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  1. I agree with Bill re: the intercooler. Based on the experience I had with my '89, it's the head gasket. The missing coolant is going out the tailpipe but is the not heavy enough to cause a lot of noticeable smoke.
  2. Bill----following is a post on the bulb conundrum I made in 2007: Matthew---ran into the same problem with manual call-out on my '90 V6. The 2057 is a dual filament bulb which works great in a Lebaron because it only uses 1 bulb in the turn/parking light housing. The TC uses 2 separate bulbs for the same function. I matched up the old bulb @ Advance Auto with some Euro spec bulbs made by Phillips---there is a 5 (12821) & 10 (12814) watt version. I believe I wound up using the 10 watt because it matched the intensity on the other side better. Hope that helps.
  3. Based on my experience with the 3.0 Mitsu in my TC and Lebaron, the temp flucuation sounds normal. Both go slightly above mid-point on the first warm up and then settle down to below mid-point thereafter. Both cars are running 192-195 degree thermostats.
  4. Well, send Larry Carlson an email-- info@tcparts.com or call them---and check it out. The issue with accumulators out on the open market is how old they might be. So, all accumulators may not always be equal.
  5. So, you didn't try TC Parts because they're too expensive?
  6. Bill---the TC used the 2 valve 3.0 engine, so it is definitely a non-interference engine. The 4 valve units were used in the Dodge Stealth and various Mitsu models over the years.
  7. I agree with G&G re: the water pump. You may also want to change the timing belt tensioner because of the age of the car. Since this is a non-interference engine, you will not have issues if the belt does break. Good luck
  8. Though Digger is well intentioned, both listings from Gates and Dayco are for the the SOHC 2.2 engine, not the DOHC. You may take note that the Dayco belt also fits the 2.5 SOHC. Rock Auto has a listing (Cloyes) for a 2.2 belt which has more teeth than the SOHC but also lists the incorrect Dayco belt.
  9. Ghosty---please add mine to the list: 1990 9/89 205203 white/ginger/tan 3.0 V6 auto/od NoFact CD Woodgrain No fuzzy covers No dash plaque
  10. I had an identical problem with my '90 V6. It was finally diagnosed by an independent transmission shop as a speed sensor problem. Replaced the sensor (~$45 part cost) and it works as good as new---maybe better.
  11. I had both of the axles rebuilt for my '89 T2 at A-1 Driveshaft in Baltimore for $99 ea, so $60 for ea sounds very reasonable.
  12. Don't worry, HD----Larry Carlson of TC Parts took care of the situation.
  13. Just to close the loop----I found a top frame and should be good to go. Thanks for all of the responses.
  14. Roger---sent you a PM re: your top frames---thanks.
  15. To all----let me know if anyone out there has a convertible top frame for sale. If it has a top, ragged or otherwise, that's OK but I just need the frame. Contact me via PM or via the forum---thanks for your help.
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