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  1. I said they pioneered the modern minivan, the first one designed and built for the general public as opposed to a commercial vehicle with extra seats. No doubt there were small vans before, just as there were sport coupes before the Mustang, four cylinder cars before the Model T, and front wheel drive cars before the Austin Mini. If you want to take that line, then all cars are the same and there has been nothing new invented since Cugnot's gun carriage chugged out of the barn in the late 1700s.
  2. Please point out the front wheel drive minivan designed and built specifically for passenger car use, and not adapted from a commercial vehicle, that predates the Caravan. I know other truck manufacturers made models with seats, but they were hardly the same thing.
  3. That was the original Knee Action independent front suspension,which debuted in 1934 and was built under license from the French Dubonnet patent holder. It was used on Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Buick but only for a few years, and not on all models. Last used on a Chevrolet in 1938. It turned out to be a disaster, the joints soon wore and the front wheels turned knock kneed. Most were scrapped because they cost too much to repair. GM soon dropped the Dubonnet system and copied Chrysler's setup, which also debuted in 1934 but they kept the Knee Action name for some time, and never stop
  4. Speaking of unsung trend setters, it was fairly well known at one time that Ford was inspired to build the Mustang by the success of the Corvair Monza, erstwhile compact car made sporty by the addition of bucket seats, a few accessories and a mildly hopped up motor. It outsold its economy siblings even though it cost quite a bit more, and convinced Ford that the Mustang would be a popular and profitable adaptation of the Falcon. The Mustang in turn started the pony car trend picked up by every American car maker.
  5. I am well aware that there were small vans before the Caravan. None of them were front wheel drive, and none were built as a substitute for a passenger car or station wagon and none were marketed to the general public. All were designed and built as utility or tradesman or delivery type vehicles, adapted for light bus use like the VW Kombi. The Chrysler or Dodge Caravan was something new, and a trend setter copied by dozens of other manufacturers but never gets a mention as an innovation.
  6. I was puzzled at the time, that Chevrolet did not mass produce the Cosworth Vega engine and use it in all kinds of cars like the Vega, Monza, and in the more expensive models of front wheel drive sedans. It could have been developed into a versatile engine with many uses.
  7. Speaking of under appreciated, no mention of the 1984 Chrysler minivans, possibly the most forgotten trend setter of all time. Today everyone makes a minivan and a generation ago it seemed like half the cars on the road were minivans but nobody credits Chrysler for inventing it. And yes, I am aware of the VW transporter and others but nobody made a front wheel drive minivan as a substitute for the suburban station wagon before Chrysler. I would also name the 1950 Rambler (later called Rambler American) for kicking off the compact car trend of the late 50s - early sixties.
  8. I know your system is 6 volt, that is why I asked if you are using a 12 volt battery. If you were that would account for the excessive speed of the starter and kicking out.
  9. If there is a spark from the points, and the old points are burnt, it is a sign you need a new condenser. Old ones often fail, even NOS ones that have never been used but are more than 20 years old. New ones often come from China and are of suspect quality. I have thought of using a modern mylar or orange drop capacitor of the same value and 400 or 600 volt capacity, wired to the coil if it won't fit in the distributor. If the condenser is exactly right the points will not burn.
  10. Of course, a Kleinschnittger! Why didn't I think of that?
  11. A lot of tail light sockets have been replaced with 2 filament bulb sockets so you can have turn signals and brake lights along with tail lights.
  12. 1st one looks like FIAT Topolino, the second, who knows.
  13. Are you using a 12 volt battery?
  14. All jokes aside, these days there are a lot of seniors with no family or neglected by their families who are strapped for cash, living on tiny pensions. A little kindness goes a long way, just knowing someone cares is a cheering and warming thought.
  15. Reminds me of a story of an 85 year old man celebrating his birthday. He got some nice presents but said, "why didn't you get me something real nice like a new Corvette or a date with Scarlett Johansson? I guess it's just as well you didn't, I haven't driven in years". Ha ha ha ha ha
  16. Porsche 930 in its day was a favorite of newly minted tech geek and show biz millionaires, and a lot of them got wrecked within weeks of being sold. I saw an interview of racing driver Danny Ongais, former top fuel dragster turned sports car racer, aka Danny on the gas, a notorious lead foot known for his spectacular crashes. The writer knew he drove a Porsche 930 as everyday transportation, and asked about his technique for fast cornering. He replied, "I don't take corners fast in a 930". Smart man.
  17. This is why I always diagnose a problem first. You tried throwing parts at it, why not figure out what the problem is? Start with a 6 volt test light or multi meter. With the key on are you getting power to the coil? Power to the points? Are the points opening and closing when the engine turns over? Is the point gap somewhere close to factory specs? With the test light clipped to the points and the other end grounded, does the light blink off and on as the points open and close? The points simply switch the current to the coil off and on, when the points open the coil is supposed t
  18. The book is "Manifold Destiny" https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Manifold-Destiny/Chris-Maynard/9781416596233
  19. Low tire pressure lol. No doubt it's insured to the hilt. He can laugh it off and have a funny story to tell at Christmas dinner. It's nice to be a rich kid. "His father, Tim Gillean, is the founder of Dallas-based private equity firm Cross Equities and owns an entire fleet of high-end vehicles " In case you were wondering where your pension money went.
  20. If you have anything to send, you can send it to me. Looks like a cold winter so you could start with an electric blanket, a bottle of 12 year old Canadian whiskey and 200 gallons of furnace oil. Thanks.
  21. I have lots of tools starting with a Sears 208 piece tool set I bought in 1968 but I would say the handiest tools for restoring a car would be a check book and a loaded Brinks truck.
  22. Cadillac never offered a station wagon. This one may have had a custom body built when it was new, or it could be a recently rebodied "Phantom". A close examination should reveal the truth if the seller won't tell you or doesn't know.
  23. An old man at an auto wrecker's yard told me years ago that radiators stored outside last longer than those stored in a building. My experience seems to confirm this. You might well store the rads in a car port or unheated garage.
  24. You need to get the specs for your specific car from the manufacturer, either the vehicle shop manual or the carburetor company's.
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