this car, is that was founded after the war in an Spanish militar base, here in Gran Canaria, covered with a canvas, the car were still unregistered and brand new, probably it was requised during the war. An Spanish militar captain bought it, and he first registered the car on its name in November of 1.940. The car after a short period, change of hands, the militar captain sold it to a Lady Marquis, and she passed away in the mid 50´s, and the car was parked into a barn of one of the country side properties of the Marquis here in Gran Canaria, and was unused and forgeted for near 20 years into that barn. My father found it with original paint and interior, and bought it to the family of the Marquis. The car was restored in earlie 70´s by my father, and now is in my owner shipp, and in the future in my daughters ownershipp.
  4. I forget to say that, the chassis and power train specs, are not 100% exactly as a Plymouth P2 Deluxe. The starter motor switch is not on the floor acting by foot, it has a bottom/switch on the dashboard, and the starter motor is diferent reference that the Plymouth P2, with a solenoid on top of the starter motor. The hand brake is not acting to a single drum at the rear of the transmision, like the Plymouth P2, this car has the hand brake acting by twin cables at the rear wheels brake drums. The rear shock absorbers, are telescopic from the factory, not arm type as Plymouth P2. also another details of the power train are diferent. My father that sadly passed away last May, bougth this Chrysler in the late 60´s so it´s almost a family member. Find as follows some black and white pictures of the day that my father bought it, and pull it out to see the sun again, after a long term sleeping in the dark in a countryside farm barn.
  5. Thank you very much for the info and worm welcome. This Chrysler never has been badged as a Plymouth, it was imported as a Chrysler, registered from new as a Chrysler, and badged from new as a Chrysler. There is no Plymouth badge any were, inclusive on the Dasboard central gauge, in the Plymouth P2 Deluxe, the name Plymouth is present at the bottom of the gauge face, in my car there is no name in there. The front emblem on the grille is Plymouth design, but Chrysler bagde. Find as follows a picture of the Carlton Carriage plaque, were the body number is stamped, and also a picture of the front, side, and rear Chryler badges
  6. Hello, I'm new in the foro, my name is Mario Domínguez, from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. I own a 1936 Chrysler 3 position Drophead Coupe, coachwork by the Carlton Carriage Ltd in London. UK. The body of the car is finished in aluminium, except the wings and bonnet. I'm very interesting in obtain any information about this car, and would apreciate any information that any member can post. The car has a plaque of the body builder on each door, and also another small plaque of the builder riveted to the firewall. Another rarity, is that the car is badged from new as a Chrysler, but the chassis and power train match a Plymouth P2 Deluxe, and not a 1936 Chrysler. The engine is a P2 code, and the chassis number is QD7189-2676628. I don't know the meaning of the numbers QD7189, but the second sequence of numbers 2676628 match a Plymouth P2 Deluxe built in Detroit plant ( from chassis 2641401 to 2987635) I have read, that in the 30's many cars from the Chrysler group, as Plymouth, were rebadged as Chrysler, when they were for the British market, or in this case when was body built in England. I'm trying to post some pictures, using imageshack, but have problem to post them. I would apreciate any information about my car, and indications that help me to post the pictures. Thank you in advance Regards Mario