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  1. Hi, The engine in the first Sears pictures looks very much like the one that I had with my Sears. I wish I had seen this picture before as I may have kept it. Continental made a 2 cylinder opposed engine similiar to the one in question and the one shown in the first sears picture. It had an open flywheel which had continental and serial numbers, etc. I've seen a drawing of this engine, but not a real one. I want to say it was used in a Holsman. Stuart
  2. Hi Tom That looks very much like the parts to a Sears or Holsman engine. Do you have pictures of the rest of it? The spring loaded valve is an atmospheric valve. This is the intake valve. It is not a pump. I need a sears motor about 2 months ago, but traded my car for a T as I couldn't find a motor.... Stuart
  3. Hi, I believe the HA motor is an 01 or 02. I don't know much about it. There is also a rear axle that goes with it. I'd prefer to trade for a correct Sears engine or at least get a lead on one. Last time I priced it and the rear axle, I priced them at $3000. Stuart
  4. Hi, I just wanted to let all of you know that I listed some 8hp Dedion Bouton parts and part of a steam engine on ebay. Thanks, Stuart
  5. Hi, I have a Sears that is mostly complete, but has an incorrect engine, so if anyone out there knows were and engine is, I'd be interested. I have a Haynes-Apperson engine, I'd trade or the Holsman? engine that is with the car. Stuart
  6. Hi, I listed part of a steam engine and a Dedion Bouton engine on ebay. Go check it out. Stuart
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