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  1. They were indeed officially imported...there are a few around and one features in the opening titles of a Sunday morning BBC politics programme The Andrew Marr Show, driven by Marr to the BBC for his shows. There were also a few Nissan S-Cargo vans sold here as well but may have been 'Grey Imports' brought in by entrepeneurs.
  2. Leonard Williams was the UK importer, with premises on 'The Golden Mile' in Brentford, Middlesex, which was the main route from west London to the west..the A4 Great West Road. Firestones were almost opposite, and in front was Lincoln Cars Ltd, a Ford subsidiary that sold....Lincoln cars! From around 1940 the Packard facility went over to war work and then when the Packard-Merlin engines were being shipped over to the UK, they became an unboxing and repair facility. They also serviced and maintained existing pre-war Packards and any 'Generals'' and diplomats' cars. My late godfather worked at Lincoln Cars during the war when they were rebuilding Flathead Ford engines for marine craft, tracked carriers, etc., and against the rules used to sneak in an use their canteen. At the time there were numerous women workers. A V-1 flying bomb made a direct hit on the Packard factory and hit a gas main. Several women were killed as they could not escape a wall of fire from the gas. My godfather was injured...by a piece of asbestos roofing tile that went into his leg. The foreman at Lincoln Cars who was also the nightly roof watcher on the roof, organised rescues of the injured and was awarded the MBE medal.
  3. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia tells you.... a marvellous film and I love to identify as many vehicles as possible.
  4. McLaughlin-Buick chassis ran # 207001 and up for the 1934 34-50 series, and # 210001 and up for the 34-60 Series, Engine #s 2862001 and up. The 1935 cars all adopted the new GM of Canada designations, with 545xx001 TO # 545xx847 and 546xx001 TO # 546xx361, engine #s 2940001 TO # 2941400. Lendrum & Hartman dubbed the '34s and '35s both the 'NA' Series... CA for '33 then NA/NA then DA for '36 spelling CA-NA-NA-DA!
  5. The convertibles were 'Volantes'. David Brown's (of tractor and gears fame/money) had Aston Martin-Lagonda Limited based in premises that looked like an old corrugated iron shed I recall, in Hanworth Air Park in Feltham, Middlesex before they moved to Newport Pagnell.
  6. I wonder how the Vauxhall and Opel Ampera (and Holden Volt) difrfer from the Chevy? Vauxhall Ampera | Extended-Range Electric Vehicle ? Vauxhall Motors UK It had been suggested that the Vauxhall/Opel would be built in Ellesmere Port, Liverpool alongside the Vauxhall Astra but I am not sure if it is.
  7. The 'MCalughlin Motor Car Co. Ltd, Oshawa, Ontario' build plate also identifies if it was ex-Oshawa. Here is another '25 as seen in issue 34 of RESTORED CARS magazine: MASTER SIX 25-49 PHAETON chassis # 1293346 engine # 130671x
  8. Looks to me as though it's a 1925 25-X45 Master Six, built in Flint and not Oshawa. I have it that chassis ran # 1249865 AND UP; Light Six chassis ran # 1239259 and up. But that's just my data from British books, etc. I also ha\ve it that Light Six engine numbers ran # ENGINE # 1264701 AND UP and Master Six # 1439500 AND UP.
  9. Over here yoiu can post up to 10% of a work and you are allowed to publish for review and educational purposes. I have however to add that as regards material relating to a certain Canadian auto company, the head of the company that provides data for old vehicles has asked that nothing be put on any website as it is 'proprietory'. This is because he paid for it and he charges querents a fee. If it was publshed then this could damage his fee income. Fair enough. I know that there was a guy who provided a private Pontiac historical service and one that has the old Chrysler records. They both charge[d] for data on vehicles. However on another Forum it has been suggested that the Pontiac guy has had problems with GM. Have you tried: Chrysler LLC Corporate Historical Collection 12501 Chrysler Fwy. CIMS 410-11-21 Detroit, MI 48288 USA ????? The simple answer may however be that if it was information that was in the public domain in its day, then that presents no problems. The easiest way to get round any problem is to say on the site: " This information is published for non-commercial research purposes only. If anyone wishes to claim copyright on any material on this site please contact the author at........."
  10. Excuse me if I bore you gusy again but I have done a fair amount of research over the years about Gray and Gray-Dort. This is from my draft book on the British imports:
  11. The scond car was I think a similar conversion to the Phaetons created by GM Suisse on 1939 and 1940 Chevrolet sedans.
  12. Art Deco in the UK: 1935 Singer Airstream As regards the V-16 Caddy, these were exported and offered in the UK. although the one owned by Workmate inventor and Lotus Cars designer, Ron Hickman on Jersey, is an ex-Maharajah car. It has however been featured on a Jersey stamp! 1931 CADILLAC V-16 SPORTS PHAETON SERIES 452-A, FLEETWOOD BODY, ENGINE # 702927 Now that I have checked, they were offered here 1930-32 1930: MODEL 452A V-16 57.5 H.P. LIMOUSINE LAUNDELETTE BY CARROSSERIES VAN DEN PLAS, S.A., BRUSSELS, BELGIUM MODEL 452A V-16 57.5 H.P. “IMPERIAL” LIMOUSINE? MODEL 452A V-16 57.5 H.P. “FLEETWOOD” LIMOUSINE
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