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  1. Looks almost perfect. I am surprised that any of the sheet metal survived the years in storage. It looks new. Great job. Any other surviving pieces of the body that you can use or use for patterns? Still enjoy following along and look forward to your posts with my morning coffee.
  2. I had a great time at the C&C event yesterday. The 1928 Buick ran great for the 20 mile trip. Lots of nice cars. The AC Bristol was exceptional. Here are the pics of what I saw.
  3. It is Saturday morning, and as luck would have it, we have a report from Greg. Enclosed photos of actual progress on the Overland. Since my time this Summer has been consumed with other things, I'd sent them out for touchup of the bores, new valves, dressing of the seats and guide liners. Now that they have returned I took a few minutes last night to address the erosion around the upper water manifold port flanges. I also took the opportunity to mill them all to the same height, which they weren't. The next operation will be to dress those seats around the valve cap ports for proper sealing of the copper gaskets. . A very busy week ahead, so I can't promise when that will happen.
  4. Chris, just busy with the farm, still working on the fencing. Had to stop and have Dan repair the post hole auger. I had worn out the tip, which is replaceable. So bought a new tip and handed it off to Dan to replace as I could not get it to budge. Camaro Steve happened to be at Dan's shop, and they struggled for over an hour to get the old tip off. Steve said they heated it cherry red and had to use a huge pipe wrench and extension to get it off. Now it is ready to drill more holes. Cars and Coffee tomorrow so decided to wake up the 1928 Buick and take it. It has been sitting since last October so had to check everything before starting. Oh no, turned on the fuel and it is pouring out of the sediment filter. I know I can make a new cork gasket, but the metal/brass screen was all distorted. So decided to head to Tractor Supply to see if they had any gaskets that might be a good substitute. Well, they had an exact fit for $3.50. Put in the new screen and gasket and no leaks. The engine fired right up. Will do a cleaning today and head off to the event tomorrow.
  5. Mark, I am running 33 x 4 1/2 on my 23. Bought them from Universal Tires in Hershey, PA. https://www.universaltire.com/34-x-4-1-2-universal-ribbed-blackwall.html
  6. Looking great Bernie. It actually looks like a car again.
  7. It is Saturday, July 28th. Headed to cars and coffee this morning. Most were modern era cars to include Alice in the Tesla and me in the BMW Z4. Here are some of the cars attending.
  8. It is Thursday, July 26th; and as luck would have it, we have a report from Greg and Nate on the Model T engine. We continue to disassemble Nate's T Model engine. Some things stubborn from years in the outdoors, but it is coming apart. It was supposed that since the pistons were stuck in the bores and that would discourage the removal of the flywheel and transmission from the crank, that we could remove the bearing caps and sneak the assembly through the magneto coil ring, but due to close tolerances that didn't work out. However, out of desperation we were able to take an old Dodge Brothers axle shaft and persuade the pistons to come on out. Then we could rotate the crank, remove more hardware and take it down the old fashioned way. Things are still looking pretty good in there. Next task is to free up and remove the valve components to allow the camshaft to come out. We're still having fun!
  9. Here is another little tidbit from Greg. Maybe David (trimacar) will post a pic of the mentioned Buick for us to see. And perhaps a little bit of its history in his care. Maybe you can see that I'm trying to catch up with old news. I've had some machine work for David Coco's Model 16 Buick shelved for months and/or years. The pictured is a reproduction engine cylinder retention clamp that needed a bit of work to resemble the original clamps. Clumsy to capture in the milling machine, I did get away with gentle cuts, the rest of the material removal required some artistry with a die grinder. Sometimes you just have to just get after things.
  10. It is Monday, June 23rd, dodging rainstorms. I wish I could report that I am working on my old cars, but alas, I have been spending the past two weeks repairing and building new board fencing. What a job. But Greg has a report for us about his working on old cars. We're pushing ahead on disassembly of the Model T'ree. The engine is out and mounted on the stand. Over the weekend Nate and I were able to remove the transmission cover (codeword "hogshead" for you non Model T guys) and also get the oil pan off to expose the engine's innards. Surprisingly, after all those years of outdoor living, the internals don't look too bad. The pistons are stuck in their bores so removal of the flywheel and attached transmission may have to wait until we invert the engine to remove the connecting rod and main bearing caps to free the crankshaft and transmission as a unit. Then we can free up the pistons and rods. All in all, it looks to have been well sealed from the elements and seems to be a good candidate for overhaul....so far. We also found that because this chassis had been converted to a power unit that all of the infamous transmission bands had been removed, low, reverse and braking were unnecessary. Looking forward to the next episode which will happen when Nathan has more free time. I've been off the air for quite a while. Computer issues have prevented me from posting photos. I'm now venturing into this modern era by retiring my flip phone to explore the point, shoot, email scene with my own internet capable "device". I'll sent this message to myself to see if the photo makes it . Old dog, new tricks.
