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  1. Thanks for the advice. I am sixty four and ain't going to a gym with all those young hunks laughing at the old fart. The engine is fully rebuilt and yes it is tight but I can still just turn it over (just) but not enough to start it Maybe I should tow start it and let her run for a while so the engine can bed in and loosen up I am open to any sensible advice Regards David
  2. Larry You can find my Buick on my website www.classicandvintage.com David (Australian 1923)
  3. HELP 1923 Australian Buick Tourer. My Dynostart does not work dispite $700 spent with two so called experts. With ignition on it rotates slowly as it should. When I kick the pedal down the cogs engage perfectly but no power to the starter. When I switch off the ignition the pedal is still engaged. I have to cut battery power to disengage with a large clunk. Can anyone help or put me in touch with someone who really knows how to sort it out. I live in the UK and if nesessary I will fly with it to the US as I am desperate to sort it out as I am commited to driving two weddings this month. PLEASE HELP
  4. I am getting a little desperate to find one of these cowl lights. I have been looking for 2 years. I have flown over to Hershey but no luck. Can you help?
  5. Can anyone identify these cowl lights? I need to find one complete. Can you help.
  6. Help I am having difficulty identifying which GM car and year these cowl lights came from. They were installed on a 1923 Australian Buick as, I believe, original equipment. But export knock down kits out of Canada used to mix and match from all the GM range. I am desperately trying to locate one cowl light complete. Can anyone help?
  7. As most of you know I have a 1923 Australian Buick. It started life as a Knock Down Kit out of Oshawa assembled and bodied in Australia. I have been trying to find a cowl light for her but no luck. It has been suggested that my head lights and matching cowl lights may not be 1923 or even Buick. Can anyone throw any light (no pun intended) on the matter. I am certainly aware that in the fifties and sixties cars came out of Canada with bits from any GM division that fitted. Photos of my head lights and cowl lights attached. Please contact me asap if you can help
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the correct pin striping on the 1923 45 wooden wheel spokes? If so I would much appreciate a copy Thanks David
  9. Hi Dave The chassis number is 64340 and I believe the engine number is PX5883 but I have not had the covers off to check it is correct. When I do I will get back to you. I have not found any plates relating to the body but it is reasonable to assume it was manufactured in Australia and I guess by Holden, again if I do eventually find anything I will let you know. See you at Hershey again this year. Regards
  10. Can anyone help with a good demountable rim for my 1923 Australian Buick. The actual rim size is 24" x 3 1/2". I believe the part number is 150865. The one I have seems to have been a larger diameter and a chunk has been cut out then badly rewelded. Thanks
  11. Can anyone help with either original felt or modern rubber oil seals for the front and rear hubs for my 23-6-45. Any help appreciated
  12. Hi Mark I live close by but have been in hospital so have only just read your post. If you are still here send me an Email. If not contact me next trip regards David
  13. Can anyone help me with one cowl light or just the front bezel and glass. These lights are 3inch in diameter
  14. Hi Lief certainly looks like a '22 to me D
  15. Hi Dandy I tried sending you an email but Yahoo says you're not with them so I am posting the photos. The Blue one is on my car at the moment but totally wrecked internally. The rusty old one is the replacement which looks bad but is in fact very good inside except the lower brush holder. regards David
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