  11. Mark, looks to be a nice car. Cannot wait for more pics. I have a 23 and am close by if you need any help.
  12. Oh, I was wondering why the star wheel's arms were bent. It is a cable guard! Great pics.
  13. More Greg reports. This one on the Ford Model T. Milestone night! We threw the shop crane on the pickup , made our way to the garage to offload and snatch the engine out of Nate's Model T. All went well. We followed up with dinner at the steakhouse.....on Nathan. A better look at the frame shows that it's getting pretty thin in some places. To be continued.....
  14. David Coco (Trimacar) sent me these pictures of Greg and Nathan picking up his IH High Wheeler. It is all original.
  15. It is Monday morning and we have a report from Greg. More Model T(ree) progress. It is coming apart amazingly well. After spending all those years without any shelter, most nuts , bolts, even small screws are convinced to unscrew with little effort although there are some fasteners that will have to be cut. With the cylinder head removed we find that three of the bores very nice, one with a bit of accumulated rust and so far no obvious cracks in the block. Now that the firewall, steering, and starter are out of the way, the engine will come out as soon as we persuade the mount bolts to surrender. . We won't disturb the fuel tank for now.....home to a Jenny Wren.
  16. Cars & Coffee in our little town of Marshall. First ever event at H&H Auto Storage. Great attendance. We took the Morris and the Jag.
  17. looking for passenger side, front brake h/w. Here is an outlined pic. TX John
  18. Chris, cars & coffee on Saturday, 8-12, on main st. We hope to have a good turnout. Bring "go fast".
  19. Oh boy, a "T" report from Greg. Found some time to devote to pruning the Model T(ree). Started with the coil box and water pump so we could get a look at the engine number and block casting date code which appears to be a December 1920 manufacture. It looks like the coils could use a tuneup by a specialist. Any suggestions who to send them to? Surprisingly, much of the rusted hardware is surrendering , only broke one wrench so far.
  20. Sunday, June 24th. A bunch of us got together to visit a local car collection. Lots of original and/or restored cars. Was a fun afternoon.
  21. It is June 17th, Father's Day, and we have a report from Greg, and his Ford Model T exploits. Dear all, Another "White Post restoration" resumes. Nate and I had been putting out feelers to find a way of moving the Tree T from the berry patch to a location with better access so the autopsy can begin. A social call to the boys at White Post Restorations the other day resulted in the enthusiastic offer of assistance . Billy Ray Thompson got their tractor ready with forks mounted and his Dad W.R. offered to meet us at the scene of the crime. That was today. A beautiful day and all went well. It took several attempts to free the chassis from the tree, the foliage and the earth. Now located next the the garage, the hosing down of rusty fasteners with Kroil has begun. For those who would like to help date what we've got, some initial findings are: * Hand brake ratchet has four rivet retention * Side rails are punched with three holes for running board brackets *Rear crossmember is extended but not flanged. More will follow as we dig deeper. And I'd like to really express our thanks to W.R. Thompson for not only helping us out with the move today, but the long overdue visit with him. A nice day! Photos courtesy Nathan Cone. More to follow.
  22. Jeff, I often go to BringaTrailer.com for pics of cars for sale and sold to be used as reference. Actually, there is one TD for sale and many that have been sold. All have lots of pics, some of which might be useful or interesting. https://bringatrailer.com/mg/
  23. I don't subscribe to many car magazines, but one I really like is "Classic Motorsports". This month their feature article was on the Avanti. It was a very well written piece with lots of information some of which I was not aware of. I don't think I can post the article, but can give you a hint of what is in it under the fair use policy of our copyright laws. Here is a couple of pics. Another neighbor came over to use the lift. A young guy with his first car, a 2004 Honda Accord. He got a oil change lesson. I think we both enjoyed it. Hope to get back on fixing the exhaust leak on the Suburban today. And of course a mower went kaput. I think I bent a push rod on the Kohler 23 HP motor. Thank goodness I have four other old mowers as spares.
  24. On Saturday I had a visit by Dave in his 1966 Cadillac. He wanted to change out his shocks. So we put it on the lift. Bill, another neighbor, came over to help. So we put the big boat on the lift and changed out the shocks. The fronts looked original, the rears were replacements at some point in the car's life. All were beyond shot, none had any fluid left in them. Here are a couple of pics. Bet it rides a lot better now.
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